One thing I always like to switch up in the fall? MY NAIL COLOR. The second it’s officially fall, I immediately break out my favorite deep, warm shades to properly reflect the season.

I cannot stand it when my nails aren’t painted. I don’t think I’ve had bare nails since graduating from middle school. I wasn’t allowed to wear nail polish at my middle school…Those were dark times. Anyways, when my nails are bare, I feel blank and empty and lifeless. Having painted nails makes me automatically feel more put-together.

Painting your nails is also definitely the easiest way to accessorize. Paint your nails once, and you have a no-brainer, no-hassle accessory for the next few days. As someone who wears the same colors every single day when it comes to clothing (black, white, gray…), I like to use my nails as a pop of color.

My nail polish collection is almost as ridiculous as my makeup collection, but I’ve been using the same colors for years. I bought most of these nail polishes early in high school, and my favorites haven’t really changed. Creature of habit, remember?

As I’ve talked about before, I’m trying to slowly switch out my beauty products for products with nontoxic ingredients. I am completely failing in the nail polish department. Most nail polishes are full of a ton of harsh chemicals that are extremely toxic. I’ve been researching some clean polishes and plan on trying out some new things very soon, but for now, I’m still using what I’ve always used. I’ll keep you guys updated.

Obviously you can wear any color nail polish at any time of year, but I really like to wear “seasonal” colors. It gets me in the mood. My fall shades are very different from my summer and spring shades. There’s some overlap with winter. You get the idea.

You’ll definitely catch the theme of this. I gravitate towards warm, deep colors in the fall. Especially maroon and burgundy. I also like browns, golds, and greens…just anything spicy, rich, and comforting. Weird way to describe nail polish? Oh well.

OPI Mrs. O’Leary’s BBQI consider this to be my signature color. I’m not totally sure if it’s still being sold, but I did find it a few places online. It’s a rich, warm red/burgundy shade. Very dark and vampy, but not so dark that it looks black. This is my go-to color in fall and winter.

OPI Midnight in Moscow: This shade is really dark – almost black. It basically looks like a black/brown shade with a warm red/purple undertone to it. If you like dark colors but don’t want to go for a straight black or brown, this is the perfect compromise. Currently wearing this.

OPI Dazzled By Gold: This is your basic sparkly gold nail polish. I’m very particular about nail polish with glitter or sparkles in the formula because it’s easy for it to look cheap. I love this polish because it’s sparkly but still looks classy – not like I’m a third grader. I think every girl needs a gold nail polish in her collection. It’s a neutral color that goes with every outfit, but it’s not plain. It’s like jewelry for your nails.

Formula X FahrenheitFahrenheit is the closest thing to a “true” red on this list. It’s a darker red, so it still has those vampy fall vibes, but it’s brighter than most of my maroons. Excellent staple red nail polish.

Formula X IgniteIgnite is another dark red/maroon shade, and it’s very similar to Mrs. O’Leary’s BBQ. Just slightly lighter. If you want to try out a deep nail shade that’s in between the red and dark burgundy zone, I would highly recommend this.

Essie Bahama MamaOh, Bahama Mama. Everyone loves this shade, and for good reason. I don’t usually like purple polishes, but I love this color because it leans toward the maroon side. You’ll love this if you like deep reds but want to switch it up and test out something in the purple realm.

Essie Chinchilly: This color makes me feel very…polished. This is a medium granite color that won’t wash you out. It’s very sophisticated, and a staple neutral for any time of year.

Pop of Color Cash Money: This is a beautiful deep, forest green/olive shade. It’s really hard to find an olive nail polish that doesn’t look like vomit. This color is beautiful, and it’s one of the only greens I will ever wear.

Dr.’s Remedy Mellow Mauve: This is the only “clean” nail polish I have on this list. Dr.’s Remedy polishes are made without formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, camphor, pthalates, or DBP. I’m in love with the formula – it applies easily, it’s very opaque, and it dries quickly. This shade is a rich mauve that’s neutral enough to go with everything. If you enjoy wearing standard pink nail polishes, this is perfect for transitioning into a more “fall” shade.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Spice Age: In the bottle, this doesn’t look that great, and when I describe it, it also doesn’t sound that great. It’s a sparkly brown color. Brown nail polish has never sounded appealing to me, but I love love love this color! It’s like the definition of fall. On the nails, it doesn’t come across as a traditional brown. It just looks like you have a really rich, deep, warm shade on your nails, and the subtle sparkles give it a little extra “oomph.”

What are your favorite nail polishes for fall? Please share! Also, if anyone has recommendations for nail polishes with nontoxic ingredients, I would love to hear! XO

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