It’s very unlike me to do a “this is what I did recently” kind of post, but I feel like my blog has slowly been transitioning more in that direction, and I feel like certain occasions do warrant it. Let’s be honest – my daily life isn’t that exciting. But sometimes it actually is, and I want to share it with you. This is the kind of post where you really get to know me as just… a regular person. Ya know?

Plus, I got a ton of questions on Instagram about what I was doing, so I thought it would be easier to just put it all in one place.

This week I turned 22.

WAHOO! No, I don’t really feel any different. I think the only birthday I actually felt “different” after was my twentieth. There’s something about not being a teenager anymore that really just slaps you across the face. Even though I didn’t feel any different on my actual birthday, this birthday was very important to me because it represented a greater change I’ve felt over the last few weeks…one I’ve touched on a lot in my recent posts.

A lot of things are changing in my life. I graduated from college, I started a full-time job, I’m starting to study for certifications that I actually want to earn in order to build my career, I’ll be moving into my first REAL apartment soon (by real, I mean away from college), I got rid of half of my belongings in a crazy spring cleaning (goodbye all toxic beauty products), I stopped seeing the therapist who got me through the hardest two years of my life, and I’ll probably cut my hair off really soon. Oh, and I’m trying to start actually sleeping. You know. Just all of the things.

Anyways, having a birthday right now seems very appropriate, because all of these changes feel like the start of a “new year.” It might not be January, but it’s a “new year” for me. I’m going into age 22 with a fresh start, a clean state, and a promise to myself that I am going to keep progressing as an individual and do all of the things I had put off for so long because I was too busy. Well, I’m realizing now that life is always going to be busy. I don’t have “more time” than I did before… I just have stopped doing things I don’t like.

I woke up on my 22nd birthday feeling really excited for life. It was a weird emotion, and one I haven’t felt since I was probably six years old. I realized that there isn’t anything I’m dreading. I don’t have a dark cloud hovering over my head. I don’t know how else to describe it – just pure excitement about life. What a crazy feeling. Am I allowed to feel like that? It almost makes me feel guilty, because I’m so used to there always being a struggle. It’s sad that’s the life so many of us have grown accustomed to, but it’s amazing to realize it doesn’t have to be that way.

I think you can tell a lot about a person by how they spend their birthday. This was probably the best birthday I have ever had. It was definitely the most “me” birthday I’ve ever had…which you will understand as I explain it.

First of all, I went to brunch at Erewhon with Jordan. I went to Erewhon because A) it’s my favorite place ever, B) they serve breakfast that’s compliant with my protocol, and C) I really wanted a chagaccino.

If you’re not familiar with Erewhon, it’s a magical, ridiculously expensive grocery store in Los Angeles. After shopping at an Erewhon, you’ll feel like Whole Foods is for peasants. Erewhon’s hot food bar is insane (they use olive oil instead of canola, T God), and all of the ingredients are on point. They also have an incredibly *extra* tonic bar. They serve “superfood ice cream”, a bunch of 30 ingredient smoothies, obscure lattes and tonics, elixir shots… you get the idea.

I’ve been wanting to get one of their drinks, a chagaccino, for forever, so that’s what I did! Technically I cheated on my protocol with this because I’m not supposed to have mushrooms, but I really don’t care. The chagaccino is a mixture of chaga, maca, dandy blend (best coffee replacement), mesquite, coconut cream, and coconut milk. I kid you not, this is THE most delicious drink I have ever had. It warmed my soul, my toes, my heart. Jordan got a reishi cappuccino, which tasted like hot chocolate, and I would highly recommend that too if you’re in a chocolate-y mood.

To eat, I got an omelette filled with lots of veggies and topped with avocado. Erewhon cooks their omelettes in grapeseed oil, but if you specifically ask them to cook in olive oil, they will. Obviously, that’s what I did. Don’t afraid to be high maintenance when it comes to your health. Especially at a place as bougie as Erewhon.

My birthday brunch was as fabulous as I could have wanted. Simple and perfect. Anyone who knows me knows that omelettes are my favorite thing for breakfast, and it’s so nice to have someone else cook for me for once! Gimme an omelette, avo, and a warm drink, and I’m a happy camper.

