Krista Williams Always Keeps it Hundred

I can’t stop smiling right now because the woman I’m featuring today is truly one of the most incredible humans on this planet.


If you’re not familiar with Krista, she’s the creative genius behind The Hundred Blog and Almost 30 Podcast, two of my favorite things on this planet. The Hundred Blog is a place every woman needs to check out if she wants some REALNESS in her life. Krista talks about travel, wellness, weird health trends, recipes, life talk, beauty, and… STYLE! Krista is the queen of fashion, I swear. I’m so jealous. Check out her Instagram if you’re in need of some fashion inspo, ASAP. (Realistic fashion inspo.)

Almost 30 is my favorite lifestyle podcast. For sure. When I listen to it, I either laugh so hard that I cry, or I shed a tear because the girls get so deep and real. It just resonates. Krista and her co-host Lindsey make you feel like you’re their BFF, every single time. P.S. An Actually Adultish x Almost 30 collab is coming your way VERY soon! 😉

Not only is Krista one of the funniest people I’ve ever met, but she is also, by far, one of the most genuine. She is one of the kindest, good-hearted souls I’ve ever encountered. She literally changes my life every time I talk to her. Sounds dramatic, but I’m just telling you how I feel. Krista has THE MOST INSANE aura. Her positivity is infectious. She is seriously so inspiring, incredible, and captivating – there’s no other way for me to describe it other than to say she is a LIGHT in my world. A bright bright light. It’s that thing where when she talks to you, she really looks at you and basically sees into your soul. Not in a creepy way, but in a “I actually give a shit about what you’re saying and love you forever” sort of way. There is nothing I cherish more than a conversation with Krista, because she just gets it. 

She’s undeniably stunning inside and out. Krista is the kinda girl you can always count on. She’s there for everyone no matter what – good or bad. Just so much love, laughter, and light. SO MUCH LOVE. She inspires me every single day, and once you get to know her, I know she’ll change your life, too. If I’m like Krista when I’m almost 30, then I’ll be pretty damn proud of myself.

Okay, enough about my love for this sweet, amazing, beautiful soul. Let’s get to the interview, shall we?

Tell me a bit about yourself so my readers can get to know you!

We’ll I’m 36, 25, 34…

JK those are the Baby Got Back Measurements (not even close to any of those).

I’m Krista, a Pisces, who can be described as “cool but not chill” who is from Ohio. I’ve lived in Chicago, NYC and now reside in L.A. and LOVE it. I work during the day in digital marketing, and on the side/weekends have a really cool blog, The Hundred Blog, and a fun podcast, The Almost 30 Podcast. I’m a peanut butter lover, and a huge fan of affirmations, TRAVEL (I’ve been to 5 of the 7 continents), learning, growing and laughing.

Also a vegan, I’ve got a few causes that I’m passionate about.

When and how did you first get into blogging?

A year and a half ago in NYC I had people talking to me about all the traveling I was doing. I was working in NYC and London at the time so I was going on serious trips. To islands in the Mediterranean, Portugal, South Africa and Morocco. Plus in London, regularly.

I felt like there was something more for me to be doing as it related to sharing my life, and I wanted to create the “art” that I wanted to see in the world.

I love blogging, but sometimes it’s a bit fake and I feel like girls are MORE than just pretty pictures and cute outfits. I wanted to create a place that was for the girl that’s into being pretty (looking and feeling her best) AND smart, witty, well-read, traveled, and inspired. More realness, and more things related to personal growth and development.

So, a bunch of shitty posts later, I had launched The Hundred Blog. (Seriously though, those posts were the worst – LOL). It’s been live for a year and a half now and has gone through a lot of changes, including my full website redesign I did in December.  I’m now obsessed with it.

How did you come up with the name of your blog?!     

It came really naturally.  I always say “hundred” when something is SO TRUE. Like a total agreement, is hundred. It’s also living life to the fullest – or 100%. A motto I try to live my life by!

What’s your goal with The Hundred Blog?

Be myself, and be a source of inspiration and light. I know it’s lame, but it’s true. I really want people to feel good about being who they are. So for me, in standing in who I am, I want to inspire that in others.

What do you think is the most difficult part about blogging?

For me, it’s the need to constantly be “on.” As an example, when I was in San Diego with Justin, I wanted to really just chill with him for the day, be dirtballs and do our thing, but I know that travel is a key time to share. So with that, I am on my phone way more than he’d probably like me to be.

