HI HI HI! If you follow me on any social media, you’re probably aware that I went to the Adele concert on Friday night at the Staples Center.

It was amazziinnnggg. My friend Julia is OBSESSED with Adele, so I got her tickets for her birthday in March. She totally freaked out. So many tears of joy.

Adele did not disappoint. She’s such a queen, I can’t even handle it. Honestly, her voice is unlike anything on this planet. The concert gave me all the feels. And it definitely gave Julia the feels. too. She was crying of happiness all night long, and she literally had goosebumps. It was adorable.

I didn’t realize how hilarious Adele is before I heard her talk during the concert. She was crackin’ so many jokes I could barely keep up. That woman has wit, which I LOVE. She’s also the sweetest. After her opening song, she immediately brought a little girl onstage and took a selfie with her. She said, “How old are you?,” and the little girl replied, “Good!” She then asked her again, and she got the same response. It was so cute. The girl was obviously super nervous and excited, and she probably couldn’t even hear what Adele was saying because everyone was screaming. I would’ve freaked out if that had been me, too. Julia probably would’ve straight-up fainted.

Besides the fact that Adele herself was fabulous and the concert felt like a dream, the night was also lots of fun because getting ready for a night out is always fun. Am I the only one who likes the getting ready part just as much as the rest of the night (if not more, depending on where I’m going)?

“When you’re so happy and excited that you can’t stand still and you smear your lipstick on your hand.”

Let’s start off with outfit, then move on to makeup. I was very last minute about this and had nothing to wear. As I’ve said before, my style is very simple, and I really only like to wear a few colors. One of which is black. I feel like black is most people’s go-to concert color anyways, so my black obsession totally fit in with the theme.

I went shopping in Julia’s closet because she’s the fashion queen in my life, and I picked up this cute long-sleeved black dress. The buttoned, flowy sleeves and the slightly puffed shoulders felt very Adele. Julia got this from Urban Outfitters a few years ago, so unfortunately they’re not still selling it (no link – sorry!). I paired it with a dainty square gold necklace I got from a little boutique a few years ago and my black House of Harlow Riley Bag, which magically fit my camera and other essentials inside. I paired it with some black booties from Forever 21, and that was it!

That might not seem super helpful because I can’t link to my dress, but I’m mentioning it because one of my top tips for saving money is to BORROW YOUR FRIENDS’ CLOTHES. I can’t tell you the number of times my friends’ closets have saved me in high school and college. Let’s be real – a lot of people don’t like wearing memorable pieces multiple times, especially if you’re taking pictures, so it’s a waste of money to spend your cash on a fancy dress you only need for one event. Instead, ask to borrow an outfit from a friend! The best is when you find someone you can trade back and forth with. That way you’ll both benefit! Sharing is caring.

Let’s get onto makeup! My makeup was sort of Adele inspired, sort of not. I saw a pic of her wearing a super sexy, purpley-red lip, so I went with it. I also went with a huge Adele wing, of course, but my eyeshadow was much darker than any typical Adele look. I can’t help myself.

I used my Lorac PRO palette for most of this eye look. It’s my all-time fave palette, as I’ve mentioned before. After priming my eyelids with my MAC Soft Ochre paint pot, I buffed the color Cream all over my lid to make future blending as easy as possible. The key to any smoky eye is building up the colors slowly, from lightest to darkest. I started with a large fluffy brush and the color mauve, working that through the crease in windshield-wiper motions. Next, I went in with a slightly smaller fluffy brush and buffed Taupe into the crease, with more precise placement than Mauve. Next I went in with my lid color, which was Light Bronze. I used a flat shader brush to pack that on – you’ll get more pigment if you pat rather than rub it on the lid.

Next, I took a small crease brush and worked the color Garnet into the outer V of my eye, which helped connect the light bronze color to my crease. I then went in with another small crease brush and very carefully worked Sable through the crease, bringing it about 3/4 of the way from my outer V to my inner corner. I finally went in with the darkest brown in the palette, Espresso. I dabbed that into the very corner of my eye and blended it through the outer V so it barely left the outer half of my eye. I used another flat shader brush to blend White on my brow bone as my highlight shade. I then took a small shader brush and packed my MAC Vanilla pigment into the inner corner of my eyes for an extra pop of highlight!

