4 Important Shifts for Building a Business in 5D

If you’re a spiritual entrepreneur, you might be wondering how to navigate all of the ascension and frequency shifts that come with The Great Awakening. As more and more people wake up and the frequency of the planet continues to shift, we might find that some of the old ways we used to structure or run our businesses are no longer working. It all comes down to business energetics and shifting things to align with the new frequency of the Earth – which means finding new ways to shift our business from operating in 3D to aligning with higher-frequency, 5D energy. (If you’re interested in diving deeper into this topic, be sure to listen to this podcast episode about 5D Business!)

Here are four important shifts you can make to start running your business in 5D:

1. Make business decisions out of love & abundance, instead of fear & scarcity.

Whether or not we realize it, many of us have been conditioned to build our businesses from a place of lack or scarcity mindset. Are you building your offer a certain way because you’re afraid no one will purchase it if you create it the way you want to? Are you holding back in any areas of your business out of fear of being seen? Are you building this business around doing something you LOVE, or just doing something you think will make you successful? These are important questions to ask yourself to identify the energy from which you’re building your business! In order to align with the frequency of 5D, it’s important that all of the decisions made for our business are intentional and come from a place of love and abundance.

2. Stop focusing on what you “should do,” and start following your passion & unique gifts.

Each person has their own unique gifts to offer the world – so when everyone is clear on their passion and living in alignment, all of the needs of society get met! However, so many entrepreneurs get caught up in what they’re told they “should” be doing in order to be perceived as successful. In order to do your part and serve the collective, it’s important to get clear on what you are truly passionate about. Are you being true to yourself and doing work you love to do, or are you doing what other people expect of you, in the way that you “should?” Take some time to reflect on what is the highest truth for you, rather than what the collective perceives as the truth about how to be successful – these are often not the same! Don’t be afraid to try something new – just because no one else has seen it before doesn’t mean it won’t work. Realize that as an entrepreneur, you have the freedom and the ability to individualize your business in the way that works best for you.

3. Be intentional and authentic with what you put out.

Take a moment to reflect: Is everything you put out valuable, or are you simply creating things for the sake of creating it? Our society can condition us to believe that “more is better” or that “time equals money,” but 5D business is all about the energetic exchange and how much value you are providing. With each offer you create, set the intention for how you want it to support and serve others. In return, the Universe will support you right back!

4. Don’t be afraid to implement new tools and approaches.

Take a moment to ask yourself where you’re still operating your business in old, outdated paradigms like, “you have to work harder to make more money” or “work has to be stressful!” As mentioned before, don’t be afraid to try new techniques! So many energetic tools – such as Human Design and energy healing – are becoming popular in the context of business, because they allow entrepreneurs to focus on the energetics of their businesses and growing them from a place of alignment. When we live and operate from an understanding that everything is energy, we also realize that the more time we focus on expanding and supporting ourselves, the more our businesses – which are really just extensions of ourselves – are supported, too!


If you’ve found these tips on how to shift your business to be in 5D helpful, make sure you check out what No Bullshit Business School is all about! This self-paced course includes over 30 hours of video lessons to help you create the business of your dreams – in a way that feels completely aligned!



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