The Energy of your Business

When I say energy work & intuition are a lifestyle, I truly mean it. As an entrepreneur, energy work has been a total game-changer for my business, and my clients feel the same. One of my favorite things in the world is helping entrepreneurs optimize the energy field of their company, and the results people get are truly unreal. After years of doing this work, I tend to see a lot of similar themes pop up amongst different companies. One of those themes is about space. Businesses need energetic space to expand, aka reach more people and make more money. When I’m working with an entrepreneur or executive on the energetics of their company, here are some of the most common reasons why the energy of the business doesn’t have space to expand (and what we focus on shifting):

  1. There needs to be more physical space. This could look like getting an office space if they don’t already have one, cleaning out & redesigning the space they currently have, or moving somewhere bigger. Open spaces, clean workspaces, and high ceilings create room for growth!
  2. Everyone on the team is overwhelmed. If everyone is already overwhelmed, the universe is not going to deliver “more” to them. We want to make sure everyone feels clear and confident in their role, is focusing on their individual tasks instead of everyone else’s, and is energetically prepared to receive “more.” This includes cutting cords between team members so they’re not feeling everyone else’s energy.
  3. There aren’t enough energetic doors open for new customers or more money to come in. This could look like creating new offers, opening up new marketing channels, adding team members, or expanding the target demographic.
  4. There’s energetic clutter. This could look like inefficient systems (or no systems at all), doing things manually instead of automating, having roles / tasks that are not clearly assigned, files are not organized, and communication is cluttered / not optimized. It’s leaky energy, and things can fall through the cracks. That’s a shaky foundation. We need to stabilize the energetic foundation for more energy to be able to flow in.
  5. Founders, executives, or team members have their own energy blocks around receiving money or what’s possible overall for the business. The group manifestation needs to be clean and everyone must be clear on the intention / goal and firmly rooted in the belief that it will happen.
  6. No one wants to change. What got you here won’t get you there. If you want to expand your vibrational capacity to receive, then you’re going to have to do something different to stretch yourself. Individually, and within the overall company.
  7. The business is too in its masculine energy. Masculine energy is about taking action, but feminine energy is about receiving. Does the “company” have time to rest and receive? Or to be creative? That’s relevant to both the overall business structure and to the individuals in the business. Something I work on with almost every entrepreneur is getting more into their feminine energy. When they do, that’s when the manifestations really flow in. 


These are just a few of the patterns I see most often with my entrepreneur clients. If you want to learn more about business energetics so you can work less, achieve more, and finally feel a sense of flow, check out my Biz Energetics Masterclass. The best part is, these energetic principles apply to any business model. 


xo, Christina


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