3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Yourself

3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Yourself

Investing in yourself isn’t always easy. A lot of people feel more comfortable spending money on gifts for friends and family, but when it comes to investing in the things they want for themselves (that they know would benefit them long-term), they have a harder time saying YES. 

We often feel selfish or guilty for investing in ourselves – but just because society pressures us to feel this way doesn’t necessarily mean it’s serving us. 

Not only is it not wrong to invest in yourself, but it’s a key element of becoming successful, especially in business. Not everyone is meant to be an entrepreneur, but for those that are on that path, it’s pivotal to to get used to making smart investments in order to succeed in running your own business. Remember: An investment is putting something in now to ultimately better yourself in the future. That’s key – investing comes with the intention in receiving what you invested back, and then some. 

Today, I’m covering my top three reasons why you should invest in yourself, and how doing so can completely transform both your personal life and your business.

1. You show the universe that you’re worth it.

When you readily and enthusiastically invest in yourself, you’re showing the universe that you believe in yourself and your ability to make that money (and more!) back. Being confident in the end result you’re striving for raises your vibration and attracts even more wealth, opportunity, and success along the way.

Some of the easiest ways to invest in yourself and your business are by paying for professional services (like a website designer or high-quality graphics), trademarking your name and logo (showing yourself that your idea is worth paying to protect), and hiring a business coach to help you scale your brand and develop a good business mindset.

Personally, I’ve done all THREE, and the universe has taken notice every single time. By investing in my business, I’ve seen SO many new clients find their way to my site, and I’ve made so many positive changes that have led to INSANE growth! Every time I’ve made a big investment in my business (and I’ll also add, a smart investment in my business), I’ve hit huge income goals, often even before receiving the service I paid for!

Because I’m willing to bet on myself, the universe bets on me, too. 🙂

2. You can get a cheat sheet from someone who’s been there.

I mentioned hiring a business coach and investing in someone who can show you the ropes and help take your business to the next level. This is one of the most VALUABLE ways to invest in yourself! 

A business coach isn’t just a teacher – they’re a mentor, guide, and an expert in your field who can help you make the right decisions for your business, break through mental blocks, and shift your mindset to attract more success. Some coaches, like me, also focus on intuition, which can help you learn to trust your instinct and make the best decisions for yourself and your business. 

I personally invest in business coaches for  myself, and I also mentor others in my business coaching program, No Bullshit Business School. This course dives deep into smart marketing strategy & business energetics, teaching health and wellness coaches how to grow their businesses quickly and sustainably, without paying for advertising. (If you’re interested in joining, you can check it out here!)

3. By investing in yourself, you give others a reason to invest in you.

If you wanted to hire a health or wellness coach and saw that their website looked like it was built in the 90s, they didn’t pay for their own domain, and they didn’t have their own logo, would you invest in them? Probably not.

You wouldn’t invest in them because they obviously aren’t investing in themselves!

As an entrepreneur, you have to be your own biggest fan, advocate, and believer – and that starts with real, tangible investment. If you show potential clients that you believe in yourself, your skills, and your services by investing in a business coach, paying for a professional website design, and investing in email marketing / social media tools to get the word out about your company, they are going to be much more likely to invest in you.

On an energetic level, we must invest in ourselves if we want others to invest in us. Your audience, whether or not you realize it, mimics your behavior. So if you want them to do something, you better be doing it yourself!

I get it – you *probably* don’t have millions of dollars to spend on marketing materials and making your website look pretty when you’re first starting out, but you don’t have to. However, you will need to invest in your business on some level if you want to see REAL success. That’s how I built my own six-figure business by twenty-two, and 7-figure business by 25, and I have seen the magic work for SO many of my clients. 

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and making improvements to your business over time is the perfect way to show clients that you’re constantly pushing yourself to be better.

Investing in yourself shouldn’t feel gross, wrong, or lead to feelings of guilt. You should be PROUD to have an idea or cause that you’re excited to invest your money AND time into – not many people can say that!

I cover these topics and more in No Bullshit Business School, a course designed for health and wellness coaches or energy healers who:

  • Aren’t making enough money (or any at all…)
  • Keep getting stuck with draining / difficult clients
  • Can’t even FIND clients
  • Deal with imposter syndrome
  • Don’t really know how to coach / apply the information they learned in school 
  • Feel like they don’t know enough to start a business
  • Have no idea how to scale or expand
  • Don’t want to pay for ads
  • Don’t want to follow a cookie-cutter approach to business
  • Don’t want to put themselves into adrenal fatigue becoming an entrepreneur
  • Have the ambition but don’t know what to do with it
  • Want to be a money magnet
  • Want to work smarter, not harder

You can apply for the waitlist here – spaces open again in 2021, and the only way to guarantee yourself a spot is to apply for the waitlist early!

I am so excited to see you there, and to help you build a booming business that you’ll feel EXCITED to invest in!

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