4 Ways I Use Human Design to Elevate My Business

4 Way I Use Human Design in My Business

If you know me, you know that Human Design has been one of my favorite frameworks to guide my business (and pretty much everything else in my life!). Human Design combines astrology, quantum physics, the Chakra system, the I-Ching, & the Kabbalah to break down who you are, what drives you, how you make decisions, and even what your soul’s purpose in this lifetime is. Discovering Human Design opened up a whole new world for me and gave me the confidence to trust my intuition with every decision I made.

Using this system has been SO pivotal for me, especially with my business! I’ve found that the more I live according to my Human Design, the more abundance flows naturally to me and I’m able to do what actually fulfills me. If you’re a coach, entrepreneur, or manage a team, HD is a total game-changer, and I highly recommend looking up your chart! Here are some ways it has helped me with business: 

1. Workflow

There are five main energy types in Human Design: Generators, Manifesting Generators, Manifestors, Projectors, and Reflectors. As a Generator, I have strong life force energy, and I’m built to work allllllll day! People used to make me feel straight-up crazy for enjoying working – and then I discovered that I’m actually BUILT for it. Through my chart, I also learned that I should only be putting my energy into things that truly light me up, otherwise I feel totally drained. Your ideal workflow depends on your energy type, which is something I like to teach all of my clients! Figure out your main HD type to understand which work style is best for you and the success of your business. 🙂

2. Decision-making

Learning to follow my Authority completely CHANGED my life and my ability to make decisions that are truly in alignment. Trust me – it took me a minute to figure out how to really listen to my sacral response, but once I got it down, decision-making came so much more naturally to me. I had more confidence in my choices because my body was either telling me hell yes or absolutely not. When working with other people, it’s so helpful to understand what their Authority is. Some people need to sleep on big decisions, some need to talk it through, and others might even need to wait a FULL lunar cycle to have the clarity they need! Cool, right?! This has helped me become more aware of others’ decision-making styles, and it’s helped my clients have more confidence in the choices they make.

3. Communication

When I understand someone’s chart and how they’re designed to receive and convey information, I can communicate with them much more effectively. I also communicate better with others knowing my OWN chart. As a coach, strong communication is key. My clients experience deep transformation because we have deep conversations and I understand them on a deeper level. HD charts are a shortcut to this! 

4. Manifestation

This is my favorite part. 😉 There are two types of manifestors in HD – specific and non-specific. Finding out I was a nonspecific manifestor has transformed my ability to manifest what I want. I used to be EXTREMELY specific with my manifestation practice, but it turns out I actually get much better results when I focus on the general idea and the feeling of receiving what it is that I want. Learning to work with my manifestation type has brought so many incredible people and opportunities my way. 🙂

I’ve spent a long time digging into the research behind Human Design and learning how to apply it to my business, and I’ve loved going even deeper through @victoriajane.hd ’s Human Design Certified Coach program! I’m really excited to share what I’ve learned through her program to help more of you! If you want to incorporate HD into your practice without having to navigate the complex charts and nuances on your own, check out her program – and also make sure to listen to my recent podcast episode with her!

We also dive deep into all things human design, intuition, and manifestation in my monthly UPLEVEL Membership. Check it out if you want to join an amazing group of high-vibe women who are ready to elevate their lives and their business!

What’s your energy type?! I’m a Generator, and most of my clients are MGs – I’d love to know yours!

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