Upper Body Dumbbell Workout 1

All you’ll need for this upper body workout is a set of dumbbells! The heavier your dumbbells are, the less reps you’ll need to do for each exercise.

Adjust the rep ranges to your fitness level, and make sure that you’re doing each rep with proper form. If your form breaks down, you’re doing too many reps! Stop 1-2 reps before fatigue. Make sure you warm up / prime your body before getting started.

This workout uses supersets. Perform each exercise in the superset one after another, and then rest 30 seconds. Repeat the superset 3 times total. After you’ve completed the superset 3 times, rest 1 minute before moving onto the next superset.

Superset 1: 

Bent Over Dumbbell Row, 8-12 reps (video)

Dumbbell Shoulder Press, 8-12 reps (video)

Superset 2:

Dumbbell Fly, 8-12 reps (video)

Dumbbell Chest Press, 8-12 reps (video)

Superset 3:

Single Arm Row, 8-12 reps each side (video)

Reverse Fly, 8-12 reps (video)

Superset 4: 

Alternating Bicep Curl, 8-12 reps each arm (video)

Tricep Kickbacks, 8-12 reps (video)


Reverse Crunches, 10-2o reps (video), 3x total

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