Also, that there’s a lot of comparison and numbers in this game. That’s a whole long tangent! But overall, I love doing it and even the pains are worth it.

Your favorite part?

Meeting people. Period. When I can chat with and have conversations with people in person, like you, or other readers, it’s everything. Although I read every comment, smile at every mention, I can’t explain what it’s like to talk to people in person. Feeling that connection and experiencing that energy exchange gives me LIFE.

What’s something you wish more people knew about the BTS of the blogging world?

That you’re not doing it because you’re self-obsessed or vain. For me, that’s the LAST part of it. If I could have every picture not have me in it, I would, ha.

But it’s a part of it – that you are the brand and what you look like/are wearing is important. I think people think because you share your knowledge publicly that you think you’re obsessed with yourself or better than people.

For me, it’s more that I have learned a lot from others, from experiences, and know sharing is part of growth. I’ve always wanted people to feel better about being who they are – and for me, this is being who I am. I want to lead by example in that way. There’s nothing vain about it!

What inspired you to start the podcast?! How’d you come up with the name for that?

Literally Lindsey and I (my co-host) recorded for 7 months before we actually got it down. We had some other names, but it just fell into place and we liked the way it sounded. Now it’s sort of screwed us because people are like “well I’m not 30.” LOL.

But I wanted to record a podcast, because as much as people know me on Hundred, I wanted them to hear me and I want to hear them (we take callers on some episodes!). I love sharing on the blog but having an outlet that I can use without having to put on makeup, where I can connect with thousands of badass people – is EVERYTHING.

What’s your goal with the podcast?

Be a source of inspiration and joy for women in their twenties and thirties. This time is underrated as fuck and there is SO MUCH going on and happening. I want to make people laugh, make them feel good about themselves and feel less alone. We bring on guests that are relatable, interesting and inspiring and we talk about shit that no one else does.

What are some of your other favorite blogs and podcasts to follow?

Yours 🙂

Lee from America (healthy eating and delicious eats)

Gal Meets Glam (she’s so dang sweet)

Being Boss Podcast (best for creatives!)

James Altucher Show (business one)

Anna Faris (funny podcast!)

What’s a day in the life like?

Welllllll let’s see!

6:00 A.M.: Wake up with my alarm, put my hand over my heart and say thanks for waking me up today (truly!) Then I’ll scrape my tongue, drink lemon water, foam roll, and meditate. All of this takes about 45 minutes, but it’s been so freaking amazing to stick to something. I always said I wish I had a strong A.M. practice and this is it. Some mornings I won’t be able to do it all, but meditation happens no matter what.

Breakfast also happens no matter what, too. For breakfast, I’ll have a protein shake with avocado, collagen, bee pollen, and other potions. The more potions the better, basically.

After that I’ll workout from 7 A.M. – 8 A.M. – The Studio MDR or SoulCycle with Lindsey, mostly.

Then it’s off to work, downtown. During my drive I crush podcasts and books on tape, or call my friends to catch-up. I work in digital media at a company that does promotions like Starbucks for Life. For me, I love being in a work setting, it helps me sharpen skills for my business, too.

During lunch, I’ll go on a walk, catch up on socials, answer blog/podcast emails. Lunch is usually a salad from Whole Foods or a food delivery like Klean LA. Snacks I have during the day are things like Lara Bars, almonds, a grapefruit….

At the end of the day, I’ll head to meet up with friends, or do a yoga class with someone. I ALWAYS make workout/healthy dinner dates. So 99% of the time I’m meeting up with someone after work.

After that, I’ll get home to Justin, we’ll be weirdos for an hour or so, catch-up, and if I need to, I’ll do some blog work before bed.

I’ll meditate for 15 minutes too, just to calm down and reset from the day. Bring myself back to center.

10 P.M. I am OUT.

Some days I am doing more blog work/podcast work than others. That’s pretty cyclical since we release podcasts Wednesdays and I share blog posts on Mondays and Thursdays. I also take calls for the blog and podcast (with sponsors) at random times during the day when I can get a break. Super key to get phone time with people.

Usually I am out of the house from 7 A.M. until 9:30 P.Mm at night, which I love, although I know there may be a need for a chiller schedule in the future.

What do you do to get inspired? Who inspires you?

I get inspired when I am not looking for it. I do not necessarily have anyone that I look to for inspiration – because for me sometimes it seems to closely align to copying, although I do have blogs that I follow and love. I think real human connection, having a good, conversation with a friend is what I use to keep going and stay inspired. It definitely goes in waves though, and I try not to be so hard on myself when it’s not there! Knowing it will come back!

