The life you desire will not create itself.

You will be the one to create it.

That requires you to say YES to yourself, to your dreams, to your vision, and to your happiness.

Not just once, but every single day. It gets to be fun. It gets to feel magical.

The Channel Collective is the go-to place for your daily spiritual fitness – so you can build your manifestation muscles & create freedom in your life. Like building any muscle, it requires consistency. And like any workout, the way to be consistent is to love what you’re doing.

Show up to your daily practice to connect with your soul and raise your vibration (all laid out for you – don’t worry!), and pretty quickly you’ll realize… 


You’re manifesting exactly what you want without even trying~

You’re accessing your unique intuitive gifts and feel like you have the cheat sheet to life~

You trust yourself and are fully anchored in your confidence~

You have the tools to clear, balance, and protect your energy field~

Your mental, physical, and emotional health are finally in balance and you genuinely feel HIGH VIBE all the time~

You finally feel like you’re living your purpose & reaching your highest potential~

You feel fully seen, heard, understood, and supported in your relationships~

You really don’t care what other people think, and things don’t bother you like they used to~

You have no doubt that the universe is conspiring with you, because cool shit is always happening for you~

You’re constantly noticing synchronicities and miracles in your daily life~

Manifestation is a lifestyle. Keep your frequency high – and you’ll manifest high-frequency things without even trying. And if you’re thinking, WTF does that even mean? It means creating a life you love. Making your dreams and goals a reality. Feeling aligned & free in your life. Mastering your energetics so you can kick ass in every area of your life without working hard. People are going to see what you’re manifesting, notice that you’re glowing, recognize that you’re genuinely happy, and ask you how you’re doing it. The secret is energetics.  

We are always manifesting. We are always creating. So how do we take control of that? Creating the reality you desire looks like raising your vibration and living as the most authentic version of yourself. “Raising your vibration” sounds like a fluffy concept, but it’s #quantumphysics. Fake positivity or pretending you’re okay when you’re not does not work. It’s about authenticity, releasing our own BS, letting go of the things that are holding you back, feeling your feels, not settling, claiming what you desire, and actually vibrating at a higher level. This is something you palpably FEEL emotionally, mentally, and physically, because it’s happening energetically. That’s what we call frequency work. 

As a byproduct, you unlock your intuition and live your soul purpose  – and that’s when you feel the pure joy and freedom that you crave. It’s through daily habits, practices, and tools that you can finally make powerful and practical shifts that allow you to live as your highest self. The same way you exercise your physical body to stay strong and healthy, it’s time to start flexing those manifestation muscles — but you have to be consistent to build them.  

The Channel Collective is a monthly membership that gives you access to the exact insights, lessons, daily practices, and techniques Christina has used to help herself – and thousands of others – manifest their desires with ease and master their energy. That has looked like building 6, 7, and 8-figure businesses without the burnout, healing from chronic illnesses, attracting in true soulmate relationships, overcoming anxiety and depression, manifesting dream houses and cars….you get the deal. Your potential is limitless. You’ll be surrounded and supported by a community of like-minded souls, helping you upgrade your energy and expand your consciousness. You’ll also get access to exclusive channeled messages and insights from Ascended Masters & Guides (that can’t be found anywhere else!)

a note from Christina…

I always felt disconnected from people around me and felt like no one really got me. I felt things
so deeply, I was so sensitive, and I picked up on a lot of information that other people clearly didn’t. At a very young age I had an existential crisis – why are we here? Is there a purpose to it? What was my purpose? I refused to believe that my entire life would be waking up, going to school or work, exercising, eating dinner, going to sleep and doing it all over again. Like, WTF. 

I felt trapped in life, and also annoyed at myself for feeling that way. But I couldn’t stop the depression or the anxiety – it consumed me. I was in a really dark place – I didn’t want to be here. 

I am truly so grateful for that time because hitting my lowest point is what forced me to realize – no one was going to save me. No one was going to pull me out of my funk. I had to do it. I had to choose myself. I had to commit to myself. I had to choose to make a change. Nothing was going to change unless I changed it!

Without the rock bottom – the depression, the anxiety, multiple chronic illnesses, being forced to shut down my business from total burnout – I wouldn’t have been pushed to my spiritual path. I found that the more I showed up to my spiritual practice, the better I felt. I went from believing I was going to feel trapped, anxious, and depressed for most of my life and just have to deal with it, to creating the life I always imagined for myself. To genuinely being a happy person – authentically, not the fake version I saw in people around me. 

It’s that experience that COMPELS ME to share what I share and help as many people as possible tap into their intuition and create their own realities. Because the answers are within you. You do have the power to shift your reality – but you have to choose it. Choosing it means making a change. Choosing it means showing up differently. And choosing it means CONSISTENCY. 

How did I go from dreading getting out of bed every morning (and legit crying almost every day before I had to *do life*) to feeling like sleep was an actual nuisance because I had so many things I wanted to do every day? 

The practices in this membership.

My connection to the universe, really – my SOUL – has given me so much confidence – that I have the answers in myself, that I am always supported, and that I can create the life I want. 

It never ceases to amaze me that miracles happen LEGIT every day. I get so excited every single time because HOLY SHIT — life is magical if you let it be! 

Tolerating your life isn’t good enough. Your life should feel like a full body HELL YES. 

