My 2017 Favorites

Another year is gone, which means I have another year of favorites to talk about! I discovered so many amazing products and so much incredible content this year, so I want to give a shoutout to the standouts of 2017. Some of these came out before 2017, but I either didn’t discover them or didn’t fully fall in love with them until this year. You know I’m a creature of habit, and these were the things I could NOT get enough of this past year!

Primal Kitchen Mayo: This had to be first on my list, of course. It was the first thing that came to mind when I thought of 2017 obsessions. I didn’t even like mayo growing up, so I assumed I wouldn’t like paleo mayo either. Boy, was I wrong. I figured I might as well try it since I had a jar, and my life was forever changed. I put this on everything and go through at least one jar, usually more, a week. If you follow a high-fat diet, I highly recommend checking this out.

Soom Tahini: Sometimes I worry about my addiction to tahini. I will slather it on anything I can. I’ve tried a lot of different Tahini brands, but this year I discovered Soom and never looked back! I can’t put my finger on why, exactly, but this is one of my favorite Tahini brands and the one that I always come back to. It’s great slathered on veggies, in salad dressings, or in the Tahini fudge from my ebook!

Vital Proteins Vanilla Coconut Collagen: This one is a bit of a cheat because it was actually on my 2016 favorites, too, but I had to include it again this year because it is by far one of my most-used products. I try to include collagen in my diet as much as I can to help support my gut, skin/hair/nails, joints, and muscles, and this is my favorite collagen product! It has the perfect vanilla flavor – not too subtle, not too sweet. There is no added sweetener – just natural vanilla bean and coconut! I like to use this in place of a vanilla protein powder, or in sugar-free desserts like my sugar-free vanilla coconut collagen cookies.

Kasandrinos Olive Oil: Once you try real olive oil, you’ll never go back. Most olive oil from the store and in restaurants is cut with cheaper vegetable oils, which contributes to inflammation in the body and can endanger your health. Kasandrinos Olive Oil is definitely my favorite olive oil, and I bring it with me everywhere! True olive oil like Kasandrinos has a distinct flavor that’s almost sweet, and it leaves you with a peppery taste in your throat after you swallow!

Macadamia Nut Oil / Pumpkin Seed Oil: This year I tried out a lot of different oils in order to switch things up from my regular olive oil and avocado oil, and these two became my new favorites. They both have a very rich flavor, and I use them both to dress my salads or just drizzle on top of any vegetables. Mac nut oil has an almost buttery flavor, and pumpkin seed oil has a rich nutty flavor. These are not oils to cook with because they are fragile in nature, but they’re great for on top of food. I also don’t recommend using nut and seed oils every single day, but I love including them every so often for some variety.

Meenut Butter Quadruple Nut Power: This nut butter is unreal. I’ve tried quite a few different mixed nut butters, but this one is definitely my favorite. It contains walnuts, almonds, coconut, macadamia nuts, pecans, flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, and salt. There’s something about this specific combination that just gets it so right. All you need is a spoon and you’re good to go…

Asante Mama Cinnamon Herbal Tea: I love basically all tea, and this year cinnamon tea was definitely what I drank the most. I’m not sure how I didn’t discover this before, but I’m so glad I did! It’s comforting, subtle, and always calms me down. Cinnamon is also great for balancing blood sugar if you struggle with that. If you like cinnamon, I highly recommend this!

Milk Thistle Tea: This is a very recent discovery, but I seriously have not stopped drinking it since I got it! Milk Thistle tea is great for detoxing the liver, and it has a very subtle flavor. I think that most people would think it tastes like nothing, but to me, it does have a slight “milky” flavor, and it really relaxes me. If you like medicinal, herbal teas, I’d give this a shot!

Teaonic: I love every flavor, but my favorite is “I Love My Gut”! It has a chai flavor that is so delicious. Teaonic teas are completely herbal teas that have different health benefits based on their ingredients, and they all taste amazing. The weather is always so hot in L.A., which sometimes makes me not want to drink a hot cup of tea. I turned to these so that I could still get my tea fix without the extra heat, and I’ve never looked back!

