3 Considerations for Creating Powerful Coaching Containers

3 Considerations for Creating Powerful Coaching Containers

If you feel like you’re struggling to attract your ideal client or facilitate deep transformations, it might be helpful to look at the energy of the containers you’re offering. Whether you’re running a group coaching program, one-on-one coaching, or a course, understanding how to create a powerful container allows you to call in clients that are an energetic match for your offer and help them achieve the results they crave. Through prioritizing the energy behind my business (check out my podcast to learn more about business energetics) and making my own quantum leaps while participating in other powerful containers, I’ve discovered what it takes to create expansive programs for my dream clients that are not only in alignment for me, but also for the people I am calling in. (If you haven’t already listened to my podcast episode on Creating a Transformational Coaching Container, I dive even deeper into this topic there!)

Here are three things to consider if you’re ready to transform your offerings into powerful containers that create impactful results:

1. Get clear on the intention behind your container.

Before you enter creation mode, take a few minutes to pause and reflect on the intention you want to set for your container. Ask yourself, “Who is my ideal client? What are their struggles & goals? What do they want and need to reach their desired goals?” When you set the intention for what your container will help your clients achieve, anyone who invests in your program will calibrate to the frequency of that intention (whenever I put money down on a container that I’m extremely excited about joining, I immediately feel the expansion – even before the program begins!). 

Once you’ve gotten clear on your specific intention, you can call on your divine team of spirit guides and declare that this will be a sacred, transformational space that will be for your clients’ highest and best. 


2. Map out a structure that feels aligned.

When mapping out the logistics of what you want to create, tune into what would best serve your ideal client. What frequency of touchpoints and program length will best help them achieve the results they want? What would allow your clients to feel seen, safe, and supported? By structuring your offer around your ideal clients’ needs, you’re creating a container that automatically attracts the right people for that offer. 

In addition to making sure your program is aligned with your dream client, you’ll also want to prioritize making sure your container feels good to you. If you create a structure for your program that allows you to feel aligned and excited, you’ll be able to show up fully for your clients!

You’ll also want the name of your program and the price you set to reflect your intention and the value that your clients will get from joining. By setting a price that’s catered to your ideal client but also stretches them, they’re more likely to show up fully invested and ready to do the work.

3. Hold energetic space for your clients.

From my own personal experience participating in powerful coaching containers, I’ve learned that it’s less about the actual content or what’s being discussed, and more about the energetic space that my coaches held for me – this is what allowed me to truly shift and grow the most! View your role as the coach as an opportunity to guide your clients to their own profound realizations. While you’re there to hold space for them and reflect things back to them, they are getting themselves the results!

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I hope to see you there!


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