Manifestation Mastery: How to Shift Your Reality & Co-Create with the Universe will teach you how to raise your frequency, create the reality you desire, and become a magnet for everyday miracles.

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Are you ready to live an authentic, aligned life? 

Christina Rice is an intuitive, trance channel, Ahai 7D Energy Healing Master, best-selling author, and your guide to making powerful and practical spiritual shifts in your everyday life. Through custom experiences, community, and connection to Source, Christina helps you activate your intuitive gifts and live as your highest self – so you can create the reality you crave, without the bullshit.

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Join our community of high-vibe souls in the Channel Collective and gain access to monthly live calls, 7D energy healings, and exclusive videos & channeled messages on all things manifestation, intuition, and spirituality.

THE transformation PROCESS



Daily tools & likeminded community to manifest the life you want & activate your intuition.


Training and attunement for healers who want to channel 7D Ahai frequency.


Align yourself with the energy of abundance in your career, relationships, & health.


Learn how to work with the energy of your business so you can achieve more, work less and finally feel flow in any business model.

Expand Yourself

Accelerate your awakening journey with the 5D Ascension Activator – Christina’s signature free course with 30 channeled lessons to help you anchor into 5D frequency & align yourself with effortless manifestation.  


“Christina is truly a clear channel and successful at what she does which makes it super easy for me to refer business to. I’ve witnessed her manifest massive income leaps, her dream home and so much more because she has really mastered money and how to manifest quickly with ease.  She has create success several times over and anyone in her containers get activated to success as well.  It’s really powerful to witness.  If you’re looking for crystal clear divine guidance and savvy biz guidance that actually gets you results, Christina is your go-to mentor.  She will be a true gift to your life and biz goals!”

Jennifer Longmore, CEO of Soul Journeys & Akashic Records Expert

“I just decided to give The Channel Collective a try and see what it was all about, and Christina posts so much content about manifestation, increasing your intuition, going deeper into spirituality – it’s a lot of the same topics you’re hearing on the podcast, but there’s so much more content in the membership. It’s all really easy to understand, it’s super practical, something you can literally walk away and start implementing that day, and I am not exaggerating when I say joining this membership literally changed my life…this amount of content anywhere else would be worth way more than what you’re paying for this monthly membership.”

Lisa Naime

“Oh my goodness…if you’ve ever had energy healing from Christina you know the incredible things she’s able to pick up on intuitively, and messages she gets from your guides, and it’s absolutely amazing. This is NEXT LEVEL!”

Jordan Weintraub

“From start to finish it was an amazing experience. Christina was so present and tuned in and just so purely wanting to deliver messages and bring light and healing to everyone who was in the circle…I can say I felt it just as strongly as I have with any in-person energy sessions.”

Natalie Smotkin

“I honestly cannot say enough good things about the entire experience in Christina’s Psychic Development Course…If you want to develop your own intuitive gifts, if you just want to learn more about this – this container and this course is definitely for you.”

Morgan Malin

“In the spiritual space, there’s a lot of misinformation out there, and it’s hard to find everything under one person – and Christina does such an amazing and polished job of providing information in an easy-to-digest way in her Psychic Development Course….I met a lot of spirit guides, I was downloaded with a higher frequency energy healing…I can just continue to feel myself expand.”

Katie McKnight

“Working with Christina has expanded me in ways I can’t even express in words. Since starting my energy healing sessions, my outlook on life and the universe has shifted dramatically and allowed me to truly live in flow and alignment versus believing that entrepreneurship has to be an uphill battle where the struggle is glorified.”

Teal Cooper

“Working with Christina Rice has changed my business, relationships, and life in every positively way possible. My life has been upgraded and transformed!” 

Kayleigh Christina

“Working with Christina has been the biggest blessing! She helped me to overcome blocks that I had been struggling with for YEARS. Sessions with her have absolutely changed my life and have allowed me to live my best life, free of old fear patterns and things that were keeping me stuck. I can’t even really put into words how valuable our sessions have been.”

Taylor Love

“Working with Christina is PURE MAGIC. She has guided me to expand into my full power. She sees me so deeply and in turn helps me see myself while always delivering the insights and wisdom I need. I’ve experienced quantum shifts in my life working closely with her and have experienced my greatest expansion thus far. I highly recommend opening up your mind (and heart) to working with Christina. You will make shifts in your life you never thought possible.”
Lauren Guerrieri


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Authentic conversations & teachings about spirituality, manifestation, intuition, entrepreneurship, relationships, & wellness. 


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