These past few weeks have been absolutely crazy. With no time to stop, I’ve desperately been trying to catch up on much-needed sleep/ lower my stress levels due to personal problems. I just got back from an incredible trip to New York, and I’m still trying to process the fact that it even happened. Why do the best vacations feel like they last 4 seconds long? TAKE ME BACK PLEASE!

It was my first time in the Big Apple (so I guess I popped my Big Apple cherry?), and I was thoroughly impressed. I’ve always wanted to visit NY, and I obviously had an image of its idealized version based on movies, TV, and books. But in real life, I expected it to be a crowded, dirty, big city filled with lots of smoke and hobos. Basically a bigger version of San Francisco. There was definitely a ton of people, but it was surprisingly very clean and didn’t smell bad at all! I loooovveddd it! Have you ever been to a place and just felt an immediate connection? That’s how I feel in Los Angeles, and I felt that same warm feeling (awww!) as soon as I got to New York. I was meant to be in a big city. It makes me feel like anything is possible. My dreams can come true! (Said with enlarged, naively innocent eyes and my hands held together)

Everything was absolutely gorgeous. I actually felt like I was on a movie set everywhere I went. So fab. Walking around and exploring gave me the urge to watch Spiderman, When Harry Met Sally, Maid in Manhattan, Home Alone, and 27 Dresses all at once, right then and there. No time for that, though. Our trip was so packed, I can barely remember what we did. People keep asking me what I did in New York, and I’m like, “Umm.. a lot?”

Not going to give intense detail about everything I saw/did, but I just wanted to mention that Central Park was like a complete fairytale. I could spend the rest of my life there and never get bored. We spent the entire first day exploring the park, and I totally daydreamed I was in When Harry Met Sally all day long. Central Park has a special type of magic to it. Enchanting. I felt like I was in Narnia but also like I was in Disneyland and Europe at the same time, which probably doesn’t really make sense. But the combination was incredible, and I’m a sucker for that whimsical feeling created by castles and bridges and lovely greenery.

As much as I loved New York, I noticed some weird things about the city. I need to get them off my chest.

  1. There are no toilet seat covers in any of the bathrooms. So gross. You would think that in such a huge city, a prime location for tourism and millions of random people needing to pee in public restrooms, that toilet seat covers would be a given. But they weren’t, even at fancy restaurants. This thoroughly bothered and disgusted me and makes no sense.
  2. Everyone lives on coffee.  I knew it was a coffee city (the city that never sleeps, right?) but I didn’t realize just how much of a coffee city it was until I saw it with my own eyes. Everybody is holding a cup of coffee, and they don’t go for the frilly shit we like here in LA. They’re all about straight coffee, cappuccinos, regular lattes, real milk, etc. This was too intense for me. I’m not sure I could ever hang with the pros. I drink coffee occasionally, but generally do my best to avoid it. It makes me super jittery and bounce off the walls. This leads me to my next discovery…
  3. Tea lattes are a foreign concept. As a brunch-obsessed LA female, green tea lattes and chai lattes are two of my obsessions. Unfortunately, every request I made for a tea latte was met with a look of disbelief/slight disgust/was I speaking a coherent language. Because of this, I was forced to become a coffee-drinker during my vacation. It was a bad idea and resulted in me getting about 0 hours of sleep because I was so wired off espresso.
  4. Almond milk is rare. After giving up on my dream of drinking warm, delicious chai lattes at adorable New York cafes and surrendering to regular lattes and coffee, I then suffered from an almond milk shortage. WHY DOES NO ONE HAVE ALMOND MILK?! Every time I asked – “We only have regular, soy, and skim.” I’m sorry, but I was honestly shocked that New York hadn’t hopped on the almond milk train yet. What about all the people with food allergies?! Dairy and soy allergies are a serious thing! I went into every single coffee shop in Little Italy asking for almond milk. My search was successful at ONE cafe, and they had to scour through the back to find a carton.
  5. Food trucks are life. I have never been in an area where food trucks are so prevalent. There were multiple ice cream trucks on every block, and that’s just the ice cream. Being constantly surrounded by the aroma of pastries and ice cream and gyros and roasted nuts was dangerous.
  6. Cops on horses – this is a real thing. I did not realize cops actually rode horses in 2015, but there they were! Horse-riding cops seemed a little sassy and were mostly just modeling for photos with excited tourists. I thoroughly enjoyed the horses though.
  7. They have amazing to-go food. It’s actually healthy, and really delicious. Can we bring Pret A Manger to the West Coast, please?
  8. McDonald’s is fancy. Multiple-level McDonald’s with fancy booth seating…I’ve never seen anything like this. Had I never heard of McDonald’s before, I would think it was a gourmet restaurant chain.

And now for my favorite part – pic time!

You gettin’ the Narnia vibe yet?

The Boathouse <3

Wishing I had a boyfriend and some romantic background music to accompany me on a boat…

Almost fell over in this beauty store. Can Ricky’s NYC become Ricky’s LA?

You know I bought some to try…

Nights in Times Square are fabulous.

Top of the Empire State Building? Beautiful.

I’ll never get over the view.

Seriously – the most INCREDIBLE churches.

Why are there not e.l.f stores in LA?

Totally obsessed with Little Italy and Chinatown. I think real Italy is next on my list!

You neeeeed to see Kinky Boots if you haven’t already. Amazing.

Every girl needs to end a fairytale night with a carriage ride through Central Park, right?

You know I went to The Hunger Games Exhibition. And it was exquisite.


I love this movie and couldn’t resist.

The most incredible Disney store…

With a magical princess castle inside…

And a mammoth bottle of Hershey’s chocolate syrup.

Imagining I’m Serena Van Der Woodsen will never get old.


Life at the Plaza Hotel would be so glam.

There’s obviously an Eloise shrine.

And store / party room.

We chatted on the phone for a bit.

Found Waverly Place, but no wizards.

Grand Central Station in all of its glory.

A little daytime Times Square, anyone?


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