I always like to bounce outta town right after Christmas, but this year my family decided against doing so because the snow is too much to deal with at our cabin right now. Since my dreams of a winter getaway were crushed, I decided I had to do something about it.

Enter: STAYCATION. I’ve heard about them before, but never tried one. What is a staycation? It’s exactly what it sounds like. Basically, a vacation where you don’t leave. You can do things at home or just in your area – whatever you want! You just stay where you’re at…no travel required! Isn’t that exactly like just regular, old hanging out at home? Yes. But it’s a way for those of us who aren’t used to just lounging around, relaxing, or doing whatever we want to recognize that we are designating time to do just those things. In fact, I think it’s an important lesson. We shouldn’t feel like we have to leave our houses to get the same feelings of calmness and relaxation as we do on a vacation! LAZY DAYS ARE THE BEST. Plus, you don’t have to pack for a staycation!

I started off by just making a list of things I might want to do. I want to emphasize that this was NOT a to-do list! That implies I gotta check things off and need to get things done. Staycations aren’t about getting things done! They’re about going with the flow.

Here is what I initially put on my Staycation Idea List:

  • Read books
  • Watch movies/go to the movies
  • Spa Day
  • Drink Tea
  • Craft
  • Eat yummy food
  • Shopping
  • Try a new restaurant
  • Try a new recipe
  • Have “me” time

Overall, it was a total success. The list was perfect inspiration for how I should spend my time. If you’re ever feeling trapped and like you need to just get away but you don’t have the time or the means, try it out. I did a lot of things that I might do normally without calling it a Staycation, but just calling it that made it feel different. It just felt more relaxed. It was a mental vacation! The beauty of a staycation is that you can make it any type of “vacation” you want. I opted for a relaxing, lounge-around, “me time” sort of break, but you could easily make it a much more exciting ‘cation by using the time to explore your city, try new activities, go to museums or parks, test out new restaurants, or see anything else you might be missing out on in your own backyard, so to speak.

What did I end up doing?

Day 1: I got my nails done, made myself gourmet meals, went to a fancy dinner restaurant, and saw a musical in the city. Specifically, A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder. It was hilarious. Then I had a sleepover with my mom and binge-watched Friends.

Day 2: Stayed in my pajamas the entire day, watching Harry Potter all day long. My sister and I hardly left the couch. I also experimented with homemade Butterbeer recipes and found a true winner, which I’m very proud of. I also read two books throughout the day, during commercial breaks. I think this was very productive.

Day 3: Another lazy day! First I spent the morning lounging around, and then I did some yoga. Later on I went to David’s Tea (my favorite), and then I went to the movie theater to see Joy. It was honestly one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time. I would highly recommend it. We picked up some sushi, watched Housewives, and fell asleep!

Day 4: Meditated, then got an amazing massage and facial, including aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is a game changer! If you haven’t explored the power of a relaxing scent, I highly suggest you do so soon. I went to Barnes & Noble, ate a delicious burger, and watched New Year’s Eve with my sister. Then I took a luxurious bath with a heavenly bath bomb from Lush.

Day 5: Ran some errands, packed up my things, and visited a charming, trendy tea shop I have been dying to try. After sipping on the perfect tea latte served in an adorable cat mug, I went home to have a relaxing meal with family!

The Staycation might be over, but I think it taught me an important lesson. I can take a “vacation” literally any time I want – it just depends on my definition of what a “vacation” is. What’s your favorite thing to do to relax?!

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