7 Steps for Moving Through Money Fears

7 Steps for Moving Through Money Fears


Whether you’re a thriving 7-figure business owner, a brand new entrepreneur, or a college student trying to work your way through school, you’ve probably faced money fears at some point in your journey – and that’s not uncommon!

Even some of the most successful people can experience fears or doubts surrounding money – what’s important, however, is having the awareness and the tools in place to be able to identify them when they pop up, so you can move through them. 

Here are seven simple steps for moving through money fears (check out this podcast episode for the full breakdown):

1. Immediately step into gratitude.

As soon as you catch yourself in a limiting belief surrounding money (some common ones are, “Money is hard to come by,” or “I have to work my ass off in order to make enough”), stop yourself and take a moment to step into gratitude. This can be as simple as writing down a list of everything you are grateful for and that makes you feel abundant (nourishing food, loving friendships, etc.). Keep the list going until it feels complete!


2. Do something that makes you feel abundant.

This step is easy – and fun! Simply do something that makes you feel good – dress up, roll around in money, spend time with loved ones, treat yourself to your favorite meal, go on your favorite hike – whatever allows you to embody the energy of abundance!


3. Script the worst-case scenario.

Ask yourself what the worst-case scenario surrounding your fears would be. Write down this scenario, and list out exactly how you would move through it (for example, if you’re worried about not making enough money, list 15 other ways you can make money if you had to). Oftentimes, when we really hash out the “worst-case scenario”, we realize it’s not actually that bad – or that it’s something that we are equipped to handle, even if it does arise!


4. Consider investing in your future.

Ask yourself what you can invest in that will help you make more money in the future. Some examples include investing in real estate, buying a course that will help you uplevel your business, or getting involved in the stock market. By investing in yourself, you are sending a signal to the universe that you are committed and energetically available to receive your investment back tenfold!


5. Visualize yourself where you want to be. 

Visualization can be an extremely powerful tool for helping us manifest the life we want. Think about what a life full of abundance would like for you. What would you have? How would you show up? Once you’re able to envision this, you can figure out how to actually show up as this abundant version of yourself, and you can identify any shifts you need to better be able to do so.


6. Balance your masculine & feminine energy. 

When our masculine and feminine energies are out of whack, it can block us from receiving what we are trying to call in! If you’re operating too strongly in your masculine, you probably need to allow yourself to embrace the feminine energy of surrendering – which in turn, opens you up to being able to receive. If you’re operating too heavily in your feminine, you might need to step into your masculine by creating some structure in your life, so there is clear space for abundance to flow. Take a moment to reflect on the ways in which your masculine and feminine energies might be out of balance and what you can do to create more harmony between the two.


7. Create a money manifestation practice. 

Creating a daily ritual or manifestation practice can be a powerful way to call in more abundance. You can charge your water with the energy of wealth, make a scent blend with fragrances that make you feel rich & abundant, or place bills around your house so you can become more comfortable being surrounded by money.

Next time you experience yourself caught in a cycle of negative thoughts surrounding money, take a moment to practice these seven simple steps, and notice how your mindset and energy shift as a result.

One of the best ways to consistently raise and maintain your wealth frequency is to surround yourself with other “money activators.” If you’re ready to go all-in on conquering money fears, reframing scarcity mindset, and surrounding yourself with other motivated & high-vibe entrepreneurs, check out No Bullshit Business School! You’ll learn all of the tactical strategies & energetic practices you need to build an aligned, 6- or 7-figure coaching business – without the burnout!

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