For the lower lash line, I took a small angled liner brush and placed Espresso as close to my lower lash line as possible. Next I took a small pencil brush and used the color Taupe to blend out that harsh line of Espresso.

My favorite part? LINER. I used my Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper to create a huge cat eye. Go big or go home. I then used my NYX Tres Jolie Gel Pencil Liner in Pitch Black to lightly line the area right in between my lashes – NOT the waterline. I did line the upper waterline, though. Helps things look seamless. For lashes, I used my Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, and I popped on Kardashian Beauty’s Glimmer Faux Lashes with my Duo Lash Adhesive. After the glue dried, I used the same mascara to blend my falsies with my real lashes, and I went over the eyeliner again with my Tattoo liner to cover up any white spots from the glue.

I primed my face with my NYX Shine Killer, then used my L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte 24 Hour Foundation for the rest of my face. I used my L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer to conceal under my eyes, and I set it all with my Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder. Adele’s contour is always on point, so I went in with my Wet N’ Wild Color Icon Contouring Palette in Dulce de Leche to cut those cheekbones. I used my Colour Pop blush in Birthday Suit and then finished off my face with my Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter. That stuff is sooo good.

Finally, LIPS. I lined and filled in my lips with my NYX Lip Liner in Deep Purple. Next, I dabbed the center of my lips with my Too Faced Melted Matte lipstick in Drop Dead Red. I then used my finger to blend that out, dabbing it onto the rest of my lips. It’s a very dark color, so dabbing on a small amount kept my lips a purple-ish color instead of straight-up BLACK.  To finish it all off, I sprayed my face with my Urban Decay All-Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray, and I was READY TO GO.

Julia’s makeup was totally Adele-inspired. Inspo pic above. I was more than satisfied with how it turned out. The key to this look is a dark crease that’s slightly unblended, a bare-ish lid, an intense contour, and a bright red lip.

I primed Julia’s lids with my Soft Ochre paint pot, and then I set them with Cream from my Lorac PRO palette. Next I took my Urban Decay Naked palette and blended Naked into the crease with a very fluffy brush. I followed that up with Buck and a slightly smaller blending brush in the crease again. I took a small pencil brush and placed Sable from my Lorac PRO palette in the outer V of her eye, and I took that all the way through the crease. Then I went in with a clean blending brush to blend that out. Next up, I took Espresso and repeated the same steps, but I did less blending so the edges were a little blunter. We want contrast.

I placed Cream from the Lorac PRO palette all over her lids so they looked bare but clean, and that also helped exaggerate the contrast we wanted to create with her crease. I didn’t want a classic cut crease, but I didn’t want it to be blended out seamlessly, either. I took Makeup Geek’s Bitten in the outer V of her eyes with a pencil brush to connect her crease to her lash line. The red in the shadow also helped warm things up a bit and added dimension to the look. I used Virgin from the Naked palette in her inner corner and on her brow bone to brighten up her eyes. Finally, I smudged Bitten along her lower lash line and blended that out with a  pencil brush and Buck from the Naked palette.

To create her wing, I used my Kat Von D liner again. It seriously makes cat eyes SO EASY. I also lined her lower lash line with my NYX liner – that is CLASSIC adele. Again, no liner on the waterline! I popped some lashes on her, and the eyes were done. I used my Wet N’ Wild Contour Kit again to create a sharp contour on her cheeks, using a small contour brush for precision. You want to go from the center of your ear towards the outer corner of your mouth. I took a translucent powder to sharpen the bottom of the contour on her cheeks, and I used the same contour shade to warm up her jawline and the corners of her forehead. Once again, I went in with Mary-Lou Manizer, and I used my Wet N’ Wild Color Icon blush in Mellow Wine to warm up her cheeks.

Lastly, I lined her lips and filled them in completely with Rimmel’s Lip Liner in Red Diva. When wearing a red lip, I think it’s always important to completely fill in your lips with liner. Otherwise, it can start to look patchy throughout the night or leave you with that awkward lip liner line that a lot of grandmas have when their lipstick fades. I’m not a fan. Filling in your lips with liner and then applying lipstick also helps your lipstick last longer, in general. I topped off the liner with Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Creme Lipstick in So Rouge. BAM.

Did anyone else go to the Adele concert?! I’d love to hear what you thought! And if you recreate either of these looks, be sure to tag me so I can see it (@addicted_to_lovely)! XO

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