I always get quite sad the day after Christmas, simply because it’s over. Not the day, but the entire season. The buildup is what makes it the best time of year, Christmas Eve being my absolute favorite day. Christmas Eve is like the ultimate day of anticipation. Even though I get sad, I just have to keep reminding myself that it will come again next year. Still, the season just always ends way too soon. I wish it could be December 1st through the 25th forever. Even though I have to move on with regular life, I’m so grateful for having another wonderful holiday season. Each year brings new laughs, inside jokes, fun photos, crazy sweaters, delicious baked goods, and hilarious memories.

This year, I did the usual. I’m a creature of habit. Every year, I spend Christmas Eve with my immediate family and my best friend. We exchange gifts and watch Christmas movies all day long, basking in the holiday spirit and dancing about in our sweaters. Later that evening, my uncle and best friend’s family come over for our annual Christmas Eve dinner. Christmas Eve dinner is legendary. It’s filled with enough food for an army, inappropriate conversations, and lots of enthusiastic opinions. We finish up with some home videos. Christmas morning, my family and I exchange gifts, have a huge, delicious breakfast, and then head over to my aunt’s house for another round of gift-giving with our extended family and another giant dinner.

Let’s talk about the obvious: presents. Presents are a big part of Christmas. Personally, I don’t really think about getting them. I’m much more concerned with what I’m giving everybody else. Present-giving is actually a huge deal to me because of what gifts represent. Giving a gift to someone is a way to portray how much you truly love and care for a person. It’s a way to show that you’ve taken time out of your life to think about what someone would like, what would make them feel special, and to show how much you appreciate them. It’s a physical representation of love. Because of that, I have an extensive gift-giving process, and I pride myself on the gifts I give. There’s nothing as satisfying as seeing the look of pure joy and total surprise on a person’s face when opening a gift they didn’t expect to get. Christmas lists are helpful, yes, but they’re an easy out for people who don’t want to think of something creative for a loved one. Yep, I said it!

Because of the way I feel about giving presents and the time and effort I put into them, I appreciate receiving gifts that much more. The fact that someone truly thought about me and what I would enjoy or what reminds him/her of me is honestly touching. Fancy presents are fabulous, yes, but some of my favorite gifts are cheap things that really just mean something to me emotionally.

That being said, I was blessed with an amazing Christmas. I got a lot of great gifts, so I’m going to share some of my absolute favorites! I feel like I’m pretty easy to buy for – just hook me up with something related to beauty, fashion, or cooking and I’ll melt into a pile of happiness.


Crock-Pot Slow Cooker

LORAC Mega Pro 2

Michael Kors Jet Set Crossbody Bag in Cherry

Michael Kors Kerry Gold-Tone Watch

Alex and Ani Queen’s Crown Bangle in Gold

Cookie Press

Kate Spade Racing Stripe Wallet in Rose Jade/Gold

Sephora Lash Stash & Beauty Closet

Hanae Mori Butterfly Perfume

MAC Lipliners in Stripdown & Soar

MAC Lipstick in Twig & Craving

MAC Eyeshadow in Shroom

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