That is exactly why I created the Channel Collective – community, lessons, daily rituals, channeled messages, meditations – everything you need for your daily spiritual fitness. Show up to the playground every day, follow the suggested content outline each week or choose your own adventure – your life will change. Committing to a daily time to connect with your soul is the #1 step to building your confidence & creating your dream life.

When you make this a lifestyle, you make manifestation your lifestyle. You make miracles your lifestyle. 

Exclusive Access


To the exact practices and tools Christina and her clients have used to make manifestation their lifestyle, open their intuition, get back in alignment, overcome anxiety, heal their bodies, grow 6 & 7-figure businesses without the hustle, and live their purpose.

The Channel Collective is an all-in-one resource for go-getters and changemakers to get their daily dose of personal development & spiritual growth. 



  • Morning and evening rituals designed to shift subconscious thoughts and raise your frequency 
  • Meditations to help you ground, clear energetic blocks, and connect to your guides
  • Trance channeled lessons from Ascended Masters & light beings to help you expand your consciousness


  • Tools and frameworks to help you navigate health, relationship, money, and spiritual challenges, and reconnect to your highest self
  • Lessons and practices to help you rewire your thoughts to create an authentic, abundant, and aligned life 
  • Energy updates to help you get out of your own way and create transformation in your life
  • Private community forum that connects you with other likeminded souls and provides support along your spiritual journey, along with journal prompts and collective card pulls


  • Monthly Q&A / Group Coaching Call with Christina + call recordings (VIP members)
  • Monthly Ahai 7D Drop-In Healing Sessions led by Christina (VIP members only) 
  • Monthly Transmissions

Join now and receive immediate access to the library of hundreds of channeled messages, energy updates, meditations, journal prompts, spiritual lessons & more.


EPIC MIRACLES. All the time. In the Channel Collective, magic and miracles are the norm.

When high-frequency people come together, the energy is POTENT, which creates positive momentum for everyone in the membership when it comes to expansing their consciousness and manifesting what they truly desire. We call this “riding the frequency wave.” 

Some examples of life-changing manifestations coming to fruition are:

– dream house

– dream cars

– a check for $100k

– a $3million loan

-full client lists

-going viral

-divine life partners

-pregnancy (after being told it wasn’t possible…)

-dream body traits

The Channel Collective is your go-to place for mastering manifesting, attracting abundance, and creating your dream life.

Stop guessing and start ascending with access to the exact practices, tools, and frameworks to help you upgrade your life alongside the support of a community who will help you make it happen. 


Get access to our private community forum & start connecting with other like-minded leaders who are also on a spiritual path!

Live Calls & Energy Healings (VIP Members Only) 

    • Monthly Drop-In Ahai 7D Energy Healing
    • Monthly Transmission
    • Monthly Q&A / Group Coaching Call with Christina + call recordings (VIP members)
    • Video Recordings From Previous Q&A Calls
      (Note: Call dates/times change monthly)


    5D Ascension Activator Course
    30 channeled lessons, reflections, and exercises to help you activate your intuitive gifts, create deep & impactful change, and experience miracles & magic in your everyday life

    The Daily Oracle
    Channeled messages delivered straight to your inbox for your daily dose of spiritual guidance and expanding your consciousness

    Expansion Portal
    Hundreds of audio and video lessons, guides, meditations, and expert interviews on topics like:

    • Mastering Manifestation
    • Spiritual Ascension & Raising Your Frequency
    • Unlocking Your Intuition
    • Communicating with Spirit Guides, Angels, & Ascended Masters
    • Activating Abundance
    • Reframing & Shifting Subconscious Beliefs
    • Conscious Relationships
    • Self-healing
    • Inner Child Healing & Shadow Work
    • 5D Nutrition

    Ascension School
    Regular energy updates and channeled messages from Ascended Masters & Interdimensional Beings like Serapis Bey, Goddess Isis, The Pleiadians, Aphrodite, and Sisters of Light on a variety of topics, including: 

    • Love
    • Truth & Honesty
    • Accessing Your Power & Gifts
    • Manifestation 
    • Soul Purpose
    • Relationships
    • Healing
    • Grounding
    • Money Mindset
    • Energy Updates
    • Feminine / Masculine Energy Balance
    • Connecting with Guides

    And so much more!

    Health & Wellness Foundations
    Hundreds of exclusive blog posts and trainings to help you optimize your physical vessel and set the foundation for opening up intuitively, covering topics such as:

      • High-Vibration Foods for Raising Your Frequency
      • Detoxification
      • Natural Remedies for Physical Symptoms
      • Healing Your Gut
      • Hormone Regulation
      • Delicious & Healthy Whole Food Recipes
      • Holistic Fitness & Lifestyle Tips

      a look inside…


      Unlock YourTools


      (Valued at $1500)

      Energy updates and channeled lessons from Ascended Masters & light beings to help you activate miracles in your life


      (Valued at $900)

      Direct guidance & support from Christina through live group calls


      (Valued at $3000)

      Meditations, guides, and audio / video lessons focused on all things manifestation, intuition, and rewiring subconscious beliefs


      (Valued at $200)

      Participate in monthly Ahai 7D group healing sessions (VIP members only)


      (Valued at $150)

      Additional audio content from Christina expanding on the channeled messages received from the guides on shifting to 5D


      (Valued at $80)

      Connect with other like-minded souls navigating their own spiritual path




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