Work with Christina

Healing Sessions & Mentorship

Energy Healing / Intuitive Sessions

These powerful sessions will help to facilitate the body’s natural emotional, energetic, and physical healing processes. They can provide profound clarity on any blocks in your life, and are excellent if you’re looking to tap further into your intuitive gifts.

Ahai 7D Healing & Intuitive Guidance Circles

These small group healing sessions are held 1-2 times per month and have very limited spaces. It is recommended to sign up in advance. 

In these intimate 7D Healing Circles, you will receive Ahai 7D healing from Christina as well as unique as well as unique channeled information for you specifically. These circle help to facilitate physical, emotional, & spiritual healing & upgrades. 

These group circles are a very powerful container and last about 2-2.5 hours. Make sure you are on time and are able to stay for the full session. 

In small group settings, remember that the energy is amplified. Please prepare your intentions for your session ahead of time.

1:1 Divine Guidance Session

We will send an email out to Christina’s newsletter list when spots become available, so make sure you are on the email list if you want to be alerted when spaces open. We open spaces based on availability for that month, not ahead of time. 

This is a unique 1:1 session with Christina, customized to your needs.

This is the only way to work with Christina 1:1. Every session will be different and intuitively led. Spots are extremely limited and will be added to the calendar when they open up.

Christina works with Ahai healing (7D), the Akashic Records, mediumship, trance channeling, and other intuitive modalities to assist in healing, intutive activation, cutting cords, gaining clarity on various aspects of your life, meeting Spirit guides, connecting with loved ones, shadow work, and other intentions.
For the Intuitive / Energy Healer

Psychic Development Program

Learn to fully activate your psychic senses and tap into your intuition. This course offers a deep dive into receiving intuitive information, setting up boundaries and protection, connecting with spirit guides, and more.

Ahai 7D Energy Healer Attunement

This certification will train you in using Ahai 7D energy to facilitate spiritual, physical, and emotional healing, as well as how to use this energy to amplify manifestation, connect with the Akashic Records, and continuously upgrade your frequency. Level 1 will train and attune you so you can use this energy for yourself, and Level 2 is meant for individuals who wish to send this energy to others, via distance or in-person, as practitioners. The Psychic Development Program is a prerequisite. 


For the Entrepreneur

No Bullshit Business School

The #1 answer for ambitious female coaches ready to grow their online businesses using social media, without paying for any ads, without having a big following, and looking for a mind, body, soul approach to business. If you’re in the initial stages of your online coaching business and / or you’re stuck getting to 6-figures, No Bullshit Business School is for you. Once graduating, you’ll also have the opportunity to join the Grad School Program for continued business support.

7-Figure Elite Mastermind

This container is for entrepreneurs in the 6-figure to mid 6-figure range who are dedicated to reaching 7-figures. This mastermind is a very small group and by application only.

Brain Rewiring Certification Program

This 6-month certification program trains you in the brain rewiring process so you can get your clients unprecendented results with their health, relationships, businesses, and other goals through the power of the mind.

You will learn to rewire your own brain, to teach others how to rewire theirs, how to coach, and how to build a successful business.

The Pod Course

Learn how to spread your message by launching a successful podcast, or uplevel your current show. This course will teach you everything you need to know – naming, branding, artwork, equipment, editing, launch strategy, interviewing skills, how to land guests, how to grow your show, building your community, monetizing your show, and more.

The Podcast Connector

Spread your message by getting booked on aligned shows! This service is meant to connect powerful voices to the right podcasts through true connections – no cold pitches. If you’re interested in getting booked on podcasts as a guest, or you host a podcast and want to be connected with incredible guests, this service is for you. Guests will also receiving video course content on nailing interviews, marketing, and more.

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