Aveyah is a Love Leader, Musical Artist and Transformational Mentor. She is a bringer of joy and light who naturally illuminates love and magic in others. She supports others in stepping into their own unique radiance and purpose to create the most epic love and life of their dreams. She’s a multi-passionate creative, artist, channel and facilitator whose mentorship is infused with beaming joy, playfulness, possibility and a whole lot of heart!

Aveyah paves the way to show others how to live entirely from the magic of who they are.

Today on multidimensional:

  • 9:35 – The catalysts in Aveyah’s spiritual awakening journey
  • 16:22 – What it looks like to live your dharma
  • 25:34 – Devotion to love & the courage it takes to step into self-love
  • 31:45 – Exactly how to go deeper into your feelings
  • 42:42 – Forgiving yourself for your past choices
  • 54:51 – Cultivating a feeling of safety through feminine energy
  • 58:51 – Stepping into your radiance & tapping into your magnetism from within
  • 1:05:54 – What it really takes to shift your relationship with the unknown
  • 1:11:13 – Why it’s so important to curate what you’re consuming
  • 1:15:25 – When the devotion to love is doing all of the thing you’re afraid of the most

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Connect with Aveyah:

  • Learn more: https://www.aveyah.love
  • IG: @aveyah.love
  • YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@Aveyah
  • Use code IAMABUNDANT to get 75% off Aveyah’s Feminine Radiance & Magnetism course here
  • Use code IAMREADY to get 60% off Aveyah’s Feminine Radiance & Magnetism course + 2 private 1:1 expansion sessions here

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