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The Codes of Divine Love is a trance channeled text from an energy called the Monarch Being, and the second installment to Manifestation Mastery: How to Shift Your Reality & Co-Create with the Universe. The Monarch Being is a high-dimensional entity that Christina experiences as a stream of both divine feminine and divine masculine energies that feels like pure love consciousness. Their goal is to empower each individual to be the leader in their own lives and to see themselves in all others – reconnecting with our essence as extensions of Source. This text explores the true meaning of divine love, New Earth relationship templates, and how relationships are truly the path to ascension. If you’re ready to see love and relationships from a new lens and make sense of the soul contracts in your life, this book is for you.

The Codes of Divine Love, a follow up to Manifestation Mastery: How to Shift Your Reality & Co-Create with the Universe, takes a deep dive into new relationship templates, soul-level attraction, finding soul family, soulmates, karmic connections, twin flames, boundaries, self-love, conscious uncoupling, and more!

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About the Book
The Codes of Divine Love offers a profound exploration of the true meaning of love and the transformative power it holds in our lives. This channeled text challenges conventional notions of love, exploring what it looks like to truly co-create a relationship while staying in alignment with the truth of your soul. 

Love, the powerful force that drives us and unites us, is dissected from a new lens, encouraging readers to embrace deeper vulnerability, embark on a transformational path of inner healing, and cultivate true self-love. This text explores the meaning of and expression of love in romantic relationships, friendships, and family dynamics, taking a deep dive into types of soul connections and how they impact our lives.  

This channeled text offers a new perspective on the energetics of soul-level attraction in relationships and the foundations of creating divine union, unlocking answers about why we attract who we attract and how we can co-create new relationship templates. This text illuminates how soulmates, karmic connections, and twin flames ultimately reflect our relationship with ourselves, offering a new perspective on soul contracts. 

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What is a Channeled text?

“This particular text was written in a trance-like state, with the Monarch Being working through me. The process begins with connecting to the specific vibration, the Monarch Being, and giving them permission to share the words they wish to, through me. While I am in a trance-like state, I feel my hands flying across the keyboard, without knowing exactly what is being typed. I am typically shown visuals or feel the gist of the information they are sharing as I type. Their tone and language is different than mine, but it’s flavored with my vocabulary…An important piece of the text is not necessarily the words themselves, but the frequency of the information. Channeling often feels like receiving a packet of information and finding words to convey that which there are no accurate words for. There are codes in the words and sentences themselves, chosen and placed the way they were for a reason.” – Christina Rice, Manifestation Mastery

The information provided in this book – as with any channeled information – is purely a perspective. Discern for yourself what resonates and what doesn’t – take what’s helpful and leave what isn’t!

embark on a transformational path of divine activation, cultivate true self-love, & co-create your dream relationships.

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if you are ready to MANIFEST Divine Love in every facet of your reality, it’s time to experience the codes of divine love.
The Codes of Divine Love is not just a book—it’s a transformative journey that asks readers to redefine their understanding of love and embrace its divine essence. Through the guidance of the Monarch Being, readers are invited to explore the depths of their beliefs, fears, and stories, ultimately discovering the profound power of love to heal, unite, and activate our greatest potential.


the codes of divine love are waiting for you…
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About the Author
Christina Rice is an intuitive channel, celebrity energy healer, best-selling author, and founder of Ahai 7D Energy Healing. Her mission is to support freedom-seekers in stepping into their power, creating their dream realities, and living their most authentic, abundant, and aligned lives. Christina works as a bridge between realms, sharing transformational channeled messages from a number of different Ascended Masters and teaching others how to work with energy to create lasting change in their lives. 

Christina has helped thousands of people master the energetics of money, health, and relationships through her books, membership, in-person immersions, and powerful online programs. She is the host of her own podcast, Christina the Channel, and founder of QRTZ, a spiritual lifestyle brand offering high-vibe products for your everyday life. She also supports other leaders in sharing their own paradigm-shifting messages and stories through her publishing house, Golden Hour Publishing.

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