This weekend was one of those weekends where I felt like a huge pile of Jell-O.

My brain was completely fried, my body was tired, and I just felt like I needed to majorly veg. Things have been GO-GO-GO for awhile now, and it all finally caught up with me. I crashed.

My favorite thing to do when that happens (or just whenever I have time) is to have a little self-care night. I love treating myself to a mini spa night and just RELAXING. Slowing down. I call it having a “Me Night.” Sometimes I just need a night to myself, ya know? I love love love having spa nights with friends, but there’s something special about setting aside time for yourself, having the chance to get lost in your own thoughts, and not worrying about anything but making yourself feel good.

I have a mini-spa-night-in routine that I’ve been doing since high school, when I was even more of a stress-ball than I am now. “Me Nights” saved me in the college dorms, too. The dorms were especially stressful because I hardly ever had alone time, so a night to myself was always a big deal and very much appreciated. My “Me Night” routine is easy and cheap, but it’s so effective. Resetting yourself is very important if you want to maintain your sanity. This routine is perfect for all you stressed-out college ladies out there!

The first thing I always do? Hop into some ridiculously comfy pajamas. There’s something about a classic PJ set that screams relaxation. It brings me back to my childhood when I wore matching flannel pajamas every night and thought I was hot shit. Anyways, how cute are these pinkies?! They make me feel like I’m Eloise at Christmastime. (I might have stolen them from my roommate…) If you don’t have a PJ set, no worries. A big comfy T-shirt and some cozy sweats will get the job done very nicely.

The second extremely necessary step is to light some candles. You know I’m a huge candle lover…Gotta set the mood. Plus, I like it when the apartment smells delicious.

Next up, hair mask. We’re going back to basics with this one: good ole’ coconut oil. Coconut oil seriously solves all problems. Put some through your hair and throw it up in a bun while the oil soaks in. I like to leave it on for a few hours and then wash it out, but you can wait as long as you want. I would definitely recommend putting your hair in a bun, though. Coconut oil can stain fabric very easily, and you probably don’t want spots on your couch or pillow.

While my hair soaks up all that coconut oil goodness, I like to wash my face and put on a face mask. I’m seriously obsessed with face masks, and I’m especially in love with these masks from 7th Heaven. They’re only a few dollars, they smell incredible, and they leave my skin feeling SO SMOOTH!


Honestly, I don’t really feel a difference in my skin with most face masks, but I still wear them for fun. These, however, really do make my face feel super soft afterwards, and my skin literally glows. My roommate even commented the next day about how glowy I looked, so I know it’s real. These have also been a MIRACLE for my blackheads. Sorry if this is gross, but these masks bring allll the gunk to the surface. It’s so satisfying. My pores always feel extra clogged during summertime because HEAT AND SWEATING, so face masks have been a lifesaver. I’m probably using them more often than I should, but whatever.

These are incredibly cooling on the skin, and they don’t strip your skin of its natural moisture like most other masks. They actually leave my skin feeling more hydrated and plumped up afterwards. I LOVE. I’m also obsessed with the different scents and colors. Half the fun of wearing a face mask is the color. Needs to be Snapchat worthy, ya dig? These totally are, and they kinda make me hungry because they smell so good. The chocolate one is to die for.

I like to grab a bunch of these from Ulta at once so I always have some on hand, but you can also get them at Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Kmart, and a few other places. Basically, where you’re already gonna go to buy things for your dorm/apartment. It’s back-to-school time for a lot of you, so STOCK UP on self-care products like these masks for your dorm room! When I lived in the dorms, I always kept a secret box of face masks under the sink so I was ready for pampering whenever I got the chance. #CollegeHacks. There’s also a really generous amount of product in each packet, so you can always split one with a friend if you’re having a spa night for two! (Great roommate bonding, BTW.)

While my face mask and hair mask are soaking in, I go for my nails. During the week I usually just have time for a quick polish change, but I like to do the whole shebang when it’s a “Me Night.” Cutting and filing are super tedious, but it’s sworth the extra work. I feel so much cleaner when my nails don’t look gross.

My favorite polish right now is the Wet N Wild 1 Step WonderGel nail polish. And no, this is definitely not sponsored. I wish it was, though. I’m genuinely obsessed with this nail polish. It’s only a few dollars, but it has incredible lasting power. My nails usually chip the day after I paint them, but I’ve worn this for a WEEK with no chipping. It’s insane. I can’t tell you how excited I am that I found a drugstore nail polish that works better than most of my high-end nail polishes. The formula is thick enough to be extremely opaque, but it’s not globby at all. My favorite thing about it is that it applies like a gel, but it doesn’t chip like a gel. I hate how other gel polishes come off of my nails in one big piece, leaving my nail completely bare. Also, the color selection is perfection. Two of my faves right now are Pinky Swear and Air Apparent. I’m really into pastels.

While my hair and face are still maskin’ it up and after my nails are done, I usually like to lounge around, throw on some Spotify, sip on a cup of tea (duh), and read through a few magazines. There’s nothing like juicy celeb gossip and overshared beauty tips for some mindless relaxation. When my masks have been on long enough, I like to hop in the shower to wash the coconut oil out of my hair and clean my face. When I’m done, I feel so luxurious. Baby-smooth skin, silky, shiny hair, and squeaky clean. YAAAS.

If you don’t already know, I’m reallllly into watching movies. Fun fact: I’m actually a Film minor!  Annnnd my favorite type of movie? CHICK FLICKS. ROM COMS. Sorry, not sorry. Therefore, “Me Night” is incomplete without a chick flick. This weekend I went with Whatever It Takes. If you haven’t seen it, you’re seriously missing out. Baby Shane West and baby James Franco (by baby, I mean teenage…) are EVERYTHING. Also, 90s/early 2000s movies are always the best.

On most “Me Nights,” I like to bake a recipe I’ve had my eye on or come up with something new, but I had some leftover Nice Cream from my Nice Cream Scone Sandwiches that I wanted to use up so I mixed that with some GF/Vegan Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough for a sweet treat. IT WAS SO GOOD.

After a few more mugs of tea (can’t help myself) and curling up with my movie, I’ll hop in bed, journal for a few minutes, and end the night with a good book. I read nonfiction 96% of the time, but I thought I’d switch it up with some fiction this weekend. Engages my imagination more, ya know? I was also in a very romantic mood, so the book on intestinal permeability that I’m currently in the middle of was not going to cut it. I always read until my eyes start fluttering shut – can’t fight tired eyes. When that happens, I have to surrender and fall asleep. But I always feel very rejuvenated and ready to tackle the world the next day.

What’s your favorite self-care ritual? Spa night routine? Please share! And if you’ve got any fun face mask selfies, SEND ‘EM OVER! XO

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