I’ve been having major Real Housewives of Beverly Hills withdrawals recently. So I decided to appease them with a little excursion to a place I’ve been dying to try – SUR!

If you’re a Real Housewives junkie (and foodie) like me, then you know the importance of dining at SUR, Pump, and Villa Blanca at least once in your life. If Lisa Vanderpump is involved, I expect nothing but fabulous. And, of course, SUR was extremely fab.

You know you’re somewhere important when a security guard is standing at the door. Typical LA.

SUR felt a lot smaller in person than what I’d imagined based on TV, but it’s no less gorgeous. Every member of the staff was stunning, as expected, which only added to the restaurant’s overall high-class ambiance. Purple lighting added an especially sexy elegance to the bar area.

We were seated in the back of the restaurant in a comfy “booth.” I say “booth” for lack of a better word – this was not your typical restaurant booth. It was totally pimped out. Basically a couch with chandeliers and mirrors surrounding us. The tall trees and lush greenery laced with twinkling lights amidst the sophisticated black decor created an extremely classy, cosmopolitan atmosphere. This may or may not make any sense, but I felt like the vibe was elegant Indiana Jones meets posh nightclub. Like a luxurious jungle. It’s definitely the type of place that’s perfect for a fancy girls’ night – an ideal excuse to wear your fave LBD & heels with hot pink lipstick, to  curl your hair, and to get sexy little cocktails that are totally Insta-worthy.


Not only was the staff extremely attractive, but they were also incredibly attentive. Our waiter was the definition of accommodating. I asked for some extra lemons (I might have a slight obsession with lemons, BTW), and I’m pretty sure he would have sprinted down the street to the store to pick up some more if they ran out. And he’d be back in 45 seconds, tops. Amazing service made for a great dining experience.

Sidenote: I didn’t see anyone from Vanderpump Rules, but I did spot Max running around the bar area! #Success


Onto the best part. FOOD! SUR’s menu is completely mouthwatering and really overwhelming. There were too many tempting choices. I wanted all the food. (AKA need to go back and try it all.) Luckily, there were four of us, so we hit all the major food points.

Appetizer of choice was fried goat cheese balls with the cucumber salad and mango sauce. Fried goat cheese balls sounded kind of eh to me at first, but I’ll let the presentation speak for itself. Exquisite.

Aaaaand the entrees!

Grilled skirt steak with basil butter sauce, a side salad, and French fries! The steak was cooked perfectly.

Angel hair checca with fresh basil, garlic sautéed Roma tomatoes, and olive oil. Nommmm.

Roasted garlic chicken breast with mashed potatoes and a side salad.

Chilean sea bass with grilled veggies. Absolutely delectable.

The food was extremely delicious and amazingly fresh. I was more than pleased. Honestly, I didn’t expect the food to live up to the hype in my head, or for it to be as great as the decor. I expected it to be more about the experience of going to SUR than the food itself. I really just wanted to be able to say I’d eaten there. I know, so basic. There are a looooot of expensive restaurants in LA with food that’s actually just average, but this is definitely not one of them. Completely worth it, and I can’t wait for an excuse to go back!

Now that I’ve crossed SUR and Villa Blanca off the list, all that’s left is Pump! That, and I have to wait for the season premiere of RHOBH in order to be fully satisfied… #addicted

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