Manifest While You Sleep – Nighttime Routine Hacks

I want to share one of the easiest but most powerful things you can do to manifest with ease…optimize your evening routine! Everything we do leading up to falling asleep is priming us for the magic that can occur while we sleep, and the time right before you fall asleep is one of the best times to shift neural pathways and rewire your brain to embody  your Highest Self.

This is why it is SO important to have a consistent evening routine and fall asleep with cleared energy, balanced intentions, and a relaxing environment. If we are repeatedly falling asleep in a stressed out, heightened state or with distractions that might not be contributing to the frequency we want to calibrate to overnight (a TV on, music playing or lights on as you fall asleep on the couch) – we’re not taking advantage of the easiest time to shift our frequency! !

Here are my top 5 steps to winding down and setting yourself up for ascension as you sleep 😉

1. Clear your energy, cut cords and balance your chakras. Throughout the day we are often unintentionally picking up on others’ energy. It’s not about labeling anything “good” or “bad” energy, it’s more just that it’s not ours to carry, and if we don’t intentionally clear it at the end of each day, it stays with us. We often feel this weighing us down or affecting us in less than ideal ways – so we want to be sure we are purposely clearing any energy that is not ours at the end of each day! There are many ways to do this and I share some in the Channel Collective here (definitely use the meditations!) – but one of my favorites is to sit in the bath and scrub myself with salt. As I rinse off (prior to filling the tub to take a bath), I ask the water to cleanse any energy that is no longer serving me. You can also do this in the shower!

2. Grounding/Earthing: commonly this is known to be done outside – having your bare feet on the grass, sand, etc. but it can actually be inside as well! I have this for under my desk and this for my bed to help me ground. The purpose of grounding is to rebalance your body after a day of EMF exposure, taking in other peoples’ energy, etc. You will see a noticeable difference once you make this a regular practice in your routine! You can read my full post on this in the Channel Collective here!

3. Supplement Routine: I’m a big advocate for natural sleep remedies to help reduce stress and set your body up for rejuvenating REST. My evening routine always includes Mello Magnesium! Magnesium is all the rage right now, but you want to be careful with quality and that you are getting the right type of magnesium for your needs. I love Ned Mello because they incorporate Magnesium Lactate, Aquamin Magnesium Citrate AND Magnesium Glycinate. When you’re browsing, you can’t go wrong with the flavors! I love anything lemon, so my fave is the Meyer Lemon. I am also obsessed with their new Shuteye Chai – it’s basically a relaxing Chai latte before bed!  I not only take their magnesium in the evening, but also their full spectrum Sleep Blend. This sets me up for a great night of rest! (Use my code “Christina” at checkout when you place an order with Ned to get 15% off your first purchase or 20% off your first subscription!) There is truly a night and day difference in the quality of my sleep when I take these products vs when I don’t.

4. Journaling is a great practice to begin implementing if you aren’t already in the habit! You can journal each evening with a prompt (we have one each week in the Channel Collective), simply recap your day, write a gratitude list, write as though you are your future self in the now, exit consciousness and just let your hands go (aka automatic writing — this one takes practice but is so amazing), etc! Don’t stress too much about what to write or how much, just give your brain the space 🙂 It’s super helpful to dump out any extra thoughts before you go to sleep. You can also write down a question you would like answered while you’re sleeping, or what you’d like to manifest.

5. Positive Content and Affirmations – remember how I mentioned falling asleep is a wonderful time to shift your neural pathways and rewire your brain? Well if you’re looking for a fast track to embodying your Highest Self & manifesting quickly, listening to positive content and repeating affirmations as you are falling asleep is a game-changer! Your subconscious is most easily rewired at the time riiiight before you fall asleep (and first thing when you wake up).  You can choose to listen to a channeled message or meditation in the Channel Collective, my free 15-minute Manifestation Meditation, or even read a passage from Manifestation Mastery. These are all great options to end your day on a high and set yourself up for ascension while you sleep!

If you are tight on time, I recommend prioritizing energy clearing and grounding 🙂 I hope these tips help you set up a balanced evening routine that guides you to your Highest Self!

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