11 Common Manifestation Mistakes to Avoid

Manifestation Mistakes

Are you dedicated to your daily manifestation practice but still struggling to call in the things you want? Manifestation can be a powerful method for creating your dream life – but it’s only going to work if you don’t get in your own way! I see this with so many of my clients – people often try to take control over their manifestation practice, or they miss key steps that would help put them into perfect alignment to receive what they want. I’ve had to learn most of these mistakes the hard way myself, but once I began avoiding them, I was able to unlock SO much magic, and the things I wanted to manifest started falling effortlessly into my lap.

Today, I’m breaking down eleven manifestation mistakes to avoid so you can start successfully attracting everything you desire.

1. You don’t know your manifestation type in Human Design.

Human Design is one of my favorite tools because it tells us how to live and work in harmony with the way our minds and bodies are individually designed. If you haven’t looked into whether you’re a specific or non-specific manifestor in Human Design yet, this is SO helpful!

I used to hash out all of the tiny details of what I was trying to call in, just to end up frustrated that I never saw those exact things manifest in my life. When I finally realized that I’m a non-specific manifestor in Human Design, I started shifting my visualizations and journal entries to be much more general – and let me tell you, I made quantum leaps in what I was able to call in! The difference between being a non-specific vs. specific manifestor can be the difference between focusing on manifesting a big house in a warm climate, or visualizing a 5-story mid-century modern mansion with a stone exterior and in-ground pool in Malibu. Notice the difference?!


2. You say it, but you don’t FEEL it.

There’s a difference between seeing what you want in your mind’s eye and actually experiencing it. Next time you sit down to do your visualization practice, challenge yourself to look beyond what you see in your surroundings. How do you feel as the version of yourself that has what you want? Are you confident? Grateful? Empowered? Embody these emotions and carry them with you throughout your day. The more you feel it, the more real it becomes to you and – and the easier it becomes for the universe to give it to you.


3. You don’t believe it’s possible. 

This might be a wake-up call – but if you don’t believe you’re capable of manifesting what you want, it’s probably not going to happen! Belief is EVERYTHING when it comes to manifestation. If you truly feel that you are worthy and capable of receiving what you want, you become a magnet for it.

Acknowledge when your ego is stepping in and telling you that something isn’t possible – becoming aware of this gives you your power back and allows you to look past any limiting beliefs that might be blocking your ability to receive. When we release our fears and trust the process, we allow things to unfold for us without any effort. 


4. You’re not a vibrational match for what you want.


Like attracts like – so if you’re stuck in an energy or environment that feels low-vibration to you, you’re probably not going to be a magnet for something that feels high-vibe! Look at your surroundings at notice where you’re not a vibrational match for what you’re trying to call in. Are you in a toxic relationship? Are you surrounded by people who focus on petty drama? Does your apartment feel empty and leave you feeling uninspired? Once you identify the things in your life that are holding you at a lower vibration, you can make the empowered decision to replace them with things or people that make you feel GOOD. 


5. You’re not passing the tests. 

It can be tempting to settle for the first thing that comes your way, even if it’s not what you’ve been manifesting – I see this time and time again with my clients! It’s important to watch out for situations like these because it could be the universe giving you an opportunity to say NO to 95% of what you want so that you can call in 100%.

Take a new relationship, for example. You’ve been trying to call in a partner with very specific qualities and you know exactly what you want. After a few months of no luck in the dating department, someone starts to express interest in you, but they don’t embody all of the non-negotiable qualities you’re looking for. I’m here to remind you…don’t settle. What if your dream partner is just around the corner, but you don’t even notice them because you decided to pursue the first person that showed any interest? Here is the challenge – do you believe you can receive EXACTLY what you want, or do you believe “good enough” is enough? There isn’t a “right answer” – it’s just for you to realize what you believe, and what’s possible.


6. You haven’t done the deeper work.

Whether or not you realize it, you probably have subconscious beliefs that are holding you back from feeling worthy of receiving what you want – I know I did! Once I took the time to do the deeper work, heal my inner child, and shift out of limiting beliefs, my manifestation practice was amplified – and I started calling in what I wanted so much more quickly. (If you haven’t listened yet, check out my podcast episode on 7 Ways to Rewire Your Brain Daily & Manifest the Life You Want).


7. You don’t have space in your life to receive it. 

There’s a difference between doing the work yourself and making room for the universe to give it to you. This is where aligned action comes in.

If you’re trying to call in a new romantic partner but you work 12 hours a day 7 days a week, how can you expect the universe to think you’re ready for a committed relationship? Zoom out for a minute and take a look at where you can make space for the things you want to call in. If you want to manifest a partner you can spend uninterrupted quality time with, make room in your schedule for it to be possible!


8. You’re not living as if you already have it.

Living like you already have what you want is laying the foundation for the universe to seamlessly drop what you want into your life. Where are you living your life like the version of yourself you don’t want to be anymore?

Each morning, choose to show up as the person who already has everything you desire. Every time you’re faced with a decision throughout the day, ask yourself “what would the version of me that has what I want decide in this situation?” The more you do this, the more you might start to notice your life shifting in a way that allows your dreams to become reality.


9. You’re not in your feminine energy. 

Everyone has both masculine & feminine energy. Our society has been so conditioned to force and control the outcomes of what we want, that it’s hard for us to take a step back and simply let ourselves receive. The problem is, this is exactly the opposite of what manifestation should feel like. If you want to be in the energy of receiving, you need to get out of your masculine and focus on embracing your feminine. Start by finding a few simple ways you can embrace your feminine energy throughout the day – whether it’s resting, creating something, or receiving a service – and start to make it a regular practice. When you allow yourself to slow down, embody loving energy, and fully surrender, you’re signaling to the universe that you are ready to receive. This is when the real magic happens! Balancing our masculine & feminine energy opens SO many doors.


10. You don’t trust the timing.

One of the most common blocks I see my clients encounter is being too attached to a timeline. Whether they’re waiting to receive something exactly as they expect it to come in, or they’re expecting to receive something by a certain deadline, a lot of people try to micromanage their manifestations. One of the most important pieces of manifesting what you want is releasing control and trusting that it will come to you – and that it will show up at exactly the right time.


11.You’re focusing on what you don’t want.

This is one of the BIGGEST manifestation mistakes I see my clients making on a regular basis. One of the most important things to realize when you’re trying to manifest something is that the universe can’t identify good vs. bad – it only pays attention to the essence of what you’re trying to call in. For example, if you keep thinking “I want to pay off my debt”, your attention is on “debt” in some way”…and you can probably guess what happens next. Yep – you attract MORE debt into your awareness! By focusing on what you already have that you don’t want, you’re becoming a vibrational match for that exact thing.

Take a look at what you’re trying to call in notice how you’re framing it within your manifestation practice. If you’re trying to pay off your student loans, what is it that you actually want? Whether it’s a higher salary or more financial freedom, pick something that feels GOOD to you. Focus on this instead, and notice how your vibration begins to shift as you become more excited!

I hope this helps, and I’m so excited to hear how avoiding these mistakes enhances your manifestation practice!

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