Thursday night was the start of #TGIT on ABC, & it was oh-so-lovely.

My entire week led up to the start of #TGIT, and I’m not ashamed of that. Great television gets me pumped for life. I’m addicted to ABC shows. They’re amazing. Above all, I have a deep obsession with anything Shonda Rhimes creates. If you see “Created by Shonda Rhimes” in a show’s credits, you know you’re in for a night of kickass television. And you know it’s time to pop open a bottle of wine.

I’ve been a Grey’s Anatomy lover since its humble beginnings, back when I was far too young to be watching a show with so much sex. My Scandal addiction started last year when I binge-watched the series and realized Olivia Pope is a complete goddess. BUT — How to Get Away with Murder is currently highest on the pedestal. That show gets me completely wrapped up in an entirely different world and does things to my brain and heart that I cannot explain. Annalise Keating is one of the most satisfyingly complicated TV characters to ever strut the screen. Just when I was losing faith in the world of television for a lack of satisfying TV shows, a light shined down from heaven and Queen Shonda came to the rescue with HTGAWM. #ThankYouLife

If you haven’t seen any of these shows,

1. I’m sorry.

2. I HIGHLY recommend you add it to your to-do list.

Because of the deep love for ABC ingrained in my heart, I’ve been hosting parties/girls’-nights-in for years to celebrate series’ finales, premieres, and regular episodes. Thursday nights have been my favorite night of the week for a loooooong time. An annual Grey’s Anatomy Series Finale party is equivalent to a holiday in my eyes. So of course this Thursday was no different! My roommates and I curled up on the couch for a GNI, and I whipped up some healthy pumpkin smoothies to celebrate! Sooooo nom. (Roommates are so lucky I love to bake.) 3 hours of Shonda, delicious dessert, and a pumpkin caramel candle to set the mood.

It was a perfect night.

Minus Annalise Keating getting SHOT.

Let’s just wrap this up with some major appreciation for Shonda.

6 Reasons Why Shonda Rhimes is Queen

  1. Her characters literally pull at your heartstrings and make you fall in love. These aren’t just TV characters. They’re real. They’re interesting, dynamic, complex, and total badasses.

    I knew Cristina Yang. She was my SPIRIT ANIMAL AND SOUL SISTER. Did anyone else hold a funeral when she left the show?

  2.  Her masterpieces have created a tight-knit community of amazing people with fabulous taste. You know someone is worthy of your time when they’re down with #TGIT.

    “Do you watch Scandal…?”
    “OMG ME TOO!”
    *Instantaneously best friends*

  3. She doesn’t give a rat’s ass about avoiding “taboo” topics.

    Nothing is off limits for Shonda. Nothing.
  4. She’s not afraid to kill people. Derek, Lexie, Sloan, George, James, Jerry, Rebecca, Sam…. The list might be longer than the novel I’m currently reading. New drinking game idea to get hammered very quickly: Shots every time someone dies!

    But seriously.

    No one is safe.

  5. She makes me scream OUT LOUD.
    The last 10 seconds of How to Get Away with Murder, I honestly shrieked and almost fell off the couch. YOU DON’T SHOOT VIOLA DAVIS.

6. In all seriousness, her plot lines are just hands-down incredible. Smart, suspenseful, and completely captivating. These shows seriously take you to entiiiiiirely different mental space — a total escape from real life. The perfect blend of humor, action, drama, mystery, and heartfelt moments that will melt your soul.

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