Sea veggies: I love anything salty, and I think that’s a big reason why I love sea veggies so much. They are a great source of iodine,  and they’re my favorite way to top off my bowls for an extra hit of nutrients!

Organ meats: This was the year of organ meats for me. I first tried these expecting to hate them, but I really wanted to increase my Vitamin A levels naturally. Turns out, I LOVE THE TASTE. I generally just sauté them with coconut oil, salt, and pepper. This year I tried chicken, beef, and duck livers, beef tongue, and chicken and duck hearts. And I LOVE that so many of you have gotten inspired to try organ meats this year, too! If you want to read about why I love organ meats so much, check out this blog post. And if you’re looking for a good liver-starter recipe, try out my liver bolognese!

doTERRA essential oils – Rose, On Guard, Serenity, and DigestZen: I discovered essential oils this year, and they truly changed my life. They have had a huge impact on both my physical and emotional health, and they have totally replaced my medicine cabinet. I have so many favorite oils, but these four are my most-used. doTERRA Rose is what I use as perfume, and it is what I use anytime I need some strength or comforting. On Guard is the ultimate antibacterial oil and is perfect for addressing any sickness or to use to clean the home. Serenity is the calming oil that I diffuse every night to help me relax and go to sleep. It has really helped me reduce my anxiety, as well. DigestZen is a must for anyone with digestive issues. Any time I have digestive symptoms, I either apply this topically or take it internally, and I get immediate relief.

Beautycounter Ultimate Nudes Palette: I feel horrible that this is sold out, but I couldn’t write this post without mentioning it. There is nothing I love more than a good eyeshadow palette, and this is the best one I’ve ever used – toxic and nontoxic combined. The shades are all so smooth, buttery, and pigmented, and it has every color you could ever need. Stay on the lookout in case Beautycounter brings this back!

Beautycounter No. 1 and No. 3 Masks: The No. 3 Charcoal mask has always been my favorite, and it’s a must-have for anyone with oily/combo, acne-prone skin. It seriously pulls out every impurity, and I use it as a spot treatment as well. This year, the No. 1 Balancing mask became another one of my absolute favorites as well! It’s great for brightening and toning because it contains Vitamin C. You can even feel a little tingle when you put it on, so I know it’s working! These two are my favorites for face makes that actually show visible results, and I also like to put them both on my face at once, just in different areas (multi-masking).

Beautycounter No. 1 Oil – This is the facial oil I use most often – usually every other night. Not only does it smell amazing (like citrus!), but it contains Vitamin C which is really helpful for brightening and evening out the skin tone, as well as for collagen production. Adding an oil to my skincare routine has actually made my skin less oily in the long run, and I also feel like this helps keep my acne away!

Beautycounter Volumizing Mascara: This is definitely my all-item favorite nontoxic mascara. I know it’s called “Volumizing,” but it gives me both length and volume. It’s super buildable and lasts all day. When I build it up enough, my lashes look so big that I’ve been asked if they’re fake!

Beautycounter Liquid Eyeliner: You know I love me a good winged liner. There are a few nontoxic liquid liners that work really well, but the Beautycounter liner is my favorite because it’s pitch black, stays on all day, and has a really precise brush. It’s really easy to get a straight wing with this liner, and I can’t live without it! I’m so sad that this is also out of stock — but let’s hope BC brings it back!

Primally Pure Charcoal Deodorant: This is my current favorite nontoxic deodorant, and it doesn’t give me a rash like most other nontoxic deos do. It comes out black but disappears once it’s rubbed in. If you have sensitive skin like me and are looking for a good, safe deodorant, I highly recommend trying this out!

Franklin & Whitman Spruce Hill and Oak Lane Face Masks: When I want to indulge and have a nice spa night in, these are two of my favorite masks to use! The Spruce Hill mask smells like matcha tea, and the Oak Lane smells like chocolate. Both contain activated charcoal to help pull out impurities in the skin. Be warned – these usually make me hungry! Use the code “LOVELY” for 20% off your purchase of anything from Franklin & Whitman!