It was at this point that Jordan revealed the big “birthday surprise” she had for me. If anyone else told me they had a birthday “surprise” for me, I would’ve run to the hills screaming. I despise surprises. I’m such a picky person that any surprise for me usually ends in a disaster, so I try to avoid them at all costs. Jordan, however, knows me like no other, and I know that anything she would like, I would too. Anyways, she surprised me with a CRYOTHERAPY SESSION. I was so excited. I’ve been dying to try cryotherapy for awhile, but I’ve been too scared to actually go do it. It was the perfect birthday surprise!

We went to Next Health in West Hollywood, which is basically the anti-aging/ultimate wellness dreamland. You know in the movies when someone is in a really technologically advanced space and all of the employees look like models and are extra nice and everything is white and sanitary and pretty and high tech? That’s what this place was like. Unreal.

They offer everything you can imagine – cryotherapy, cryotherapy facials, IV drips, micro needling, laser, health “shots”, and so on. Jordan and I got cryotherapy, a shot, and cryo facials.

We started with the shots. I initially wanted the “Brain Boost” shot, but then was told that it would feel like a bee stung me in the ass. I wasn’t down for that on my birthday, so we went with the Super B shot – which is basically just all of the B vitamins supercharged into one shot. After getting the shot (yes, in our butt cheeks), some weird things happened. First of all, I could literally feel my whole body start to tingle. I could feel it in my face, like the energy was rising. I’m usually not one to believe people who say they truly feel different after these kinds of “treatments,” but I really felt different. About a minute later, I also got a really strange aftertaste in my mouth. It literally tasted like someone poured a container of Flintstone’s vitamins in my mouth. Remember those things?! I ate them like candy. Anyways, it was bizarre, but the guy said it was normal. I still don’t understand how a shot in my butt left a taste in my mouth.

After that, we had our cryotherapy session. I was very nervous because I thought it was going to be torturously cold, but it really wasn’t that bad. Jordan and I danced it out to a Rihanna jam, and the three minutes of freezing temps went by in a jiff. My eyelashes were frosted white by the end — that’s how you know it’s real. We didn’t do the coldest temperature, though, so I’m not totally sure what that would be like.

Cryotherapy has so many incredible health benefits – maybe I should do a post about it? Let me know if you would be interested! It’s not something I think people need to do regularly, but if you have the money/means/curiosity, definitely give it a try! Afterwards, I felt totally rejuvenated. Jordan and I both went into it feeling tired and groggy, and we came out feeling like we took a shot of espresso without the weird side effects of caffeine. I have no other way to describe it other than that it totally cleared my mind, gave my brain and body a ton of immediate energy, and just left me feeling good. 

Next up, the cryo facial! Basically, they blast a tube of cool air on your face in circles for a few minutes. It feels like when you poke your head out of a window while someone is driving a car, except without the painful pressure that gives you a headache. Once again, it really leaves you feeling totally rejuvenated!

Later that night, I went downtown with my friend Betsy for Dave Asprey’s Headstrong tour. If you’re not familiar with Dave, where have you been?! He’s one of the people I admire most in the industry. Dave Asprey is a bestselling author, biohacker, and overall genius. Dave wrote The Bulletproof Dietdefined the diet itself, founded Bulletproof in general… you get the idea. He’s the guy behind Bulletproof coffee, Bulletproof Cafe (my favorite) in L.A., Bulletproof radio (one of my favorite podcasts), Bulletproof products (those collagen bars!), and everything else Bulletproof. He’s a big deal.

Anyways, he recently released his new book, Headstrong, and is going on tour to promote it. Luckily for me, there happened to be a show in L.A. on my birthday! Seeing Dave Asprey in real life for me is kind of like a normal person seeing Oprah. Very very exciting. They were serving Bulletproof coffee, so I had to have at least half a shot. I’m not a coffee girl, but when you’re at a Bulletproof event… you kind of have to. Everyone received a copy of the book, and I tore through it that night after I got home. I’m going to go back to it and read it more thoroughly, though.

