Everything can change in an instant

Isn’t it interesting how one person can walk into your life and completely change it? I’ve had this experience so many times, as everyone has, but it never ceases to amaze me. I try to wrap my head around the fact that it will keep happening, and I have no idea when it’s coming.

I think everyone has at least one important person in their life who came into it relatively recently. Maybe you just met 2 weeks ago, or 3 months ago, or even a year ago. In the scheme of your whole life, even meeting someone just 5 years ago is a relatively new relationship. And now you talk to that person every day, you spend most of your time with them, you share your emotions with them, and you can’t imagine life without them. This changes us. The people we spend our time with physically, spend our time talking to, or spend our time listening to have a profound effect on who we are, how we see the world, how we behave, and what choices we make.

Falling in love flips your world upside down in an instant. Finding your best friend makes everything fall into place. Making the ideal business connection changes your financial future, or present. Connecting with the right coach or mentor changes your motivation, your paradigm, your self-understanding, and your self-confidence.

How do we meet these people?! We don’t plan for it or know it’s coming! We cross paths somehow. We make a decision to be somewhere, to talk to someone, to look into something. In some ways nothing is random, and in some ways everything is.

Think about the person you’re closest to in your life who is not a family member. When did you meet? Where? How did it happen? What if you hadn’t been in that place, talked to that person, or done that thing that made your paths cross? What if you had made one small decision differently? What if you had kept to your usual routine instead of making a different choice? Did you know when you met that person that your life would turn out so differently because of them?

I think about this often, and I wonder what my life would be like if just one person I’m close to now had never crossed my path. There are certain people in my life who completely changed my trajectory, and it’s interesting to think about how my one choice to not answer that email or go to that place or make that quick comment could have resulted in a completely different life for me. I could have a totally different career, live in a different city, have different interests, spend my time with different people, and have a different outlook on life.

In an instant, everything can change. There is dark and light to that. The dark is that in an instant we can be gone, or we can be hurt, or we can lose someone. The light is that when things feel dark, it only takes a moment for the light to turn back on. It only takes one moment for your life to go on a completely different path. That is empowering. That’s why I refuse to give up on anything.

Every decision is an opportunity. I get excited when I think about that, and really let it soak in. There is so much victim mindset in this world, but we are not victims! Every decision we make is an opportunity for something to change, if we want it to. Even if the road is not always easy or clear. In an instant, everything can change. Sure, you never know when business will go wrong, when you’ll lose someone you love, or when you won’t get what (you think) you want. But you also never know when you’ll run into the right person, or read the right thing, or come across the right opportunity. We don’t usually know how impactful that connection will be until much later down the line. How do you know that person you met today won’t completely change your life in the future?

If you are feeling down or hopeless about anything in your life – your health,  your finances, your relationships – remember this! Remember that everything can change in one moment, and that every choice we make, no matter how small it may seem, could be what catapults us into creating exactly the future we want. ALL IT TAKES IS ONE INSTANT! So keep going, keep trying, take opportunities, meet new people, learn new things, visit new places, and make changes if something isn’t working. Don’t be afraid to make a change. You never know who or what you’ll come across that will change everything in an instant.

Do you have a story about how one person or opportunity has changed your whole trajectory? Share below!

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