Kaylan is back today for a conversation with Christina about female friendships. They chat about speaking your truth, wounds in female friendships, breaking out of patterns so you can attract in a different frequency of friendship, and more!

Today on multidimensional:

  • 10:17 – Speaking your truth vs. suppressing yourself in friendships
  • 15:32 – Navigating relationships when you’re someone who is very triggering for people
  • 25:52 – What unconditional love really looks like
  • 30:09 – Why friend breakups are so painful
  • 32:40 – Signs that someone really loves you for you
  • 45:45 – Red flags & wounds with female friendships
  • 56:50 – What it takes to start attracting the type of friendships you’re craving
  • 1:05:11 – What to do when people are committed to misunderstanding you
  • 1:13:55 – The power of honest communication & speaking your truth

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