Maddie’s Market Peppermint Lip Balm: This lip balm is my OBSESSION. I have always struggled with incredibly dry, cracked, bleeding lips. I did find one lip balm that I depended on for most of my life that stopped the problem, but when I found out I had to get rid of all lip products with gluten in them, I had a really hard time finding something to replace it. I found a few things that sort of worked, but this lip balm is truly the best thing I have ever found. Simple ingredients, and actually keeps my lips moisturized. I have four of them because I am so paranoid I will lose one or run out. There is also a grapefruit flavor and a lavender flavor!

Maddie’s Market Daily Grind Coffee Face Scrub: I love the smell of coffee, so this scrub is one of my favorite things to treat myself with! I use this a few times a week for extra exfoliation. I scrub it onto clean skin, leave it on like a mask for about 5-10 minutes, and then rinse it off! It really helps to get rid of dead skin cells and brighten up your skin! I also love that the ingredients are so simple and non-irritating, because my skin does react to things really easily.

Primally Pure Dry Shampoo and Franklin and Whitman Spring Garden Dry Shampoo: I discovered both of these nontoxic dry shampoos this year, and I use both on different days! I think they both smell great, and I love that both have formulas for dark and light hair. I just shake a bit on my roots, rub it in, and I’m ready to go! I only wash my hair once or twice a week, so dry shampoo is a must in my beauty arsenal.

Dermarolling: If you want an in-depth post about my derma-rolling experience, check out this blog post. I’ve been dermarolling weekly for about 6 months or so, and I really do think it’s made a noticeable improvement in my acne scars! Derma rolling also helps serums sink much deeper into the skin, making them more effective. Proceed with caution, though, because you don’t want to cause more skin damage.

Oil pulling: If you’re not familiar with oil pulling, it’s when you put coconut oil in your mouth and swish it around for up to 20 minutes. I do this every morning for about 10 minutes, and it helps to naturally whiten your teeth and remove toxins in the mouth. My mouth feels much cleaner after I do this, and now I can’t live without it! I also think this is especially useful for anyone who has Candida overgrowth.

Himalaya Botanique Toothpaste: I tried so many different natural toothpastes this year, but this one was by far my favorite. It feels like a regular toothpaste, and it actually works! With almost every other toothpaste I tried, I never felt like my teeth were actually clean. Shoutout to my friend Betsy for this recommendation.

Rebounding: I will write a full post on the benefits of this soon, but I rebound on my mini trampoline almost every morning when I wake up to help with lymphatic drainage and digestion. I also think this has a really strong positive effect on my mood every day, and I highly recommend it.

Alo Yoga Sunny Strappy Bra: I am so picky about sports bras, but these are my favorite for working out, so I have it in a bunch of colors. There’s no padding (padding really annoys me), and it’s really comfortable! A bit pricey, but worth the quality.

Calvin Klein Cotton Bralette: I don’t work out in these, but I love to wear these pretty much every day because they’re really comfortable and soft. I really hate normal bras.

The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss: This book really changed my mindset about work and completely shifted the way I approach business. I really do believe in working smarter, not harder, and maximizing time. I think everyone’s main goal should be to work as little as possible but still get as much return as possible. As an entrepreneur, this book was really helpful, but I think that this book is eye-opening for anyone looking to get the most out of life with minimal work.

Paleo Principles by Dr. Sarah Ballantyne: The nutrition nerd in me is so grateful to Dr. Sarah Ballantyne for releasing this Paleo Bible. It is a monster of a book, and has literally everything you could ever want to know about nutrition inside! If you want a modernized nutrition textbook, this is for you.

Riverdale: If you follow me, you know I struggled a lot with television this year. It’s slacking. #FirstWorldProblems. One great discovery, however, was Riverdale on the CW, which has a dark storyline and uses the characters from the classic Archie’s comics. If you enjoy shows like Pretty Little Liars about teenagers with a dark twist, you’ll love this!

Hart of Dixie: This is a really great “no thinking” show to throw on. It’s like a southern One Tree Hill, but way less dramatic. I love putting on a show like this to just veg out, relax, and get in a good mood!