What are your top beauty products you cannot live without?

I swear by washing your face every day. It is MAJOR to keeping your skin clear. I switch around products but have been loving this Dior Face Foam Cleanser.

The one I swear by is 1). Collagen – from Vital Proteins has changed the game for my hair skin and nails and 2). Tarte BB Cream has people stopping me in the street complimenting my skin, and in a place like L.A., that is CRAZY. It is smooth, velvety, and affordable.

Staple fashion items every woman needs in her closet?

I have a nice black jacket, and a nice leather jacket that are my go-tos for life. I have worn them for YEARS and really think that a nice crisp, well-fitting jacket is KEY to looking professional and put together. You can wear a leather jacket with anything and look like a badass. Mine is from Rag & Bone and I got it in NYC at a sample sale – it gives me life.

What is the most life-changing thing that has ever happened to you?

I lived in Patagonia for a month through a program called National Outdoor Leadership School. It was a leadership program and I had to “leave no trace,” keep all the belongings I packed in my kayak (including my food rations I had set at the beginning of the trip), and it was with a group of 15 strangers. You literally did not know anyone on the trip before you met them in Chile.

We had to learn to live on the land, survive in the wild, and just be without internet, our phones and anything related to the real world. It was crazy to really test your limits, and I saw some of the most beautiful shit I’ve ever seen in my life.

One night we did a night kayak trip, and in the darkest water, with the darkest sky you saw so many stars it was insane. There is also this algae, that glows when “agitated.” So you saw glowing water when you paddled through the night. CRAZY. But so cool. Here I also learned to meditate, which is huge for me!

What do you think the biggest difference is between 20s Krista and almost 30 Krista?

Oh, there is so much! My moon sign is Scorpio, which means I am constantly transforming. In my twenties, I was really into clubs (LOL), music festivals, my friends (that hasn’t changed), and felt a bit lost in the way where I wanted so badly to find my soul’s purpose and figure out what I would do with the rest of my life.

I am turning 29 soon, and I have really just become much more focused, grateful, positive and calmer than ever before. It is so true that one small positive change in your life can domino effect to other places. As an example, I do not drink, rarely ever, and it has really helped me to improve my mind-body connection, sleep better, have better skin, and get in every workout I schedule.

I feel more “me” than ever before. 🙂

Obsessed with how cute you and Justin are. How did you guys meet?

He is the best, right?! I manifested that fucker, hehe.

He was friends with a friend’s boyfriend in college. So, I met him once sophomore year of college, when we both were in serious relationships. I was intrigued but also all over the place so we didn’t speak after meeting and hanging out just once (nothing happened! Ha).

Fast forward 5 years, and he texts me that he is coming to visit Chicago (where I was living) from NYC and wanted to meet up. At that point, I had just gotten out of a 5-year relationship and was curious about this tall, hot dude. We ended up meeting, talked as friends, and started a relationship via text, which we kept up for 5+ months. Talking all day, every day. I invited him to Coachella with 13 of my girlfriends, and he decided to come and be the only guy in the house – that’s love! LOL.

Prior to him coming, I got anxious and made him make it official with me before I introduced him to my friends, HA. He said he wanted to do it in person, but from Coachella, we were together long distance from Chicago to NYC, and after five more months of dating (doing trips etc.), I decided to go for it and move to NYC.

All the while, a psychic had been telling me I had met my soulmate, and that I needed to be patient as this relationship grew. When I first saw her, before I met Justin for the second time in my life (so he was not at all in my brain) she said, “You’ve met him once before, but aren’t with him now.”

To which I said, “GTFO.”

However, she was right. When I moved to NYC, we moved in together immediately and it has been about 4 years since! He is the most genuine, sweet, kind person and I am lucky to have someone who is that good of a person around me so much. He’s taught me a lot about just being more relaxed and more of a friend than anyone else in my life. Plus, he’s real hot, LOL.

Tips for maintaining a solid relationship?

Good QUESTION. For us, it is having fun, always. Over anything and everything, we have fun. We can get deep and he can help me with stuff, but I really want my partner to just make me laugh. Do not take it all so seriously and remember that people cannot read your mind. You need to tell them what you want/how you feel/etc.

What’s your exercise routine like?

I am a bit of a fitness fa-reak. I work out around 6 days a week, and mix it up between Pilates reformer (my new favorite), Soul Cycle, Yoga (The Yoga Collective is my shit), and HIIT training. I should probably do more yoga, less intense workouts, but I really enjoy it. I think it’s key for me energy-wise, and to keep me sane.

