Father’s Day Gift Guide 2016

ALERT: FATHER’S DAY IS NEXT WEEKEND! Y’all know I take presents very seriously. If you’re on the struggle bus and you’re having a hard time coming up with something creative to give Daddy-O this year, I gotchu. I’m getting this gift guide up NOW because I always see gift guides popping up the day before the big event, whatever it may be, which seems pretty useless to me. You have a week from now to get ready, and Amazon Prime exists. YOU CAN DO IT. Here’s a list of some of my top gift picks, and most of these are things I have actually given my dad previously that he LOVED. I tried to cover different price ranges, so there should be something for everyone.

Just remember to try to tailor the gift to your father’s personality so that he knows you put real thought into it. If your dad’s a jokester, go for something funny. If he’s a classy kinda guy, go for something slightly more sophisticated. Tech-geek? Shoot for a gadget. You get the idea.

Honestly though, usually dads don’t even care what they actually get. It really is the thought the counts. A well-written card is far more impressive than any gift. YOU CAN’T GO WRONG WITH SENTIMENT. Heartfelt, personalized gifts are always the most beloved. If you’re really struggling, think simplicity. You could get him his favorite movie on DVD, you could give him a T-shirt supporting his favorite sports team, or you could just cook him a huge-ass steak for dinner. But cook it with love! If none of those sound appealing, check out the following recs:

Dollar Shave Club

First, if you haven’t heard of this or seen the commercial for it, THEN WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE?! CLICK HERE AND WATCH. Second, you can never go wrong with a nice shaving set for the Pops. Ain’t nothin’ like a clean shave! Aaaand this is the gift that keeps on giving for mom, too. Amiright?! 😉

Australian Beer Glasses 

If your dad is a beer-lover like mine, then he will be obsessed with these glasses. Each glass holds an entire beer bottle! Notice the shape of the upside down bottle inside of the glass? Let’s be honest, it looks cool. More importantly, though, the double-glass layer provides extra insulation to keep the  beer ice-cold for a long period of time. Trust me when I say that any beer-connoisseur will think this is the most amazing glass in existence.

Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker

If you feel like splurging or going in on a big gift, GO FOR THE SPEAKERS. My dad knows nothing about technology, but he became obsessed with these speakers as soon as I gave them to him last year. Suddenly he was carrying this thing around with him everywhere, jamming out to some Huey Lewis and the News with a big grin spread across his face. Too damn cute.

Tommy Bahama Fit Silk Camp Shirt

My dad literally refuses to wear shirts that were made after 1983. But Father’s Day is the perfect excuse to spruce up your dad’s wardrobe! Tommy Bahama has always been Jimbo’s fave designer, so I always gravitate towards a TB shirt when I get the chance. Since he already likes the brand, he’s less likely to resist wearing it and is more open to updating his wardrobe. I like to go for a clean-cut shirt that goes well with a variety of looks – something not too dressy, but also not too casual. If you know your dad likes a particular brand or designer, try to find something from that brand. Even if he doesn’t end up liking the exact shirt you choose, just knowing that you tried to get him something from his favorite designer will warm his heart.

Sephora Favorites Cologne Sampler
My dad does have a “signature” scent, a cologne he’s worn for as long as I can remember. While I’m not sure what it is, I AM sure it hasn’t changed since 1970. It’s like something he found in a fancy hotel bathroom that literally smells like it’s trying too hard, but he just latched onto it. Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if he did find this scent in a hotel gift shop somewhere…that’s the kinda guy he is. Anyways, it’s time to UPGRADE. This is the perfect set to give your dad because he can test out a bunch of different scents and ultimately choose his fave, rather than putting the pressure on YOU to shell out the big bucks for a cologne he might not even like. Scents are personal, and this gift allows him to find what he PERSONALLY likes.

Napa Jack’s BBQ Sauce

If your dad is a BBQ master, he will DIE over these. Jimbo is straight-up obsessed. I thought he was going to cry when I gave these to him for his birthday. The variety of flavors gives him something fun to test out each time he’s at the grill so that he can literally spice things up every single day! This set comes with Original, Sweet and Smokey, Chipotle Cabernet, and Bourbon flavor BBQ sauces. Aaaand they’re are all natural and gluten-free! You know I had to choose something gluten-free…. HE WON’T KNOW THE DIFFERENCE, THOUGH. It tastes like BBQ heaven either way!

Tickets to A Sports Game 

Any father will LOVE the chance to have a night out and watch his favorite sports team play live. My dad, like the rest of my fam, is a huge Giants fan, so Giants tickets are an obvious choice. This gift is perfect for the minimalist father who doesn’t need any more “things.” Instead, you’re giving him a memory! Depending on how much you want to spend, you could get him a cheap set of nosebleeds or some totally kickass seats. Either way, he’s gonna have a great time. And hey, if he likes you enough, he might even bring you with him!

What are you getting your dad this Father’s Day?! I’d love to hear!

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