Simple 3-Step Process for Reframing Limiting Beliefs & Becoming a Manifestation Magnet

Simple 3-Step Process for Reframing Limiting Beliefs & Becoming a Manifestation Magnet

Ever struggled with feeling like you’re not worthy of receiving the career success, romantic relationship, or glowing health you’ve been trying to call in? The thoughts behind these emotions are called limiting beliefs, and not only can they hold us back from achieving what we’re truly capable of – they can also block us from receiving what we’re trying to manifest! 

We’ve all been blocked by limiting beliefs at some point – but, the only way to overcome these non-serving thought patterns is to first identify them, so we can work through them and replace them with new, high-frequency beliefs.

Today, I’m sharing a simple three-step process you can use to start reframing limiting beliefs so you can raise your vibration and become a magnet for your manifestations. 

1. Free-write your thoughts & feelings.

Pick an area in your life that you want to shift or expand. It could be your career, your love life, your friendships, your health – anything! Once you’ve chosen the topic, pick up your pen and simply start writing. Let the pen flow, without any judgment or expectations. Write down whatever comes through, until you’ve filled about one or two pages (or until you’ve written everything there is to write!). Once you’re done, close your journal and set it aside until the next day.


2. Revisit with an open mind.

The next day, come back to your journal entry with fresh eyes.  Re-read what you wrote, but this time, from the perspective of reading someone else’s journal. Take notice of anything you wrote down that was rooted in fear, scarcity or lack mindset, or that feels non-serving. Circle or highlight all of these – don’t be shy!


3. Try on a new perspective.

Now that you’ve identified all of your non-serving thoughts and feelings surrounding this topic, it’s time to rewrite the story. Line by line, rewrite the same entry – but this time, replace the non-serving beliefs that you highlighted with new beliefs that are rooted in love and abundance. Once you’re done, re-read your new journal entry and notice how you feel! Do you feel a shift in frequency?

Once you start to consistently identify and shift your limiting beliefs, you begin to raise your overall vibration – making you a magnet for things you really want to attract!

I hope you have fun with this simple, three-step process for reframing limiting beliefs. I’m so excited to hear what comes through for you – be sure to comment below! 🙂

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I can’t wait to see you around in this amazing community of high-vibe souls!

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