4 Ways to Use Your Podcast Network to Grow Your Audience

4 Ways to Use Your Podcast Network to Grow Your Audience

One of my favorite things about being in the podcasting space is having the ability to form instantaneous and authentic connections with people in my industry. As weird as it might sound, diving into a deep conversation with a total stranger can often create a bond that turns into a lifelong friendship!

Aside from the fact that podcasting has brought me incredible friendships, these connections have also been extremely valuable for expanding my reach and growing my audience. 

Today, I’m telling you exactly how you can use your podcast network to maximize your reach and scale your audience to achieve huge growth – and to help your friends achieve it, too!

1. Have each other as guests on your shows.

This one seems like a no-brainer, but when was the last time you ACTUALLY invited a podcasting friend to be a guest on your show? When was the last time they invited you to be on theirs? 

Think of any friends or connections in your podcast network that can offer a valuable message to your audience, and invite them to be interviewed on your show! Bringing on someone with an interesting message or unique perspective can help engage your existing audience, and you’ll probably get exposure to your friend’s audience too, if they promote the episode when it airs. You can also suggest doing a “pod swap” where you interview your friend on your show, and they host you on theirs in return. 

2. Do “ad swaps.”

Another great way to make sales and get exposure – without having to pay – is asking your friends to promote your products or services on their podcast in exchange for you promoting theirs on your own show. This is also a great way to support each other’s businesses!

Make sure the trade is fair – if one of you has a bigger audience than the other for example, the person with the smaller audience can promote more products or air more ads to help make it an even exchange. 

When asking a friend to promote your products or services, let them know exactly what they should be pushing. Research their niche and figure out which of your products or services are the most relevant and helpful to their audience.

3. Ask them to connect you with some of their guests.

If you listen to your friends’ podcasts (which you totally should!) and notice that one of them has an awesome guest on their show, ask them if they would be comfortable with connecting you with that guest! Connections are everything, and if the guest had a good experience on your friend’s show, they’ll be much more likely to do a guest interview with someone your friend recommends (you!). (That being said, don’t be pushy. Connections aren’t always appropriate, so honor your friend’s judgment / comfort level.)

It’s important not to copy their interview, so have your own ideas prepared if you do end up getting your friend’s guest on your show. Out of respect, ask different questions and put a different spin on the interview – especially if you and your friend are in the same niche. If your friend’s audience enjoyed their interview with that guest, they’ll probably be interested in what the guest has to say on your show, too – as long as the topics discussed are different enough!

4. Share insights and tips.

When it comes to growing your show, using your connections as a resource is key. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help and advice when you need it, and don’t hesitate to help others out when they ask for yours, too.

Ask your podcasting friends what they’ve done to successfully grow their audiences. Did they get on any specific shows that helped them take off? Did they offer a giveaway in exchange for reviews? You don’t need to (and shouldn’t) copy their exact approach, but having an idea of the methods they’ve had success with can give you a great jumping-off point for your own growth strategy.

If there’s something you did that led to a jump in listeners or subscribers, tell your friends so they can consider testing those techniques, too. Remember – more success for them does not mean less success for you!

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