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When I first discovered the world of holistic healing and learned that food could be used as medicine, I spent hours every single day poring over success stories in all corners of the Internet. It was one thing to read research, books, and articles, but it was really the personal testimonials that inspired me to make changes in my own life. Reading real stories from other people gave me hope. If they could do it, why couldn’t I? When I read where people started, I suddenly felt less alone.

Beyond that, I realized that some people had experiences that simply couldn’t be explained in a scientific study. I became obsessed with learning about people’s journeys, which were all so unique and important in their own way. I discovered there was more than one way to reach the same goal. I became exposed to so many different theories and approaches that made me realize I had more power over my health, and my future, than I thought. I was inspired to keep fighting for my own physical and emotional healing, and to never give up. I was going to be a success story, too.

To this day, I love reading people’s success stories and truly cannot get enough of them. It’s even better when I get to see it happen in front of my own eyes with my clients. I feel incredibly lucky that so many of you share parts of your journey with me, and I wish I could explain to you how incredibly happy and inspired I feel when you tell me how my content has helped you on your path.

Part of my mission is to spread the message that there are so many powerful, natural approaches to healing, and that you have the power to take control of your health. There is always something we can do for ourselves. Nutrition, exercise, energy healing, mindset work, sleep, personal care products, and supplements are all powerful tools that can be used to help us on our journeys.

Sharing my own health journey with others is one of the most important things I think I’ll ever do, and it’s what I built my platform on. I will continue to share my story, and I want to encourage others to do the same. So many of us have stories to tell.

That’s why I’ve decided to add a section to my blog featuring different healing success stories, so you never run out of inspiration. I get messages every single day explaining how my content has helped someone finally reach their goals, and it inspires me more than I can tell you. Time to spread the love.

Has my content helped you on your healing journey? Have you reached a major health goal or overcome any kind of health issue with a natural approach? Maybe you’ve dealt with an autoimmune disease, bloating, acne, depression, anxiety, mold illness, poor body image, amenorrhea, disordered eating, exercise addiction, weight gain / loss, thyroid imbalances, or gut dysbiosis. Whatever you’ve been through, I want to share your story! I’m taking submissions to be featured on my blog so that we can keep inspiring others. If you’d like to submit your story, you can do so by filling out this form. I am only one person, but together we are a movement. Don’t forget.


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