About Christina

Hi there! I’m Christina, an intuitive, trance channel, 7D energy healer, & business mentor, and I’m here to help you tap into your intuitive gifts, activate abundance & miracles, and manifest your dream life.

I channel a number of different beings, but these are the ones I channel most consistently:

  • The Monarch Being
  • Sisters of Light
  • Goddess Isis
  • Serapis Bey
  • Pleaidians 
  • Mother Mary
  • Aphrodite
  • Athena
  • Arachne
  • Sanat Kumara
  • The Christ Vibration
  • Mary Magdalene
  • Goddess Freya
  • Supreme Keepers of the Light

I’m the founder of Ahai 7D Energy Healing, a powerful healing modality that I downloaded in 2020 that works at the 7D frequency to facilitate healing, activate manifestations, re-activate unexpressed DNA, and allow for clearer access to the Akashic Records. I’m also the founder of No Bullshit Business School, where I teach women to build 6-figure online coaching businesses through social media without a big following, & co-founder of the Brain Rewiring Certification Course, where we train coaches in brain rewiring to get their clients unprecedented results through the power of the mind. You might have also heard me on my top-rated podcast, Christina the Channel (previously called Wellness Realness), which I’ve been hosting for 5+ years. I’m also the founder of The Podcast Connector, a service that connects guests with aligned podcasts without cold pitches. I’m so excited that you found my corner of the Internet!

FUN FACTS ABOUT ME: I’m a no BS, get-shit-done kind of woman, and I’m also an intuitive who could spend all day talking to my spirit guides. I love all things manifestation, business, energy healing, tarot cards, biohacking, brain rewiring, Human Design, astrology, and triggers. No idea is too wild for me to explore. I’m a Type 8 (Challenger), Aries sun sign / Gemini moon (Mercury in Aries…!), and Pure Generator.

My mission is to help you activate your gifts and do the deeper work so you can manifest the life you want & step into your full potential. I teach changemakers how to tap into their intuitive abilities, manifest effortlessly, and become BFFs with money so they can make a REAL impact and call in unlimited abundance. 

I was incredibly intuitive as a child – I would talk to my Spirit Guides each night, visit with aliens, pick up on things I “shouldn’t have known about,” expand space & time, and give “speeches” in my room that were channeled messages. My gifts got quiet, and it wasn’t until I started exploring spirituality again in college as a result of my chronic illness that I tapped back in. After receiving my Reiki training, my clairvoyance and clairaudience started opening up quite quickly, and I found myself doing more work as a psychic medium and exploring different forms of energy healing. I started working with the Akashic records and molding my own version of healing. In the process, I started trance channeling, where I would step aside and allow other light beings to use my vocal cords and speak through me. While channeling became a more prominent gift, I downloaded a higher dimensional form of energy healing – Ahai, which works in the 7th dimension, and was guided to use my gifts to train people in these modalities.  

After years of chronic illness, I became a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Primal Health Coach, and intuitive Reiki Healer, which led me to exploring alternate healing modalities (brain rewiring, energy healing, etc.), spirituality, and manifestation. I quickly built a successful coaching practice helping others heal from chronic illness. I was able to combine my health education & intuitive work with my extensive experience in content creation, PR, and marketing to scale my business in different ways – 1:1 coaching, group coaching, online courses, affiliate marketing, membership, podcast, and so on. I realized that the best way to serve others was by helping other entrepreneurs and coaches serve more clients and build their dream businesses, and to teach leaders how to manifest and tap into their own intuition. That resulted in the creation of The Channel Collective, No Bullshit Business School, & the Brain Rewiring Certification Course.

My mission at its core is to empower people to activate their own gifts, manifest the lives they want, and live their purpose in the truest way.


 I will tell you the hard truth, but you feel the deep love beneath it (ask my clients!). I don’t enable bullshit, because I’m here to help activate growth-oriented lightworkers so they can fully step into their power. 

Within my own work, I believe channeled messages allow us to open our eyes to new perspectives and a different way of viewing the world, and they can give us access to much-appreciated Higher Guidance. That being said, I am a firm believer in keeping an open mind, but trusting YOUR truth – take what resonates, and leave what doesn’t. When I channel, I am adamant about protection and discernment, but I let what flows through flow through instead of trying to control it for my own or anyone else’s agenda. Every session I have with someone is customized to their needs and is a combination of 7D energy mixed with psychic messages, Akashic records readings, past life information, light code activations, mediumship, or whatever else needs to come through. 

Everyone is intuitive, and I believe that mastering your energetics and tapping into your intuition is the key to unlocking a life of endless abundance and flow. My approach to tapping in means supporting the physical body through diet and lifestyle, diving into limiting beliefs, brain rewiring, shadow work, balancing your masculine & feminine energy, and raising your vibration. I use tools like the Akashic records, 3rd, 5th, and 7th dimensional energies, frequency codes, & Human Design to help people tap in. I am adamant about teaching my clients protection, energy clearing, grounding, discernment, and other foundational principles to maintain the integrity of their practice. 

When it comes to business, we combine deep personal development work, brain rewiring, and energetics with tactical strategy & badass (yet aligned) marketing. I use intuitive tools to help my clients go much deeper & raise their frequency. You learn how to build your dream biz AND be a better coach. It’s not just about business, it’s about stepping into your highest self, becoming magnetic, and creating deep transformation for the audience you serve. 

We’re living in a VERY exciting time. More and more people are learning how much power we have over our own reality, using the power of our minds, raising our frequencies, & tapping into Source energy.



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