3 Simple & Powerful Daily Water Rituals

3 Simple & Powerful Daily Water Rituals

If you didn’t already know, the adult human body is made up of roughly 60% water – That’s a LOT of water! Since there is so much power in water (learn more in
this podcast episode with Darin Olien), this means there is a lot of opportunity for us to work with this element. Water has the incredible ability to store memory – its structure literally changes based on what we say to it and the intentions we infuse it with – and it’s also extremely cleansing and healing.

As I’ve started channeling Poseidon more, I’ve incorporated more daily water rituals into my routine (check out my YouTube video on this if you haven’t watched it yet!). Today I’ll be sharing three of these simple practices using water, so you can start to integrate them into your own routine!

1. Cleansing

Aside from the obvious fact that we use water to wash ourselves in the bath or the shower, water is also a powerful tool for cleansing and detoxifying us on an energetic level. I love using my showers or baths as a time to cut any cords that need to be released from the day and to let go of any energy that isn’t mine. If you want to amplify the cleansing properties of water even further, try taking a bath with epsom salts! At the end of your bath, you can even set the intention to let go of anything that still needs to be released as the water drains from the tub. 

2. Setting Intentions

When you think about how relaxed most people feel in water, it isn’t surprising that so many of us have epiphanies in the shower – water is a powerful vessel for receiving information! Many say water holds the Akashic Records…If there’s something specific you’re looking to gain clarity around, relax into the water, call in your guides, ask your specific question, and allow yourself to receive any information or downloads that come through. I personally LOVE channeling and practicing automatic writing while I’m in the bath!

3. Charging Your Water

Something I do every single day is charge my drinking water. You can charge your water by infusing it with an intention or by writing your affirmations on the glass itself. (I also charge my water with Ahai 7D Energy!) You can also write your intention on a coaster of piece paper and set your glass on top of it. This practice will change both the frequency and the structure of the water to match your intention. Think of the intention you’ve set every time you take a sip! Once this becomes an everyday practice, notice the magical shifts that start to happen throughout your day.

I can’t wait for you to start incorporating some of these simple daily water rituals into your routine. Have any other fun practices you like to do with water? Comment them below!

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