How to Balance Your Masculine and Feminine Energy

Masculine and Feminine

We all have both masculine and feminine energy inside of us –  the key is to see where we’re out of balance. When we feel out of balance in our lives, chances are we need to shift things on an energetic level to feel in alignment again.

Today, I’m breaking down some key energetic traits and signs of imbalance so you can start to identify how to balance your masculine and feminine energy.

Masculine energy is the energy of doing, while feminine energy is the energy of being. One’s not better than the other – we all have and need both! Without the masculine, for example, we don’t have the structure for the feminine to flow. 

If we want to go even deeper, we can see how we’re showing up with disempowered or empowered expressions of our energy, and then shift any wounded expressions into empowered versions.

Here are some examples of empowered and disempowered traits for masculine and feminine energy:



Think about the traits listed above and how they might show up in your career, friendships, romantic relationships, or overall personality. Being overly-dominant in your masculine energy can feel like always GOING but never getting anywhere, feeling like you don’t have anyone who truly holds space for you, always looking to the future and having trouble being in the current moment, or being really hard on yourself with really high standards. Being too much in your feminine energy, on the other hand, can show up as feeling insecure and codependent in your romantic relationships, having a hard time saying “no” to your friends and family, feeling like you never get much done, or feeling insecure and jealous of other people’s success.

Personally, I was operating primarily in my masculine energy for most of my life. I have done a lot of work to shift my disempowered masculine traits into empowered forms, and to be more in my feminine energy to bring things back into balance. This was a GAME CHANGER for my business, my health, and my relationships! It allowed me to let go of overthinking, perfectionism, and blocking my emotions, so I could step more into my confidence, boundaries, and ambition (empowered masculine), while focusing more on playing, receiving, creativity, and authenticity (empowered feminine). 

If you find you’re embodying more masculine traits than feminine traits, ask yourself how you can create more space to rest, play, express your creativity, and receive more. If you find you’re leaning more heavily into your feminine energy, challenge yourself to set more goals, take more inspired action, and create clear boundaries with the people in your life. Keeping the traits associated with each type of energy top-of-mind will help you more readily shift gears whenever you start to feel off-balance!

Want to dive even deeper into how these energies could be showing up in your life? Check out my podcast episodes on How to Shift Masculine/Feminine Energy in Relationships & Attract in a Different type of Partner and Balancing Masculine & Feminine Energy to Make More Money as an Entrepreneur.

Which energy are you embodying more of right now – masculine or feminine? Comment below!

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