3 Simple Steps for Clearing Low-Frequency Energy

3 Simple Steps for Clearing Low-Frequency Energy

If there’s one thing I always emphasize to my clients, it’s the importance of having strong energetic protection and boundaries in place. If you’re connecting intuitively, it’s critical to make sure that you’re only working with energies of the highest love and truth (unfortunately, I’ve seen people connect with misleading dark energies that they thought were serving them for their highest good!). I’ve also personally experienced a number of psychic attacks – and being able to clear the dark energies instantaneously has been key for protecting myself and my energy. If you are experiencing psychic attacks regularly, this is a HUGE sign that it would be wise to increase your energetic boundaries and psychic protection.

Low-frequency energy can show up in a number of ways – whether you feel like there’s a dark entity in your house, or you feel a heavy energy dragging you down. For this reason, clearing your space is so important, and it’s something that I recommend doing on a regular basis. 

While wrapping yourself in a protective energy bubble or cleansing your room with sage can be helpful practices, it’s also important to know what to do in a situation where you need to immediately release low-frequency energy (if you haven’t already watched my YouTube video on this, be sure to check it out!). 

Today, I’m sharing three simple steps I use to instantaneously clear negative energies or dark entities from my space.

1. Declare that the negative energy must leave.

Declare three times, out loud, “I only accept energy of the highest love and light. Any energy that is not of the highest love and truth must leave me and this space immediately, never to return, taken to the highest white light to be transmuted.” Be firm and assertive in your declaration. The main thing to remember is that low-frequency energies feed on fear, so the more confidently you approach the situation, the better. You can also call forward Archangel Michael to immediately remove the entity.

2. Raise your vibration.

When you consciously shift your vibration to be in love and gratitude, the negative energy loses its fuel. Remember, negative energies thrive on low-vibration emotions like fear, so we want to embody the opposite – love. I like to do this by playing an uplifting song that gets me in a high-vibrational state (you can even dance and sing along to help amplify the frequency!). Think of anything that makes you laugh or smile – the deeper you feel into these high-vibration emotions, the less power you are giving to the low-frequency energy!

3. Beam the negative energy light and love.

If you practice energy work, then this is probably a familiar concept to you – but anyone can do it! Simply hold your hands out in front of you and visualize yourself beaming a bright, white beam of light into the negative energy. Set the intention that you are inundating it with love and light. After some time, you should start to feel the negative energy dissipate (or even implode!). 

If there’s one thing to remember when you’re faced with low-frequency energy, it’s this: You have the power to decide where your energy goes.

I hope this simple, three-step process helps empower you next time you’re faced with any low-frequency energies. Do you have any other ways you like to protect your energy? Comment them below!

If you’re interested in learning more about protection and boundaries and how to connect intuitively, be sure to check out my Psychic Development Course! It’s packed with video lessons, invocations, and connection processes to help you tap into your psychic gifts in a safe (and fun!) way. I can’t wait to see you there. 🙂



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