Favorite places to go to in L.A.?

My bed? LOL.

I am down for anything but also a creative of *the Westside* habit and really like to stick by the beach. Love Hamburger Mary’s for Drag Queen Bingo on Sundays, love Tocaya Organica for bomb healthy Mexican, love going to the Melrose Flea on Sundays, Malibu for the beaches and hikes. I live at the bottom of Abbot Kinney so I am always around that area mostly! If you ask me to go, I’m usually down 🙂

What’s your idea of the perfect Saturday?

Most Saturdays I work (about 99% of them). I cannot remember the last Saturday I wasn’t doing anything for my blog/podcast. On the weekends we record Almost 30 for a few hours, and then I will work out, meet-up with someone, and at night I do not do SHIT. Unless I have to, hehe.

I love having SUPER productive weekend days and chill weekend nights with Justin. We are regulars at Bareburger (literally how hilarious) and love to hang together when we can since most days/nights during the week we are too busy.

But, my ideal Saturday I would workout, hike in Malibu (there’s no traffic), get Sunlife Organic Smoothie Bowls (somehow I get them free), have all my best friends meet me at Malibu Farms (there’s no one else there – LOL), and we’d hang and laugh all day. I’m in bed by 9 and my sheets are clean and smell like lavender.

Favorite sweet treat?


Favorite ever: puppy chow

Favorite that I actually eat: my smoothie I make, or an acai bowl from Sun Life Organics (no banana or honey with cashew butter on top) it gives me LIFE.

Smoothie: Vega Sport Chocolate Protein, avocado, coconut milk, ice. Blend and eat like a soup.

What’s your go-to meal?

I seriously am so bad with cooking. Nothing I’ve ever made is my go-to meal – LOL. I think it is mostly a smoothie, protein oatmeal (with coconut oil, protein powder, and chia), or I LOVE Thai Vegan’s vegan rolls. They are wrapped in this amazing rice paper, and you can dip them in this amazing peanut sauce. It is LIFE and so cheap.

What does wellness mean to you?

Choosing to follow your bliss rather than the crowd or anyone else. I think what stands in the way for most people as it relates to health and wellness is the fear of what people will think of them. What people will say if they go home early because they want to get a workout in the next day, or if they do not drink because they do not want to feel like shit? I think moving beyond what everyone else is doing, what diets they are on, what workouts they are doing, and focusing on what’s good for you – is wellness.

How do you deal with negativity and self-doubt?

Literally, keep myself so busy that I do not have time for it. HA. I definitely have my days, moments, times, but I always remember that they PASS. Like any feeling, even the good ones, they are temporary so I do not attach to it. Staying away from social media and in my own lane – is everything.

What is something that everyone needs to do to improve his or her well-being, whether that be mental or physical?

MEDITATION. I cannot say it enough. I cannot put into words what meditation has done for my life, but it has literally changed who I am in the best way possible. Meditation has allowed me space in life, eliminated my anxiety, allowed me to channel my best self-more often and connect with the spiritual side of me. I meditate twice daily (once in the morning and once before bed) and each is key for me. In the morning, it helps to set my intention for the day, give thanks and be grateful, and in the evening it’s a way to de-stress and allows me to have really deep sleep.

What is the strangest wellness trend you have ever tried? Did you like it?

I have done a lot of weird stuff, like being electrocuted to release your muscle fascia, or cryotherapy. But I think about in college when I’d eat like a box of wheat thins and froyo for dinner and think I was eating healthy because it was low-fat. To me, that’s strange and crazy.

For cryotherapy, however, it’s when you get frozen for 3 minutes, and it’s been really helpful for helping relieve sore muscles. If I could do it every day, I would.

Tell me a really weird fact about yourself.

When I was really little I got lice at camp and had to shave my head because my hair was so thick. This was also the time when I had an eye patch (I had a lazy eye), and I was obviously KILLING the game in life.

Can only go up from there, right?

Also I make websites on the side! I’ve made 5 or so on Square Space and love it.

I know. You are truly, madly, deeply in love with Krista Williams right now. Follow her everywhere. Head to The Hundred Blog, subscribe to the Almost 30 Podcast, follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Everything. I adore Krista for putting up with all of my questions and answering them SO DAMN WELL. She always makes me smile – her energy is contagious! HOPE YOU ENJOYED! XO

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