Step into a portal of activating meditations for every part of your spiritual journey.


Enter the field of infinite possibilities and beyond with Christina’s expansive and activating meditation set.

These meditations will take you deep within to understand and gain clarity on your inner reality, to shift your outer reality. You’ll experience a variety of meditation visualizations to activate more healing, expansion, abundance, love, vitality and spiritual connection in your life.

*Please note – This standalone meditation library is already included in Ascension School. If you want to receive all of these meditations plus Christina’s full library of meditations, hundreds of channeled messages, and educational spiritual content, join Ascension School Membership.

Curious to try?

Choose your own spiritual adventure by trying any one of the below meditations individually.

You can purchase each one on its own for $33.

abundance activation codes

Manifestation Activation Meditation – 15 minutes

Relationship Activation Codes

Grounding Cord Meditation  – 15 minutes

Healing Meditation to Release Fear – 14 minutes

Higher Self Activation Meditation – 18 minutes

abundance activation codes

Feel Into Your Heart Space Meditation – 17 minutes

Manifest Abundance Energy Activation – 24 minutes

Relationship Activation Codes

Frequency Calibration Meditation – 14 minutes

Golden Sun Meditation – 11 minutes

abundance activation codes

Magic Shoes Meditation – 14 minutes

Relationship Activation Codes

Inner Child Healing Meditation – 16 minutes

Are you ready to supercharge

Your Manifestation Practice?

This powerful 15-minute guided meditation will help you raise your frequency & supercharge your manifestation practice! Use it daily for accelerated results.

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