4 Simple Daily Methods for Grounding

4 Simple Daily Methods for Grounding


Whether you find yourself caught in a cycle of overthinking throughout the day, or you spend a good chunk of your day astral traveling to different dimensions, odds are you are spending a lot more time in your mind than in your body! Because of this, most of us can benefit from spending extra time anchoring into our bodies and supporting our lower chakras – this is why I’m extremely diligent about getting in my daily grounding practice! If done correctly, grounding can help you balance out your chakras, support your overall energy body, and help you tap into your intuitive gifts.

You might be thinking, “But, if I want to open up more intuitively, why would I spend more time on my lower chakras?” It might seem counterintuitive at first, but the more grounded and energetically balanced your lower chakras are, the more your upper chakras will open up, and the more connected you will be. As much as we like to spend time in our upper chakras tapping in, it’s equally important that we spend time bringing ourselves back down to Earth to achieve balance among all of our energy centers.

Today, I’m covering four simple methods for grounding that you can start to incorporate into your daily practice:

1. Kick Off Your Shoes

Throughout the day, we’re exposed to tons of EMFs and positive ions from technology, which can throw our bodies out of balance on a cellular level. The ground and soil, on the other hand, are packed with negative ions. Spending time outside with your feet in the grass allows you to soak up these negative ions, neutralize free radicals, and balance out your energy body. If you don’t have easy access to a patch of grass outside, you can also buy yourself a grounding mat (I personally love using this one!).

2. Use Grounding Crystals

One of my favorite tools for enhancing my daily grounding practice is crystals! Tiger’s Eye, Shungite, Black Tourmaline, and Hematite are all great for supporting the lower chakras. You can wear these crystals (I like to wear Hematite as a ring!), or have them with you during your daily grounding practice.

3. Eat Grounding Foods

Whenever I find myself feeling “floaty” and ungrounded, I naturally gravitate towards more dense foods. Animal proteins (organic, grass-fed varieties) and root vegetables can be extremely grounding, so try to incorporate more of these into your diet if you feel like you need the extra support!

4. Practice Visualizations

Another easy grounding method you can do from anywhere is visualization. I like to sit in a quiet space, close my eyes, and imagine roots coming out of my feet and anchoring me down through all of the layers of the earth, into the core. You can also visualize heavy, gold chains wrapped around your waist and shoulders pulling you down into the earth.


If you want to maximize the energetic benefits of grounding, I recommend practicing at least one of these methods every single day! I’m excited to see how things shift and your intuition opens up as you start to make it a daily practice.

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