Holiday Gift Guide for Her, 2017

The fact that it’s already time for a holiday gift guide is unreal to me. December came so quickly, and now it’s time to get my Christmas shopping done so I can kick back and worry about nothing other than watching tons of Christmas movies and getting my holiday baking on!

That being said, giving gifts is definitely one of my favorite parts of the holiday season. I take a lot of pride in the gifts I give. I want them to be as personalized as possible, and I want it to be clear that I’ve put a lot of thought into the gift. When I’m looking for the perfect present, I try to buy people something they wouldn’t buy for themselves, something they’ve mentioned in passing but didn’t expect anyone to pick up on, or something they didn’t even know they wanted. There’s nothing better than the look on someone’s face when they open a gift and are so incredibly happy because you clearly just get them. 

People appreciate effort, creativity, and thought. If the present isn’t particularly inventive, then no worries – just make sure it’s something the person will actually use. I don’t believe in giving people presents just for the sake of giving presents. Personally, I would much rather receive a hug than an ugly shirt I have to return or an uninteresting book I have to find room for on the shelf, ya know?

Once again, I’ll be splitting my gift guides up into three installments. Part 1 is a gift guide for her, part 2 is a gift guide for him, and part 3 is a healthy living gift guide for anyone — that will be the BIG ONE.

Everyone definitely has different ideas about what makes a good present, but this list is pretty much everything I am going to give / would like to give other women in my life, or things I would want to receive myself. This first installment is more beauty and fashion-focused than the others, and it features nontoxic products, of course! Hopefully this gives you at least a few ideas of potential presents to give this season. If not, then at least it’ll get the wheels turning in your brain!

For the Makeup Lover:

Beautycounter Ultimate Nudes Eyeshadow Palette: Are you sick of me raving about this yet? This eyeshadow palette is hands-down the best palette I have ever used. It contains every shade a girl could ever need – you’ll never want another palette. The shadows are pigmented, creamy, and stay on all day long. It comes with a huge mirror (perfect for travel), and a dual-ended eyeshadow brush. Whoever said nontoxic beauty doesn’t work better than toxic products has been seriously proven wrong with this palette.

Beautycounter Winter Jewels Palette: This is the perfect palette for the girl who wants it all in one place. This is my go-to palette for travel. It has neutral eyeshadow shades for everyday looks as well as a number of shadows to create dark, smokey eyes. It also contains a bronzer and blush that look amazing on every skin tone, and it has a huge mirror!

Beautycounter Nude Eye Trio: If you have a friend who loves a good winged eyeliner and huge lashes, this set is the winner. It comes with a travel-sized version of the Beautycounter Volumizing mascara (my all-time favorite mascara – makes your lashes look HUGE!), a cream shadow in nude (great as an eyeshadow base or an all-over light lid color), and the black liquid eyeliner (my all-time favorite liquid liner!).

Beautycounter Illuminating Trio:
 If you know someone who loves a good glow, is a contour queen, or wants to step up her highlight/contour game, this trio is perfect. It comes with three cream products – the cream blush, a cream bronzer, and a cream highlight shade. All three blend beautifully and work perfectly with every skin tone! These are my go-to products for adding dimension and glow to my face.

Luxie Beauty Rose Gold Brush Set: Most people don’t realize just how much a high-quality set of makeup brushes can completely transform the way their products apply. I love this set not only because it’s high-performing, but also because these brushes are cruelty-free. They will last you a long time and will totally change the way your makeup looks. Plus, this set comes with a case that’s ideal for travel. If you don’t want to get the full brush set, then you could also go for another smaller set, like just the face brushes or just the eyeshadow brushes.

Fall Love Collection from Dr.’s Remedy Nails
:  I don’t wear nail polish often ever since switching over to nontoxic items, but when I do wear nail polish, this is the brand I love most. I love getting nail polish for Christmas because I feel like I never really have a “reason” to buy it for myself. This set comes with Wonderful Wine, Revive Ruby Red, and Defense Deep Red, which are all beautiful dark shades that are especially perfect for the fall and winter!

For the Hair Diva:

Beautycounter Smooth & Control Collection: Tested in professional Los Angeles salons, this set does not disappoint. This trio is key for fighting frizz and keeping hair smooth, and it’s made with completely safe ingredients. This set comes with the shampoo, conditioner, and hair oil – all staples in my hair routine. What girl doesn’t like a good haircare set?!

T3 Whirl Trio Styling Wand: If you’re looking to splurge, this is my favorite curling iron. It comes with three different barrels that you can switch out to adjust the look of your curls. It’s pretty much all you could ever want in a curling iron, and it’s clamp-free, which makes it extra easy to use!

