Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

If you don’t already use the app The Pattern, I highly recommend it. It’s one of my favorite apps to break down your astrology in a digestible way, and it always tells me something about myself or “my timing” just when I need to hear it. The above message popped up the morning after a night when I spent a lot of time reflecting on this trait of mine, and I knew the message came to me for a reason. It makes sense that I’m a Type 8 on the enneagram, an Aries, and a Generator with a Human Design chart that says I’m meant to “shake things up in a penetrating, shocking way.” 😉

Sometimes this trait is uncomfortable for me, because it can trigger other people, but I’ve learned to embrace it, own it, and understand the greater purpose. It’s one of my favorite things about myself, because I feel so strongly about the importance of getting uncomfortable. I would not be where I am today without having spent a lot of time feeling wildly uncomfortable.

I was my unhappiest in life when I was stuck in the safety zone. It took me hitting rock bottom to realize that discomfort can catapult you into extreme growth. The best lesson I’ve ever learned is to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. 

It can be uncomfortable at first to set boundaries, to say no, to go against the status quo, to listen to intuition instead of logic, to shift your paradigm, to ditch your limiting beliefs, to figure them out in the first place, to invest in yourself, to put yourself out there open for judgment, to work through trauma, to forge your own path, to fully believe in yourself, to release expectations, to replace what you think you SHOULD do with what you want, and to face your triggers. But this is also where the magic happens. 

When you feel uncomfortable, triggered, or challenged, I encourage you to see how that situation can actually push you FORWARD into EXPANSION! When things don’t go your way, you can embrace the opportunity to pivot or you can create a story in your head that everyone is out to get you. That’s the victim mindset, and that keeps you rooted in unhappiness and scarcity. If you always stayed in your comfort zone, would you ever move forward?

If you want to inspire people, it is not always comfortable. I get tests from the universe all the time in this arena, but I know that giving into guilt or fear is never for anyone’s highest good. Right now I am setting major boundaries in my life, saying no to people I love, and tossing things aside that I’ve kept there for security. Part of me is scared, but a bigger part of me is insanely excited for how this discomfort will breed expansion.

Have you experienced a period of extreme growth? How were you pushed outside of your comfort zone?

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