How To Shift Your Reality & Co-Create With The Universe

Manifestation Mastery: How to Shift Your Reality & Co-Create with the Universe will help you move past your limiting beliefs keeping you stuck, access your inner truth, and become a magnet for everyday miracles.

What People Are Saying

Christina Rice’s book Manifestation Mastery finally reveals the answers to questions many have been asking for so long — how do you truly raise your frequency? How, exactly, do you manifest your desires with ease? This book explains the concept of energy in a way which makes taking action to apply this information in your daily life an achievable and attainable goal.

Jennifer Longmore
CEO of Soul Journeysregistered & founder of the #1 Akashic Record Training School in the world

“Be the frequency you want to attract. Raise your energetic vibration. We hear these popular phrases, but what does it mean to embody these statements? Manifestation Mastery reveals in detail the truth about manifestation and gives you the knowledge to not only understand it, but to truly live it. Christina Rice shows us how to demystify the quantum world and begin taking action to achieve our goals.”

Shanna Lee
Founder of The Soul Frequency

“This paradigm-shifting book is a must-read for anyone seeking increased agency in life. Through stunning visual imagery and teachable moments, Manifestation Mastery: How to Shift Your Reality & Co-Create with the Universe uniquely blends personal development and spirituality to provide a playbook for personal growth.”

Samantha Pantazopoulos
Co-founder of Vizer

Manifestation Mastery Book
About the Book

Manifestation Mastery is a trance channeled text from an energy called the Monarch Being. The Monarch Being is a high-dimensional entity that Christina experiences as a stream of both divine feminine and divine masculine energies that feels like pure love consciousness. Their perspective is direct and purely based on energetics, and they describe themselves as being in and of everything, everywhere, and all around. Their goal is to empower each individual to be the leader in their own lives and to see themselves in all others – reconnecting with with our essence as extensions of Source. 

Through this text, the Monarch Being illuminates how you can effortlessly activate miracles in your own life, direct the flow of energy to create your reality, shift subconscious limiting beliefs, and align with your highest timeline. This book will help you remember that you are always manifesting, that you are a co-creator, and that you have much more power over your reality than you realize. The only person who can stop you is you. It’s time to step into your power and live from love instead of fear.

Become a Magnet for Miracles
  • Have you been struggling to manifest the things you truly want in your life?
  • Do you feel helpless &  trapped by the circumstances in your life?
  • Are fear and self-doubt holding you back from living a bold, authentic, and fulfilling life?
  • Do you believe there is only one path to achieving the life of your dreams?
  • Do you want to feel free in your life instead of trapped in it?
  • Are you ready to access and express more of your multi-dimensionality? (a.k.a. Feel the freedom to be all of yourself!)
  • Are you ready to activate miracles in your everyday life?
  • Are you ready to make manifestation your lifestyle?
  • Do you crave happiness, wholeness, unconditional love, and a life full of limitless possibilities?
Manifestation Mastery



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Manifestation Mastery: How to Shift Your Reality & Co-Create with the Universe will expand your belief of what is possible.

You’ll learn how the energetics of manifestation work so you can truly co-create your life and magnetize the abundance, money, health, relationships, and opportunities your soul desires! No more waiting around – it’s time for you to take your power back and create a life you love. 

What You’ll Learn
T h i s  b o o k  w i l l  t e a c h  y o u :
How to magnetize what you want through authenticity and living in alignment
The most common manifestation mistakes people make
How to move through low-frequency emotions to avoid attracting more of what you don’t want
What limiting beliefs & subconscious programming are, and how they are affecting what you attract into your life
How to transmute lower-frequency connections and interactions into opportunities for love & happiness
How to build energetic resilience so you can hold your frequency around low-frequency people & situations
Simple tools for amplifying physical manifestations
Directing the flow of energy in your daily life & how to release attachment from the outcome
Discerning what is and what is not an energetic match for you
How to send a clear, powerful signal to the universe about what you want to call in
How to work with divine timing
How to shift your relationship with “identity” & allow yourself to embody new expressions of yourself
How surrendering & releasing control allows you to take your power back

And so much more!

What is a Channeled Text?

“This particular text was written in a trance-like state, with the Monarch Being working through me. The process begins with connecting to the specific vibration, the Monarch Being, and giving them permission to share the words they wish to, through me. While I am in a trance-like state, I feel my hands flying across the keyboard, without knowing exactly what is being typed. I am typically shown visuals or feel the gist of the information they are sharing as I type. Their tone and language is different than mine, but it’s flavored with my vocabulary…An important piece of the text is not necessarily the words themselves, but the frequency of the information. Channeling often feels like receiving a packet of information and finding words to convey that which there are no accurate words for. There are codes in the words and sentences themselves, chosen and placed the way they were for a reason.” – Christina Rice, Manifestation Mastery: How to Shift Your Reality & Co-Create with the Universe

The information provided in this book – as with any channeled information – is purely a perspective. Discern for yourself what resonates and what doesn’t – take what’s helpful and leave what isn’t!

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About the Author

Christina Rice is an intuitive channel, celebrity healer, and the founder of Ahai™ 7D Energy Healing. She has been featured in top publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Buzzfeed, and is the host of her own spirituality podcast, Christina the Channel. Through divinely channeled messages, energy work, neural reprogramming, manifestation, and her background as a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Christina has helped thousands of people access their highest potential, expand their consciousness, tap into their intuition, and master the energetics of their health, relationships, and businesses.

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