Manifestation meditation


Start or end your day with this powerful 15-minute meditation to raise your frequency & supercharge your manifestation practice!

30 day ascension challenge

30-Day 5D Ascension Challenge

30 days of trance channeled messages from different Ascended Masters & transformational exercises to help you raise your frequency and anchor into 5D conscioussness and beyond!

The Most Common Energetic Blocks to Bringing in More Money


This mini e-book gives you my 10 KEY steps to manifesting anything you want!

intuition training

Reactivate Your Intuition Training

This email training will teach you simple steps to unlock your intuition so you can reactivate your innate gifts & use them in everyday life! 

How to Build a 6-Figure Online Coaching Business

 Want to learn how to build a 6-figure coaching business using Instagram & NO paid ads? Check out this webinar! 

How to Launch a Kickass Podcast

How To Launch a Kickass Podcast

Ready to launch your podcast, or take your current show to the next level? Check out this webinar to learn what it takes to launch a successful show.

5 Steps to Getting Clients through Instagram as an Online Coach

You CAN grow a 6-figure coaching biz using IG – without having a big following.

Roadmap to a High-Frequency Lifestyle

The step-by-step process to transforming your lifestyle to raise your frequency and activate the life you want.

High-Vibe Nutrition & Lifestyle Cheat Sheet

Your cheat sheet for food, supplements, & daily lifestyle habits to raise your frequency.

20 Ways to Bust Sugar Cravings For Good

 Ready to ditch sugar? These 20 hacks will make going sugar-free a breeze. 

Are you ready to unlock

Your Intuition?

Get my free training on 5 simple ways to upgrade your intuition sent straight to your inbox! 

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