The show started off with an amazing meditation session that actually made me feel vibrations throughout my whole body. Then Dave had a live podcast with Neil Strauss where they talked mostly about relationships, love, and human interaction. And fear. It was interesting. Dave claims he fears nothing because he has biohacked all of his fears. I could tell Neil was getting a tad frustrated with that response.

After the podcast, Dave gave a talk about mitochondria and life hacks to make our brains function as well as possible. He talked about how keeping cell phones in your pocket ruins your bone density, which is why he has special pants with cell phone pockets near his leg made of fancy fabric to protect his bones. He also explained a secret gadget he had on his arm that measures his blood glucose levels consistently for a few weeks. I was very jealous of that gadget. I want it. He talked to us about his blue light-blocking glasses, threw pillows into the audience, and and tossed out other goodies. It was a fun night. After a Q&A sesh, we all went home! Overall, I had a great time.

So, that was my actual birthday. Omelettes, cryotherapy, butt shots, and Bulletproof radio. Basically everything I could ever want. It was a perfect day.

I had a birthday dinner later in the weekend when most of my friends were free. We went to my favorite restaurant, Wild Living Foods, which is downtown.

I was honestly pretty stressed about what to order because I wanted to get everything. I’m very indecisive. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to try something new, or if I should stick with things I know I already love. It was a struggle.

I was also slightly nervous about what was going to happen with my stomach. This is the one “cheat” on my protocol that I have had planned the whole time. I knew I was going to “cheat” for my birthday. I wanted a dinner where I could eat the foods I’m intolerant to (besides gluten and dairy, because I will never eat those again), and I wanted dessert. Just one night where I could have a delicious meal and not cook for myself. In that sense, there was a lot of pressure on this meal. It needed to be damn perfect.

Good news – it was. I ended up getting the Chile Relleno, which is something I’ve had my eye on for months but was nervous it was going to be too spicy for me. I always see it and want it because it’s so pretty and SAUCEY. It’s like a piece of artwork. It wasn’t spicy at all, and was one of the most delicious things I have ever had in my life. So the leap of faith was well worth it. All of the colors, textures, and flavors melded together perfectly, and I was in heaven. Licked that plate clean!

We started off with some shots first, though, because we needed birthday shots! And by shots, I mean of algae and chlorella and brain food. Typical. I also ordered some sushi, because WLF has my fave sushi. I went for the Dynamite Roll – the coconut jerky and ranch are to die for.

Dessert was my favorite vegan gelato – almond butter cup and salted caramel. I cannot tell you enough how good this stuff is. It’s so thick and creamy, and the ingredients are very clean. It’s the healthiest, best tasting ice cream I have ever found. The gelato is a coconut milk base sweetened with coconut nectar and thickened with chia seeds. I die. The best part is, they brought it out with a candle that was actually a brazil nut. How cool is that?! I didn’t know you could light brazil nuts on fire, but they did it!

Sidenote – the staff at WLF is amazing. I am obsessed with them.

Speaking of dying, the other reason I was a bit worried about this meal is because my birthday is slightly cursed. Pretty much every year, I get really sick on my birthday. Like, throwing up. This year’s birthday was my two year anniversary of being gluten-free, if you catch my drift. I’m also somehow always on one of these “protocols” during my birthday, so I end up “cheating” on said protocol, which makes my stomach react violently. It’s really just a huge mess. Basically, I get nervous every year that I’m going to spend my birthday night terribly ill and in a ton of pain, since it seems to always happen.

I’m extremely happy to report that I did NOT get sick this year! It’s literally a miracle. That night and the next day I was pretty bloated, broke out in acne and a rash, and had brain fog and blurry vision and an epic migraine, but no actual sickness. That is huge for me. The rest of the symptoms are annoying, but not really a big deal in the scheme of things. Those are food intolerances, for ya. Plus, the food was so worth it.

And that was my (very extended) birthday! Hope you guys enjoyed following along. Thank you so much to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. I am the luckiest girl in the world for all of the love I received, and I couldn’t have asked for a better day! I think 22 is gonna be my best year yet, ya know?

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