Vanderpump Rules: I’m a huge reality TV fan and watch every Real Housewives franchise except for Atlanta (which is now changing), but I had never actually watched Vanderpump Rules before. Ironic, because I love Sur Restaurant. This year I tried out the show, and I became completely addicted. The drama is priceless. If you’re into reality TV, I highly recommend this!

Stranger Things: This show gives me the chills! The Film minor in me loves this because of its artistic power and elegance, but regular me just loves the storyline and the shock value. Creepy without being scary, and I love that it’s a creative plotline.

Mind Pump Podcast: I am addicted to this podcast, so I’m glad they put out a new episode almost every single day! Sal, Adam, and Justin have been on Actually Adultish podcast twice and Straight Up Paleo podcast once, and I absolutely love them. They give really high quality, no BS health/fitness/nutrition information, but they also talk about a ton of random, interesting topics in a really entertaining way. After a few episodes you’ll feel like they’re your best friends. I was also a guest on this podcast and the episode came out yesterday (as I write this, #677). Give it a listen if you’re interested!

High Intensity Health Podcast: If you love the science behind health, nutrition, and fitness, you will love this podcast. Mike Mutzel interviews incredibly intelligent, interesting people in the health world and asks a lot of tough questions to really dive deep into nutrition and fitness! Mike himself is always a wealth of knowledge, so I love learning from him. He was also a guest on Straight Up Paleo podcast, and is overall a great guy!

PaleOMG Uncensored Podcast: Juli Bauer is truly the funniest woman on this planet and I laugh out loud every single time I listen to her podcast. She talks about food, fitness, beauty, relationships, general life topics… really everything. My dream is that someday she will get a reality TV show, although she probably would hate being on it.

Taylor Swift’s ReputationI’ve always been a diehard T-Swift fan, but I was ready to give up on her after her first single this year. When the album dropped, I didn’t expect to like it. I was very wrong. This is truly the only album I’ve listened to all year, and I play it on repeat for hours and hours.

Primal Kitchen Restaurant: I was waiting for what felt like forever for the day that Primal Kitchen would open in Culver City, and this year it finally did! This is my favorite restaurant in L.A., and it’s one of the only restaurants I actually trust with food. They cook in high-quality, non-inflammatory oils like avocado oil and coconut oil, serve grass-fed meat and wild-caught fish, and truly care about their customers. They have a ton of amazing items on their menu, but some of my favorites are the eggplant “meatless”, lamb meatballs, kale crunch, pork belly, and cauliflower rice!

Wild Living Foods: This is another one of my favorite restaurants in L.A. It’s raw vegan and gluten-free, and everything is insanely delicious. My favorite thing on the menu is the Chile Relleno, but I always have a really hard time picking what I want on the menu. They also have some of the best dairy-free ice cream I’ve every come across! If it wasn’t downtown, I’d probably go there all the time!

Erewhon: Although I discovered Erewhon prior to 2017, my love for it truly flourished this year. Erewhon is a very “fancy” grocery store in L.A. – basically Whole Foods on crack. I think of Erewhon as a restaurant too, though, because the hot food bar is so delicious. I die for their eggplant lasagna and zingy cauliflower. I would much rather eat at Erewhon than at most restaurants (besides the above two), and I love just exploring inside the store and seeing all of the new healthy food products! This is where I get my probiotic coconut “cheese,” coconut yogurt, and other random, bougie, unnecessary food items. It’s my version of a candy shop.

The GOOD Fest: The best event of the year, and probably the best event ever in general. The GOOD Fest is the ultimate wellness festival where inspiring women gather together to meet up and talk about loving ourselves, what true wellness is, and how to generally kick ass when it comes to life. I met so many incredible people at this event and left feeling incredibly inspired, and I know the next one will be even better!  The GOOD Fest is happening again in L.A. on February 3rd, and you should absolutely get a ticket if you haven’t already! You can use the code “addictedtolovely” for $15 off a ticket!

I hate to say it, but I’m sure I forgot things on this list. 2017 was filled with a lot of incredible releases, and I found a ton of new products I love! I’m very excited to see what comes out in 2018! What was your favorite product of 2017?!

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