For the Skincare Junkie:

Beautycounter Multi-Masker Set: These masks are my three all-time favorite masks that actually make a major difference in my skin. I’m sure you already know that the No. 3 Charcoal mask is my all-item favorite mask for combo/oily/acne-prone skin – it is truly a lifesaver and will zap any blemish immediately. The No. 1 mask is great for toning and brightening (you can feel it tingle!), and the No. 2 is ideal for plumping your skin and giving you a glow. Together, these three create the ultimate face mask kit! It also comes with a brush, which helps you get as much product as possible out of each tube.

Beautycounter Countermatch Discovery Set: This set is the perfect way to transition someone into safer skincare! Countermatch is my go-to skincare recommendation because it truly works for every skin type – normal, oily, combo, dry, sensitive, acne-prone, mature, young, and everything in between. The entire Countermatch line adapts to meet your skin’s specific moisture needs so your skin is left perfectly hydrated. Since this set is travel-size, it’s also perfect for any girl who’s on the go! This comes with the Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion, the Recovery Sleeping Cream, the Eye Recovery Cream, and the Intense Moisture Serum.

Primally Pure Spa Kit: If you know a gal who loves (or deserves!) a good spa night in, this is the perfect gift. This set comes with a dry brush, body oil, sea soak, flower bath, and organic bag to keep it all in! All of these products will leave your skin feeling silky smooth and totally refreshed – you really can’t go wrong! Use the code “LOVELY” for a free lip balm with your purchase, too (or for anything on their site)!

Primally Pure Mini Body Butter Collection: This collection comes with three of Primally Pure’s body butters – Citrus + Mint, Eucalyptus + Lavender, and Almond + Vanilla. They all smell like heaven, and these body butters will leave your skin feeling oh-so-soft and smooth but not greasy. The ingredients are totally pure, and your skin will love ’em. Use the code “LOVELY” for a free lip balm with your purchase of this set, too!

Franklin & Whitman Winter Self-Care Gift Box:  Oh, you know there is nothing I love more than a good Frank & Whit set! This box comes with the Oak Lane Face Mask, Midtown Village Body Scrub, Jefferson Square Botanical Steam, and the Bella Vista Hair Serum. I adore each and every one of these products, and this truly is the ultimate self-care box. You’re basically giving the gift of repeated self-care nights in – and that is priceless. Any girl will feel like a queen with these natural products in her beauty arsenal! Use the code “LOVELY” for 20% off any of your Frank & Whit purchases!

For the Fashionista:

Casual Open Cardigan: A cardigan is always my top choice when I want to buy someone clothes, because you really can’t go wrong. Everyone can use another cozy cardigan, and an open, oversized sweater eliminates the pressure of knowing someone’s exact size. It’s much easier to guess someone’s size in a loose, open sweater than any other type of clothing – cardigans look cute even when they are really oversized!

Plaid Infinity Scarf: Again, a scarf is foolproof! It’s usually pretty easy to find infinity scarves nowadays, but my favorites are from Nordstrom because they always feel like the perfect thickness and have the perfect softness. Plus, they’re easy to exchange if the woman in question already has something similar. A cute scarf is the perfect way to transform any outfit, and it’s my favorite accessory to pair with any other small gift. Plus, you don’t need to know the person’s clothing size.

Cross body Bag:
 I love getting my friends cute purses for Christmas because people tend to think they need a reason to buy a purse (like, the old one fell apart), so they don’t want to buy them for themselves. I think every woman can use a cute cross body bag, and this black one will pair perfectly with just about any outfit! I love the gold detailing – makes it look much more expensive than it really is!

Satin & Faux Leather Backpack:
 It wasn’t until this past year that I got really into backpacks, and it has changed my life. I pretty much always carry my things around in a backpack instead of a purse nowadays. It can be hard to find a cute backpack that’s big enough to put your things in but doesn’t make it look like you’re going to elementary school. This black backpack is totally adorable, can be dressed up or dressed down, and will go with any outfit! If you’re giving other smaller gifts as well, you can put them inside the backpack!

Alex and Ani Bangle:
Bangles are a really easy way to glam up an outfit, and Alex and Ani bracelets are pretty much the only bracelets I wear. I have a collection of them, and so do most of my friends, so it’s always fun to add to their collection or help them start one, too! There are so many different bangles to pick from, so I always try to pick a charm that would mean something special to the person I am giving it to! For someone new to these bracelets, I always think that going with an initial is a great way to begin.

Personalized Dogeared Necklace
: Dogeared necklaces have always been some of my favorite pieces of jewelry because there are so many different charms with different meanings to pick from, and you can aways find something meaningful for any situation. Dogeared does totally personalized necklaces now, so you can 100% customize the necklace and packaging for the person you’re buying for! Who doesn’t love a customized gift? It makes it so much more special.

