4 Ways to Upgrade Your Money Mindset & Attract Abundance

4 Ways to Upgrade Your Money Mindset & Attract Abundance

One of the most common things my clients want to manifest is abundance – whether it’s an abundance of new clients, more aligned friendships, or just more money overall. But as much as manifesting abundance has to do with focusing on what you want, you probably won’t get very far if your underlying limiting beliefs about money are getting in the way. 

Today, I’m breaking down five things you can start to do to upgrade your money mindset and attract abundance!


1. Be Open to Receiving Support

On an energetic level, receiving money is a form of receiving support. If there’s anywhere in your life that you block support or push it away, this sends a signal to the universe that you aren’t open to receiving it. It’s not uncommon for our society to view needing help as weak – but grinding our way through life on our own and pushing away what is offered to us does not make us an energetic match for money to easily flow in!

Take a look at all areas of your life and ask yourself, “Am I too afraid to ask for help? Do I accept help when it’s offered?” One powerful way to open yourself up to receiving more is by practicing accepting support from others, even in the smallest ways! Next time someone offers to carry your groceries for you, cook you a nice meal, or lend you a shoulder to cry on, challenge yourself to accept their support. The more comfortable we become with receiving, the more available we make ourselves to receiving all of the abundance the universe has to offer us.


2. Identify the Root of Your Limiting Beliefs

So much of our money mindset becomes ingrained in us during childhood. Whether you grew up in a household where money always felt scarce or you were taught that you had to grind and give up your freedom to successfully make a living, these stories can turn into subconscious beliefs that influence our sense of identity and how we show up in the world. Ask yourself, “What behaviors did my parents exhibit around money growing up? Do I identify with my socioeconomic status / do I feel stuck there?”  When we start to uncover the limiting beliefs that are holding us back, we can assess whether they are truly valid, and we can start to shift the narrative.

3. Explore Your Self-Worth

You might be asking the universe for more money, but do you truly believe you are deserving of it? One of the most common themes I see among my clients who feel blocked from calling in more abundance is low self-worth. You might experience a lack of self-love or worthiness as a result of past toxic relationships, parents telling you that you were never good enough, or from comparing yourself to others and feeling like you’ll never be as “good” as them.

Once we identify the reasons why we feel we aren’t worthy of receiving what we want, we can start to do the inner work, healing, and cultivating of deep self-love to be able to vibrate at the frequency of worthiness – and when the universe knows we feel worthy of receiving what we want, it will start to support us in the ways that we want. (In case it wasn’t already clear, you don’t have to do anything to be worthy of receiving what you want – you already are!)

4. Ditch the Lack Mentality & Embody Abundance

Where are you staying in the energy of “I don’t have enough?” Beyond just thinking, “I don’t have enough money for X,” we can also find ourselves stuck in a lack mindset when we think, “I don’t have enough time”, or “I don’t have enough friends.” When we focus our attention on what we feel we lack, we become an energetic match for (you guessed it!) more lack.

Rather than staying stuck in a cycle of fear around not having enough, try to embrace and express gratitude for what you do have. We can experience abundance in all areas of our lives: wealth, friendships, material items, love, health, support. When we start to embody the feeling of abundance and express gratitude for what we already have, we tell the universe we are ready for more and we become magnets for money (and other resources!) to flow our way. 

If you’re ready to dive even deeper into the topic of money mindset and abundance blocks, I cover these in even more depth in my podcast episodes 5 Ways You’re Blocking Money and Shifting Money Mindset & Raising Wealth Frequency.

If you want to learn more about subconscious reprogramming / how to work through limiting beliefs so you can manifest what you want with ease, check out the Brain Rewiring content in The Channel Collective monthly membership!

Have any other tips for calling in money and abundance? Leave them below – I’d love to hear!

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