I cannot stop laughing right now because I can’t believe I’m literally writing a blog post about the candles I bought last week.

Well, I can believe it, because it’s typical me. I have an unhealthy obsession with candles, and I always want to write about anything I’m obsessed with. A good scent can totally transform my mood. Yummy candles make me feel happy, warm, safe, and comforted. I’m a candle-burner all year long, but I go kinda crazy in fall and winter. As most people do. It just doesn’t feel like fall without gray skies and a candle burning, ya know?

Every year I go on two huge candle shopping sprees – one right when fall begins, and one right after Thanksgiving. Since it’s now (somehow) September, it was time to go on my fall candle shopping trip to Bath and Body Works. I did some major damage. I don’t feel as ridiculous writing this this year as I did last year because this time people did actually ask for this post, but still.

I was very excited because B&BW has a lot of newness this year. I love new scents. And I love Bath & Body Works candles specifically because they’re large in size, they’re highly aromatic, and most of them smell like my favorite foods. Is there anything better?

The theme of this haul is PUMPKIN. I love everything pumpkin, and B&BW has a ridiculous pumpkin collection. If you’re not a pumpkin fan, BYE. Unfortunately, my favorite candle from last year wasn’t there, so I couldn’t restock. Coconut Pumpkin was delicious and one of the most amazing things I’ve ever smelled in my entire life. Although I’m sad I couldn’t find it, I think I’ve found some new all-time faves that will get the job done nicely.

Does anyone else think that “pumpkin” scents don’t really smell like pumpkin, though? Like, real pumpkin smells kind of rotten and stinky. But pumpkin scented things smell sweet and warm and happy.

Also, can we talk about how adorable the packaging is this year? The golden pumpkins on the lids are very classy. They remind me of Cinderella. I love anything festive, and these are as festive as it gets.

Alright alright, so what did I buy?

Pumpkin French Toast literally smells like french toast. I can smell the syrup BIG TIME. It’s not super pumpkin-y, to be honest, but I don’t really care. This candle makes me so hungry and seriously crave a killer brunch. It’s VERY sweet, so if you don’t like sugary scents, this isn’t for you. I think I’ll use this to trick people into thinking I made a fancy breakfast.

Pumpkin Pecan Waffles isn’t very waffle-y to me, but I definitely pick up the maple syrup scent. The pecan also isn’t very strong IMO, but I can smell the pumpkin in this one. So it’s kinda like syrupy pumpkin. I bought this last year and decided to buy it again this year even though it wasn’t my total fave. Like Pumpkin French Toast, its intense sweetness makes me SO hungry whenever I burn it. I try to save this only for occasions when I’ve already eaten or when I’m about to eat something sweet.

Caramel Pumpkin Swirl is always one of my favorites because I’m in love with caramel. It’s also sweet, but not piercingly so like the previous two. It also smells strongly of cinnamon, which helps balance everything out and gives it a good warmth. This one has a good balance of pumpkin scent – not too heavy, not too light.

Pumpkin Pie is a classic. I feel like this is the one candle that everyone buys. It’s straight up-pumpkin and a staple for fall. Pumpkin Pie is perfect for when you want to be festive but don’t want to burn a candle that’s overpoweringly sweet. Thankfully, this one doesn’t make me hungry.

Pumpkin Cupcake really smells like a pumpkin cupcake. Surprise surprise. There’s some vanilla in there too. It’s definitely a thick scent and will also make you hungry. It’s very sugary and sweet, but it’s lighter than Pumpkin Pecan Waffles and Pumpkin French Toast. Out of those three, this one is my fave.

Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow is proof that they’re just throwing pumpkin into every flavor combo they can come up with. I’m not mad about it. The vanilla and marshmallow are much stronger than the pumpkin in this candle. There are also some yummy caramel notes. If you like vanilla, you’ll like this. Again, it’s very sweet. I will use this only when I’m prepared.

Pumpkin Banana Muffin is my new favorite. I haven’t seen this before, and I’m very excited it exists. I’m obsessed with banana flavored anything, so obviously a candle that smells like banana is a dream come true. This smells like caramelized bananas with a subtle walnut scent. It’s not too overpowering, which I like, but it still makes your house smell like a bakery.

Cinnamon Sugared Doughnut is another new one for me, and I’m already obsessed with it. It literally smells like a cinnamon donut, which I like because it has the perfect level of sweetness. It smells like brown sugar, but not so sugary that you feel nauseous.

Buttercream Icing smells like Butterbeer and vanilla. I love this. It warms my soul. It kind of reminds me of sugar cookie candles, but not as intense. WINNER.

Pumpkin Apple smells like a cinnamon apple pie. It’s heavy on the apple, but the subtle pumpkin tones it down perfectly. Obsessed with this.

Pumpkin Spiced Cheesecake is what I imagined Pumpkin Pie would smell like before I ever smelled it. It smells like pumpkin, fall spices, and cream cheese, but it’s not too strong. It smells exactly like my house after I bake my pumpkin spice cake for Thanksgiving. I love it.

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin is nice because it’s like Pumpkin Pie but a tad sweeter. Amped up a lil’ bit if Pumpkin Pie is too plain for you. I don’t really catch that much cinnamon from this, but I can def smell the cloves.

I picked up Autumn Sunshine because I felt obligated to have at least one normal candle in case my roommates get overwhelmed with all of the pumpkin. This reminds me of the orange scent on the old Soarin’ ride at California Adventure. It’s less orangey, but very fresh. It smells very clean.

Chocolate Pistachio is another I’ve never seen before, but I was immediately attracted to its teal color. It smells like nutty chocolate and is OH SO DELICIOUS. Again, I get hungry.

Marshmallow Fireside smells like a fire in the forest. I usually never go for this candle, but I felt like I needed another scent to balance out all of the pumpkin/food candles. I know it’s called Marshmallow Fireside, but I don’t really smell any marshmallow.

Spiced Pomegranate Cider smells like spiced apple cider with a fruity kick. I like that this is fruity but not too sweet. It’s the perfect compromise if you want to keep the fall spirit alive but still like those fruity vibes. It’s also a nice twist on the classic cranberry-scented candles that are common in fall and winter. If you like cranberry scents, you’ll like this.

Warm Apple Pie – HOLY SHIT. It smells like apple pie. I can literally smell the crust and the sugar. It makes me miss my grandma. How do they do this?! I am OBSESSED. It’s not so sweet that it hurts my head, thank god. I never want this thing to burn out.

Spiced Vanilla Marshmallow is basically vanilla but, as the name suggests, spicier. Plain vanilla candles are usually too much for me, but the spices balance this out perfectly. I like this a lot because the vanilla is subtle. I can’t find this candle on their website, which is suspicious, but it’s definitely in stores.

What are your favorite fall candles? Any other must-haves that I’m missing out on? If you’re also a candle hoarder, please send me some love so I know I’m not the only crazy one around here. XO

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