Stop Waiting to Share Your Content - No Ideas are Original

Are you blocked with sharing content because you’re waiting for an “original idea”?


It’s 2020. We have the internet at our fingertips. No idea is original. If you’re WAITING to share content because you feel like someone’s already said it before (“why would they listen to me?!”), well…someone has said it before. But they haven’t heard it from YOU.

Most big names in the health space have just come up with different names for the keto diet and are branding it as something new. Or they’ve come up with a new term for fasting. Or paleo. Suddenly it’s a “new” diet, but it’s the same thing that everyone else is talking about. 

Most people in the personal development and business space say the same things as each other, just in different ways (although sometimes the same ways, to be honest). MARKETING is saying the same thing over and over again. Don’t get caught up in being original. Just share what you know.

If you reallllllly wanted to open up an ice cream shop, would you NOT because someone else has already done it?! NO.

You don’t have to have an original idea. You just have to be YOU. It’s about AUTHENTICITY. No one else has your experience, your voice, or your unique way of communicating an idea.

Everyone learns what they know from someone else. No one’s idea is ever going to just be their own. It would actually SUCK if that were true, because not enough people would hear the message. And maybe YOU’RE the person that can share an important idea, in a way that finally resonates with someone who needs it most. Just because you’re following 200 health / wellness / self-development experts on Instagram doesn’t mean that everyone else is. What might seem “basic” to you could be LIFE-CHANGING for someone else.

Don’t wait around for something new to share. Share what you know. Share what has helped you, and what can help others. Show up as your authentic self, and THAT is what will make you original.

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