3 Main Benefits of Receiving Energy Healing

3 Main Benefits of Receiving Energy Healing


If you’ve been to one of my 7D Energy Healing Circles or one of The Channel Collective monthly Drop-In Healings, then you’ve probably experienced some of the incredible benefits of receiving energy healing!

Some of the most common things my clients experience when they receive Ahai 7D energy healing are a deep sense of relaxation, emotional release, openness, expansion, and pain reduction or elimination. (To learn more about Ahai™, check out this blog post or watch this YouTube video!)

There are so many amazing benefits of receiving energy healing, and today I’ll be breaking them down into three main categories: Emotional, physical, and spiritual. 

1. Physical Benefits

Energy healing can be a powerful tool for anyone dealing with physical issues like injuries, chronic pain, or chronic illness. Although energy healing is not a replacement for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, people have experienced enhanced healing and faster recovery times.  

When I was battling my own chronic illness, I noticed that no matter how much I dialed in my nutrition, and how many supplement protocols I went on, there was still something blocking me from fully being able to heal. When I started receiving energy healing, I realized that it provided the additional release and deep healing that I needed to keep progressing with my recovery.

Many clients who attend my 7D Energy Healing Circles are also looking for relief from an injury or illness – whether it’s chronic migraines, a broken bone, or severe gut issues –  and they’ve provided some AMAZING feedback on how receiving energy healing has helped them! Check out some of their testimonials here

Physical health issues can also manifest as a result of unresolved emotional trauma – which is why when I’m sending energy healing to my clients, I scan all of their chakras and look for any physical or emotional blocks that I can help release. 

2. Emotional Benefits

While a lot of my clients report feeling tingling, heat, chills, or improved physical symptoms as a result of receiving Ahai, energy healing is NOT limited to just the physical – it can also address other types of wellness concerns, including your emotional health! If you’re holding onto any type of trauma, struggling with anxiety or low self-worth, or you tend to bottle up your emotions, energy healing could be the missing link to what you need in order to start feeling your best. Emotions are energy, and stored emotions can show up as energy blockages in the body, which can manifest physically or how you’re feeling emotionally. If you feel blocked from releasing or feeling certain emotions, Ahai energy healing could be incredibly helpful for releasing that block! 

Remember – you don’t have to be dealing with a major emotional event (like the death of a loved one or long-term relationship issues) to benefit from energy healing for your emotional health. If you have ANY struggles managing your emotional health (from poor communication with others to not resting and receiving enough) energy healing can help you release these blocks so you can start to improve your overall well-being!

3. Spiritual Benefits

Energy healing isn’t just about releasing physical or emotional blocks – it can also be an incredibly effective tool for deepening your spiritual connection and raising your overall vibration. Receiving energy healing can help you open up intuitively, unlock your psychic senses, and connect more easily with your spirit guides. 

If you find yourself struggling to access the level of intuition or psychic ability that you know you can reach, it’s probably worth giving energy healing a try! I personally use energy healing as a tool to help me further activate my psychic abilities and spiritual connection, and I’ve worked with a number of clients on releasing spiritual blocks so they can better access all of their amazing gifts. 

I hope that you walk away from this blog post knowing just how much of a different energy healing can make in ALL aspects of your life. This transformative healing modality can help you release and heal from any emotional, physical, or spiritual issues that may be holding you back from achieving ultimate health, wellness, and happiness.

If you’re ready to try energy healing yourself, a great way to get started is in my Ahai 7D Healing Circles. You can book a spot here. Hurry – Spots are VERY limited to keep these small group sessions more personal and intimate! Another option is to join The Channel Collective as a VIP member and attend the group healing sessions! Either way – get ready for the magic!

I can’t wait to see you there!

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