HAPPY 2017! I spent New Year’s Eve taking a super sweaty hot yoga class lead by Jordan, which was followed by a guided meditation lead by Sophie Jaffe. It was amazing. The entire night was extremely calming and enlightening, and being surrounded by so much positivity and love was the best way to bring in the new year. After the meditation, we journaled and set intentions, which got my mind racing. I journaled hard, and I really realized how much I want to accomplish in the next year.

RESOLUTIONS. Not a fan. I wrote about it a little bit last year, but basically I think that New Year’s resolutions are silly. Why do you have to wait for a new year to make a change? Just make the change as soon as you can.

The other thing I don’t like about resolutions is that they just seem more…restrictive (?) than goals. That’s just my interpretation of it, though. Let me give you an example. Someone might say, “My resolution is to go to the gym Monday – Friday.” Then something happens and they can’t make it to the gym on Wednesday, so they decide to just give up because they already “failed” at their resolution. A lot of people have this mindset when it comes to resolutions. Like, if you can’t be perfect from the start, what’s the use?  That is such an unproductive mindset.

Goals, however, allow you to have more freedom. With a goal, it’s okay if you mess up one day. The goal is just to be better, and you can always be better the next day. You always have another opportunity to move towards the goal. It’s about progress, not a destination. At least, that’s how I think about it.

I only recently realized how important it is to set goals. To write them down. It really helps you collect your thoughts and focus on what you want. It helps me make a plan and prioritize. It allows me to take a step back and evaluate what I love about my life, what I feel is missing, and what can be improved. That being said, I want to share some of my goals for 2017 with you! Leggggoooo.

  1. GRADUATE! This is a cheap shot, because we all know I’m going to graduate. But I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting for the moment when I’m completely done with my undergraduate career and can move onto bigger and greater things in my life. I always feel like college holds me back from pursuing other things that would be a much more productive use of my time. Anyways, 10 more weeks of school and I’m DONEZO.
  2. Get certified as a personal trainer. Yep, I’m doin’ it! I’m so so so excited, because fitness is a huge part of my life. I want to become as educated as I can when it comes to fitness, and I want to be certified so that I can help other people learn to love fitness as well. Plus, professionally, I want to be able to give clients both nutritional and fitness advice to help them achieve their health goals. One stop shop.
  3. Start the program to become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. EEEEEEKKKK! Life is starting. This is the real education that I’ve been waiting for for sooo long. Healing through food is my passion, if you didn’t already know. FINALLY.
  4. Get on a normal sleep schedule. My sleeping schedule has been completely erratic the past few months, and I need to fix it. I want to start going to bed at around the same time every night, at a decent hour, and waking up earlier in the morning. Recently I’ve been going to sleep way too late, waking up way too late, and still not getting enough sleep. Prior to fall quarter of my Senior year, my sleeping schedule was on point, and I had so much more energy. My goal is to get back to that.
  5. Meditate more often. When I took a quarter off from school to focus on my health and personal well-being, I was meditating every day and really thrived because of it. When I went back to school, I fell out of my routine. After having Lynne Goldberg on the podcast, I was reinspired to start my practice again. However, it quickly became something that was really stressing me out, so my therapist and I decided I should stop until it could be something that would help me rather than hurt me. I’m hoping to be able to pick things up again and see meditation in a new light, especially after having the benefits drilled into my brain by my Aging professor this quarter.
  6. Read more books. When my schedule gets busy, I tend to put pleasure reading on the back burner and only make time to read what I feel needs to be read at that moment. Especially during school, I feel like I have no time to read anything other than my books for class. Then I end up pulling all-nighters to try to fit in books that I actually want to read. This year I want to read as many books as I can – books that I want to read and am not being forced to. I already have a list that’s a mile long.
  7. Grow my blog and my podcast. I’m so proud of both, but because I’ve had so much going on I haven’t been able to dedicate as much time to both of them as I want to. This year I really do want to grow both outlets and see where they can go. I started the blog and the podcast because I want to help other people, share my experiences, and start a community. And that community flourishes more each and every day.
  8. Continue to switch over to as many clean beauty products as I can, and get others to do the same. I learned so much this year about the unfortunate situation in the beauty industry – specifically, that the ingredients in most products are total crap and are wreaking havoc on our health. Becoming a consultant for Beautycounter was one of the best decisions I ever made. I want to continue to spread the message so more people start using products with clean ingredients. I plan on trying to use up the “dirty” products I already own (because I do own a lot), and I’m not planning on buying any new products unless they contain safe ingredients. (If you want to learn more about this issue, are interested in becoming a Beautycounter consultant, or have any other questions, PLEASE reach out to me! I am so passionate about this.)
  9. Really learn to say no. I honestly suck at this. I always put too much on my plate, and I feel guilty if I can’t do everything that everyone asks of me. I also hate turning down opportunities. In the end, I get burnt out, stressed, and put my own needs last. It’s unsustainable, though. This is going to be a hard lesson for me to truly learn, but I’m going to try my hardest this year.
  10. Learn to be more minimalistic. I’m kind of a hoarder. Not actually, but I own way too many things, and I don’t use most of it. I desperately need to clean out my apartment, get rid of what I don’t use, and stop collecting unnecessary things. If you’re wondering how ridiculous I am, I literally still own my math binder from the fourth grade and am nervous about throwing it away in case I need it. *Eye roll*
  11. Become more efficient. I am very detail-oriented and meticulous. Because of this, it takes me awhile to complete things. That coupled with the fact that I’m trying to do a million things at once 24/7 is a recipe for disaster. When someone else needs something from me, I can usually bust it out pretty quickly because I don’t want to disappoint them. When it’s something I need to do for myself, though, it just takes me waaaay too long because I’m such a perfectionist. In order to become more efficient, I’m going to have to do “less,” which I know is necessary in the end. For example, writing long, in-depth blog posts 5 times a week is just too unrealistic for me to continue at this point in my life. I need sleep! Plus, I want more time to interact with you guys, more time to work on the podcast, more time to actually work so I can make money and survive (I’m poor and yes, I do need to get a job), more time to take care of myself, and more time to sleep. And I really need to stop procrastinating on my homework.
  12. Get my stomach problems in check, which includes reining in my diet a little bit. My stomach was being fabulously tame for awhile, but then I got a little overexcited about it and started eating way too much sugar and stopped taking pills I need to be taking to keep my gut bugs away. Honestly, I didn’t want to face the fact that my bacterial overgrowths could come back so easily. Recently, I’ve been having stomach problems again and I’ve been in quite a bit of pain. This time around, I’m going to really attack the problem and do my best to keep it away, which means not having 3 pints of ice cream and half a cake in one sitting multiple times a week. (All healthy ice cream and cake… but still. Sugar is sugar.) Time to be a little bit more balanced and a little kinder to my tummy.
  13. Switch up my routine. If you haven’t noticed, I am very routine oriented. I pretty much do the same thing every day. I eat the same meals. I follow the same schedule. I go to the same places. I use the same products. Blah blah blah. As much as I love a good routine, I need to switch it up a little bit. I want every day to be more exciting, even if that means the only thing I change is what mug I drink my tea out of. IT’S ABOUT TO GET WILD. (Kidding.)
  14. Last, but most importantly…Help as many people as I can. In whatever way I can – with food, stomach probs, fitness, friends, makeup, life, business, whatever. Emotionally, physically, spiritually…all of it. It’s going to be my goal every single year of my life. Simple as that.

What are your goals for 2017? I’d love to hear!

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