For the Athlete:

Manduka Yoga Mat:
 Whether or not she does yoga, I think every girl needs a high quality yoga mat. It’s useful for stretching or really any kind of workout. I spent years using a cheap Target yoga mat, and I never realized how much it was hurting my body until I finally got a nice Manduka mat! There are different options for thickness and color on their site, so you can pick according to your preferences and budget.

Mini Foam Roller:
 None of us want to admit it, but we all need to foam roll more often. I know, I know – it hurts! However, foam rolling is incredibly helpful for recovery from any type of activity, and just for general health. Get your friend her own mini foam roller so she can roll out her muscles while watching TV in the comfort of her own home, anytime. She’ll be more inclined to use it if it’s cute and pink!

Yoga Wheel:
Yogis especially love these, but they’re great for stretching in general or working on your back bends. This is another tool that most people don’t usually buy for themselves, but once they get one, they’re hooked.

For the Girl Whose Home is Her Sanctuary:

doTERRA essential oils: You can’t go wrong with any items from doTERRA, honestly. If your friend or family member hasn’t ever used essential oils before, give her the gift of an enrollment kit! That way she gets a kit and the perks of being a doTERRA Wholesale Customer for the rest of the year! I highly recommend the Home Essentials Kit or AromaTouch Diffused Kit to start out with so that you get a huge collection of all of the main oils you could ever need right from the beginning.

I also love giving the Travel Kit or the Spa Kit to oil lovers or newbies if you don’t want to pick out individual oils yourself and want a more affordable option! The travel kit is great for the girl on the go who needs the essentials, and the Spa Kit is perfect for anyone who wants to unwind, relax, and pamper her body and soul. If you want more info on getting started with oils, check out my Essential Oils Start Guide!

Cute Mugs:
 Let’s be honest – every girl loves a cute mug. I swear that tea tastes better out of an adorable mug, especially because it’s ideal for Instagram. This is another item that people think they need justification for buying, so they don’t usually invest in “cute mugs” for themselves! Anthropologie is my favorite place to get statement mugs because their designs are adorable, have a lot of personality, and are really high-quality. You can find cute mugs in a lot of different stores, though!

Statement Dishware: Same as with the mugs – give your girl a plate that will make her feel fancy and cute! Try to find a pattern that reflects her personality and feels like “her.” You can even match this with a cute mug and give her the perfect little tea set!

American Tea Room Tea Favorites Sampler Collection: American Tea Room is one of my absolute favorite places to get tea from. They have a ton of delicious blends, but I always love to get people a gift set so they can try a few different teas! This set comes with ATR’s top sellers – Brioche Organic Black Tea, Earl Grey Shangai Organic Black Tea, Nirvana Green Tea, Choco Latte Rooibos Tea, and Martinique Tea.

Herbal Tea Monthly Subscription with Infuser Mug
: With this subscription, you’ll receive two of American Tea Room’s most popular teas each month! I love giving (and getting) subscriptions like this, because it’s the gift that keeps on giving! This is a must for any tea lover in your life. Every month will be a new surprise! Plus, it comes with an infuser mug, so they’re all set if they don’t already have a way to steep loose leaf tea!

Mug with an Infuser: It shocks me how many people don’t own infusers! They’re a must to properly steep loose-leaf tea, which is preferable compared to tea bags (bags contain toxins). There are a ton of options when it comes to infuser mugs, but I love to get mine from David’s Tea. This Holly Branches Nordic Mug from David’s is super adorable and perfect for a cozy night in with a warm drink!

Fuzzy Slippers:
Slippers are a seriously overlooked clothing item. I didn’t own a pair of slippers until recently because I felt like they weren’t a necessary purchase, but now I realize how much I needed them in my life. There is nothing better than sliding into a pair of cozy, fuzzy slippers when you come home. But they have to be comfy — and these are my faves.

The Happiness Planner:
 Everyone needs some organization in their lives, and with a new year coming up, this planner is the perfect way to start. I’m really picky about planners because I put my entire life in mine, and the Happiness Planner is definitely my favorite. It’s organized really well, and it also helps you with general goal-setting and mindfulness. I think every woman needs this in her life, whether she knows it or not!

Personalized Journal: Journaling can really change anyone’s life, and the new year is a great time to pick up the habit. Most people don’t want to take the time and effort to go out and buy a journal themselves, so gifting them a personalized one is the perfect way to get someone motivated to start writing out their thoughts and become more mindful! There is nothing cuter than a personalized journal, in my opinion. This journal can be made in a bunch of different colors as well, so you can get one made that will perfectly reflect the woman in mind!

Phew — part one is done! I know that any woman would adore any of these gifts! Hopefully this gave you some ideas for what to get the ladies in your life! Next up will be my gift guide for HIM, followed by my healthy gift guide for EVERYONE! What are YOU asking for for Christmas this year?!

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