5 Intuitive Blocks That Could Be Keeping You From Opening Up

5 intuitive blocks

Did you know that EVERYONE – yes, even you! – is intuitive? (If you don’t believe me, check out my podcast on the clairs!) 

It might be hard to believe you have intuitive gifts if you feel like you’ve never experienced them, but this is because we often block ourselves from accessing our intuition – without meaning to. Ever notice how little kids are so wise and are always hanging out with their group of “imaginary” friends? Or how they have AMAZING imaginations in general? The truth is, we are BORN with intuitive and psychic abilities, but society usually trains us out of being able to connect with them, especially as we get older. (And, our pineal glands get calcified….read below!)

If accessing your intuitive gifts is something you’ve been wanting to do, stay with me – I promise you can! I’m here to break down the most common intuitive blocks that could be keeping you from opening up.


1. You’re always asking everyone else for advice.

Don’t get me wrong – getting objective advice from someone you trust can be so helpful (believe me, I’m a business coach!). But constantly relying on other people to guide and direct your decisions – without ever tuning into your own inner voice – can be detrimental to accessing your own intuition. If you’re not giving yourself a chance to answer your own questions, you’ll never learn how to! Instead of immediately texting your best friend or calling your mom, take a second to tune into how your situation makes you FEEL, and visualize each possible outcome clearly. Sitting with these feelings can give you so much more clarity than you could ever imagine.


2. You’re comparing your gifts to someone else’s instead of appreciating them for what they already are – and are becoming.

No matter what you’re working on – whether it’s growing your business or ascending spiritually – there’s ALWAYS going to be someone who feels further ahead in their journey than you. And that’s not a bad thing! Looking to people who already have experience in these areas can be helpful in inspiring your own journey. The issue arises when you start wishing you have what they have, instead of what you have and what is coming to you. This can be one of the BIGGEST intuitive blocks! Instead, focus on what you do have and the progress you’re making. Remember: your journey will never look the same as anyone else’s – and it shouldn’t! Gratitude is one of the most powerful ways to raise your vibration, which helps you tap in!


3. You have a calcified pineal gland.

This intuitive block is a physical one- meaning you need to make physical changes if you want to overcome it. If you drink too much unfiltered water, this could be calcifying your pineal gland! The pineal gland is central to intuition – so if it has layers of calcification around it, you might be having a much harder time accessing your intuition. Make sure you’re drinking high-quality water and AVOID FLUORIDE – this is one of the main culprits behind calcification! I talk more about how to make sure you’re drinking the best quality water in my podcast episode on Nutrition to Enhance Intuition.


4. You’re afraid of what you could see.

If you’re afraid of completely opening up your intuition, this could be blocking you from being able to do it! Fear is a low-vibration emotion, which is the opposite of what you want if you’re trying to unblock your intuitive gifts. Instead, work on making gratitude and unconditional love a daily practice. This will help you raise your vibration and tune into your higher self. If fear is still holding you back, I recommend working with a healer or psychic who specializes in inner child healing. This can help you address any deep-rooted fears and trauma, so you can open up more confidently. And remember, you always get to draw boundaries with what you tune into. You are in control!


5. You have past life experiences that are blocking your subconscious from seeing what you need to see.

If you’ve tried everything else and you still feel like you just can’t access what you need to access, your past lives could be affecting you! We sometimes carry over trauma or subconscious beliefs from other lives – which can be quite common for healers. Like I mentioned with the last block, seeing a healer, psychic, or Akashic Records reader who specializes in past life work can help you move through any lingering issues, so you can heal your subconscious blocks and open up more freely.


I hope this helps you overcome any blocks in the way of opening up your AMAZING gifts! If this is exactly the kind of guidance you need on your spiritual journey, there’s more where that came from! Check out my UPLEVEL Monthly Membership. This incredible community of like-minded women is the perfect place for you to learn ALL about how you can raise your vibration, enhance your intuition, and become a PRO at effortless manifestation. I can’t wait to see you there!


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