your weight is not just a result of food intake


On the left I was eating around 8-10K calories most days. I quite literally drank jars of nut butter to try to get more calories down, because doctors were telling me to “just eat more” to put on weight. But the problem was that I wasn’t digesting or absorbing my food. I had leaky gut, candida overgrowth, SIBO, 3 parasites, thyroid issues, and heavy metals toxicity. I was scared out of my mind that no matter how much I ate, I could not gain weight.

On the right I was eating around 2-3K calories per day, and finally back to a healthier body weight – 50 lbs more than the left, and eating less calories than before! I was able to put on this weight because I was finally digesting my food again and had healed my gut. My gut infections were gone, and my thyroid was back in balance.

Calories in versus calories out is a very complicated equation. I am an extreme example of this, but sometimes the extreme examples illustrate the point the best.

Hormones, digestion, underlying infections, food quality, sleep, emotional trauma, and toxin load all influence your weight – not just how much food you consume.

Whether you want to gain weight or lose it, you’re trying to swim upstream if you’re not working on your underlying health issues (mind and body) first. Chase health, and aesthetics will follow.

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