I’m a bag lady. By bag lady, I don’t mean that I have a lot of bags. Well, sometimes I do. But what I mean in this case is that I always carry a ridiculously large, extremely heavy bag with me everywhere I go. And it’s full of a million things.

I’m kinda known for it. If for some reason I bring a small satchel somewhere instead, someone always makes the comment, “Wow! I’ve never seen you without your big bag!”

Get the picture?

I love my big bag. I need it. I need something strong and sturdy to carry the ridiculous amount of items I carry around with me at all times. Could I downsize? Yes. Do I want to? Not really. I’d much rather be prepared for anything and everything than find myself in a situation where I need something desperately but don’t have it with me. I’m that girl who always has what you need in her purse. I gotchu covered.

Anyways, watching “What’s In My Bag?” videos on YouTube is one of my favorite pastimes. I think it’s sooo fascinating to see what people carry around in their purses. You can learn so much about a person based on what’s in her purse. Since I get asked what’s in my bag all the time anyways, and because I’m so obsessed with finding out what’s inside other people’s bags, I decided to make a post about it.

Are you ready?

I literally grabbed my bag as it was and took pictures of what was inside. I was actually surprised when I started taking things out, because I noticed I was missing a few things. Usually I carry even more than what you’re about to see. On the flip side, sometimes I do take things out if I don’t want to be weightlifting my bag around with me for the night. Just depends where I’m goin’, you know the deal.

Let’s start off with the actual bag. This is the huge purse I carry with me everywhere. I’m obsessed with it. I’m not the kind of person who switches her purse often – I mainly stick to this one. I have too much crap in here to move it from purse to purse. That would be waaaay too much work!

I require a purse that’s large enough to fit a tiny human, which can be difficult to find. This purse is the perfect size, and I will cry if it ever breaks. It fits everything I need, and also easily fits my computer, iPad, and meals when I need to bring them with me.

I got this purse from Target, and it’s genuine leather so it’s extremely sturdy. Plain black, just the way I like it. I prefer simple purses. The strap is the perfect length so that it can rest on my shoulder and sit in an un-awkward position, and it has a zipper so I can close it completely and not worry about anything falling out. Sadly, they don’t sell this anymore, but you can find a plain black leather bag for a reasonable price at most stores. I like this one from Nordy’s.


First, I obviously have my wallet. I’m obsessed with my wallet because it’s gold and light pink – my all-time fave color combo. It’s also huge, so it fits everything, and it feels unbreakable. Are you surprised that I have a huge wallet to go along with my giant purse? You shouldn’t be.

I also carry my Sony A5100 with me most places because it’s smaller than my DSLR camera, and you never know when you’re going to need to snap a pic! I also have my ugly blue checkbook (too lazy to buy a cuter case), and my fave sunglasses. I never wear sunglasses, so I really don’t know why I carry them with me. But I do.

Next up, I’ve got my Kanrel glass water bottle. I carry this thing with me literally EVERYWHERE. I am never without it. I’m in love with it because A) it’s glass (plastic is gross) and B) it’s 32 oz. I have to have a huge water bottle because I drink a lottttt of water. Very thirsty.

I also have my phone, because who goes anywhere without a phone? I’ve got my car and apartment keys, of course, and I also carry a little gold notebook around with me just in case inspiration strikes and I need to write something down. I like to write things down on paper instead of on my phone. I’m old school like that.

I also carry the rollerball version of my LAVANILA Vanilla Coconut fragrance so I can freshen up my scent wherever I am. This smells like heaven. If you’re addicted to all-things coconut, you need this in your life.

Next up, I carry a teeny tiny Wet Brush with me. My hair gets extremely knotty very quickly, so I constantly have to brush it throughout the day to prevent it from turning into a horrendous dread by 8 P.M. I have two mini mirrors for makeup touch-ups, some blotting sheets, a few hair ties, a miniature dry shampoo, and an alligator clip. You know, all the essentials. If my hair gets greasy and gross throughout the day, I’m all set to take care of it.

I have my bareMinerals Touch Up Veil with me at all times, along with a travel-sized Kabuki brush. The Touch Up Veil is EVERYTHING. It mattifies your face, gives you extra SPF, and doesn’t leave you cakey. I also carry my Peter Thomas Roth Instant Mineral SPF with me so that I can constantly re-apply sunscreen throughout the day. Gotta protect yo’ skin!

I also have my favorite gluten-free, vegan lip balm. No one likes dry lips!

I always have a huge bag of tampons in my purse. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve saved my friends from a surprise period attack. I usually have at least 30 with me in that little beige bag. I’m not exaggerating.

Then we’ve got the hygiene essentials. I carry a packet of tissues, some antibacterial hand gel, and floss. FLOSS IS CRUCIAL, especially when eating out. I also have my little pill container. How cute is it?! My friend got it for me for my last birthday, and I’m obsessed.

I keep ear plugs with me because I like to use them on airplanes to drown out the sound of crying babies. They’re so small and weigh literally nothing, so I never both to take them out.

I keep headphones with me so that I can listen to podcasts and music while I’m walking places in public without annoying other people. I also like to carry a phone charger because my phone battery is horrendous. I can never make it through an entire day. Does anyone else have this problem?!

I keep an unnecessary amount of pens in my purse in case one runs out, and also because I kind of just keep throwing them in there when I see them laying around. You should always have a pen in your bag! You never know when you’ll need to jot something down or sign something.

Next up, my weapons. LOL. That black and brown thing at the bottom of the pic? I don’t actually know what it’s called, but it’s EXTREMELY heavy. My mother gave it to me when I hit my teen years. It could seriously kill someone, so it makes me feel safe.

I also have pepper spray in case I need to blind someone but don’t necessarily want to knock them out. (Joking! But also not…) I think everyone needs to have pepper spray with them. Better to be safe than sorry!

Lastly, FOOD. There are a number of reasons why I think it’s essential for everyone to carry snacks with them at all times, but if you have food allergies like me, it’s even more crucial. I do not want to be in a situation where I’m hungry but can’t eat anything that is available to me. Hangry Christina is a bitch, TBH. I also keep food in my purse in case I’m at a restaurant and whatever I order doesn’t fill me up. I like to always carry food that’s easy to throw on a salad to give it some more bulk, because I can usually find a salad everywhere.

I carry an avocado with me 99% of the time. It’s one of my favorite foods, and it’s the perfect on-the-go snack / addition to any meal. If I know for sure I’m going to need it that day, I’ll cut it before I leave the house and put it in a ziploc bag.

I also always carry my box of nuts with me! Right now I have a mix of walnuts and pumpkin seeds in there, and I cannot tell you how many times that box of nuts and seeds has saved my butt.

I also keep plastic silverware in my purse in case I need it, as well as my very own pink straw. I always drink out of a straw because I’m super paranoid about staining my teeth. Yes, I’ve gotten some weird looks because of this habit. No, I don’t care.

Lastly, MY TEA. You guys already know I’m a tea-whore. I keep a ton of tea bags in my purse in case I ever feel the urge to have a cup of tea. A lot of restaurants and coffee shops put nasty additives in their teas, and I don’t want that, so I’d rather bring my own tea bags and ask for some plain hot water. Problem solved. I’m also an extremely indecisive person (can you tell?), so I carry 5 of pretty much every type of tea I own so that I’ll never be without whatever I’m in the mood for.

There you have it! You may or may not feel like you know a little too much about me right now. That’s okay.


Do you keep any quirky things in your bag? I’d love to hear what YOUR essentials are! Leave a comment! XO

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