3 Tips for Asking Your Podcast Guest Juicy Questions

3 Tips for Asking Your Podcast Guest Juicy Questions

If you’re able to score a well-known guest on your show, it can be an incredible opportunity to expand your reach and draw attention to your podcast! However, it’s important to keep in mind that the more popular the guest is, the more interviews they have under their belt – and the last thing that they (or their audience!) want is for another interview to sound exactly the same as the previous ones.

After hosting a number of renowned doctors, industry experts, and iTunes Top 50 podcast hosts as guests on my own show, I’ve learned how essential it is to make sure that your interview with a well-known guest stands out – that way you capture both your audience’s attention and your guest’s audience, too!

The main question you should be asking yourself in preparation for your interview is why your audience (and your guest’s) should listen to YOUR podcast interview with them over all of the other ones – or even after the other ones. How can you be sure you’re delivering new information or putting an exciting new spin on your questions?

Today, I’m breaking down three tips for asking your podcast guest engaging questions that can make your interview stand out. 

1. Do your research.

Before brainstorming questions to ask your podcast guest, it’s important to listen to other interviews they’ve done in the past – this will help give you a good idea of what they’ve already been asked! If there’s something in particular they’re well-known for and get asked about ALL the time, try finding a different angle to take when asking them about it on your own show, or ask a follow-up question to something they’ve already answered on another show. It doesn’t hurt to make a list of the common questions you hear them being asked during their other interviews, either! Taking the time to do your research before the recording is key if you want your interview to sound new, original, and captivating to both audiences.

2. Use your own curiosity to inspire new questions.

After you’ve done your research, ask yourself what you still want to know! What talking points can you dive even deeper into? What questions were they asked on other podcasts that sparked new questions for you? Write them down!

You’re probably interviewing this particular guest because they offer a valuable or interesting message for your audience, so make sure you keep this in mind, too. Ask yourself what your audience would benefit from learning or wants to know about (you can even poll your listeners for questions!). Knowing how your guest connects to your niche and your audience can help you approach your interview from a relevant angle. For example, if your niche is technology and social media and you interview a famous beauty influencer, you can focus your questions around what programs and apps they used to build their brand. 

3. Don’t be afraid to shake things up.

While being respectful is important, don’t be afraid to ask out-of-the-box (but appropriate) questions that will add some shock value and excite your audience. If you’re not sure whether you should ask certain questions, don’t be afraid to reach out to your guest beforehand and ask if any topics are off-limits!

 Your podcast guest wants to have fun during this experience, too – and asking creative questions can lead your guest to share new information or funny stories that grab your listeners and help your episode stand out. There’s nothing better than when a guest says, “Good question – no one has ever asked me that before!”

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